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Who Threw the First Punch???

This, is VITAL, in figuring out W-H-O-S-E fault it is, so, W-H-O was it? Who threw the first punch?  It doesn’t really matter now, does it?  I mean, they’d already found themselves a SCAPEGOAT they can H-A-N-G, so, the truth, is NO longer vital anymore, after all, it NEVER really mattered, W-H-O, threw the first punch.

Who threw the first punch???  This question, is extremely necessary, but, these days, it seems, that the seriousness of the injuries “counted” more.  Who threw the first punch?  It wouldn’t matter now, would it, as that, was OVER a MILLION “memory bytes” ago, and, if the one responsible for starting this FIGHT is no longer holding that grudge, then, shouldn’t you let go too???

So, in the end, it still wouldn’t matter, W-H-O, threw the first punch, but because this, is a first step TOWARD a more independent (yeah, right, just keep on telling yourselves THAT, why don’t you???) country, that, is why the PRESS is ALL over the N-E-W-S here………

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