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Who Will be the 3C Patrol for the Children?

Commentaries from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, the legislators passed a law, that might turn half the children in the nation against their parents.

It’s like this: awhile ago, the legislators amended the “Protective Rights of Children & Adolescents Act”, in the name of protecting the children, added the addendum that children under eighteen should not be allowed to use the high-tech protects for over the “reasonable time”, otherwise, the parents will get fined ten to fifty thousand dollars.

As for what constitutes as “reasonable time”, the sanitary department said, that if you’d stared at a screen for thirty minutes, then, you must take a break, in order, to save your eye sights.

After this amendment was written, there are a TON of noises, not only are the kids complaining, and the parents have a stronger opinion on being the high-tech use police in the households.

The most apparent voice against this rule is: this, is an undoable law, the children used the flat screens to watch the animated long movies, it will take over half an hour, is it, really, necessary, for them, to pause the film in the middle?

And, if the parents didn’t abide by this law, how do we report, or even, take down evidences?  The legislators said, that the grandparents can make recordings as evidence and turn them in!  This, is even MORE outrageous, which made the outrageousness of this new amendment grow even greater.

The legislators explained, “this is a very forward-thinking law”, the purpose of the law is NOT to punish the parents, but to help protect the eye sights of the younger generations, and also, allowing the adults to understand that “they should NOT slack off on their parenting duties”, to not use the high-tech products as the babysitters.

This reason is even more laughable.  The experts, from a very long ago, pointed out, that the sight problem that children are developing has to do with the lighting in the classrooms, and the heaviness of the reading and writing in school.  Way before the high-tech products came into the game, nearsightedness is already spread throughout the nation, and, blaming the high-tech products is giving the wrong cures.

Plus, are the high-tech products, the internet really hurting the education of children?  Most parents have their own takes on the matter, and, all we can say, is that it can go either way.  Some kids are addicted to online gaming, some youths are troubled by being bullied online; but, there are those children from the distant regions who’d benefitted from the online resources, and they’re finding what they needed in life, in a place where resources are limited.

What’s more is, in this sort of “controlled thought process”, what kinds of children are going to be raised?  And, knowing self-control, how to manage one’s own time, give and take, aren’t those also, important values that one should be learning throughout life too?

Recently, Mr. Kai-Fu Lee was answering the question of “how to instill that sense of innovation in children?” he’d mentioned an alternative kind of three C’s: Curiosity, Critical Thinking, and Creativity, encouraged the children to not be “well-behaved”, that they must learn to find the answers themselves, and treated the internet as the teachers one can learn from.

But the recent amendments are trying to create “Mamas’ Boys”: the time spent on the tablets, online, and cell phone usage, with the amendment of the constitution, the parents gets to decide, and not talking with the kids on how to limit their time usage, or teaching them self-control; magnifying the matter, what schools we go to, what majors we choose, what career paths we shall take, whatever our parents say go.  And, if this is the way it goes, what sort of a next generation would we have?  Can they be responsible for their own actions?

Limiting, restricting the high-tech products, this, was the most widely used strategies of the parents in Taiwan; we rarely looked into what had satisfied the children in the social networking online, and where the magnetic pull came from.

Bottom line is, the time frame of thirty minutes for the high-tech products, before you ask the kids to abide by, why don’t you ask yourselves: can the adults abide by these same rules who are lowering their heads, sliding on their cell phones from day to day?

And so, the starting point of this new law is good, to prevent the younger kids from spending too much time on the high-tech products, after all, we are, letting these things, babysit our young these days, but, the writer also posed an important problem with this rule: who’s going to strictly enforce that this law is followed?  If the parents are already busying, using their cell phones all day long, how the HELL can they be the good example for the kids, for not using their high-tech products as much?  And, how many adults CAN limit their times on their cell phone, how many of you, while commuting on the buses or transits, are not LINING people, or, clicking whatever, or playing those addictive games like Candy Crush?  Exactly, and, until you ALL can follow these rules down to the “t”, you got NO right, telling us, the younger generations, HOW we should act!

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Attacks Compel Muslims to Reflect, by: D. D. Kirkpatrick

From The New York Times International Weekly that came with the papers today…

CAIRO—The rush of horrific attacks in the name of Islam is spurring and anguished debate among Muslims here in the heart f the Islamic world about why their religion appears cited so often as a cause for violence and bloodshed.

The majority of scholars and the faithful say Islam is no more inherently violent than other religions.  But some Muslims argue that the contemporary understanding of their religion is infected with justifications for violence, requiring the government and its official clerics to correct the teaching of Islam.

“It is unbelievable that the thought we hold holy pushed the Muslim community to be a source of worry, fear, danger, murder and destruction to all the world,” President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt lamented in a recent speech to clerics of the official religious establishment, calling for a “religious revolution.”

Others, thought, insist that the violence—such as the recent massacre of a dozen people at a French newspaper’s offices and the killings of four shoppers at a kosher grocery store in Paris—is caused by alienation and resentment, not theology.  They argue that the authoritarian rulers of Arab states—who have tried for decades to control Muslim teaching and the application of Islamic law—have set off a violent backlash expressed in religious ideas and language.  Promoted by groups like the Islamic State or Al Qaeda, that discourse echoes through Muslim communities as far away as New York or Paris, whose influence and culture still loom over much of the Muslim world.

“Some people who feel crushed or ignored will go toward extremism, and they use religion because that is what they have at hand,” said Said Ferjani, an official of Tunisia’s mainstream Islamist party, Ennahda, speaking about violence in the name of Islam.

Khaled Fahmy, an Egyptian historian, was teaching at New York University on September 11, 2001, after which American sales of the Quran spiked because readers sought religious explanations for the attack on New York.  “We try to explain that they are asking the wrong question,” he said.  Religion, he argued, was “just a veneer” for anger at the dysfunctional Arab states left behind by colonial powers and the “Orientalist” condescension many Arabs still feel from the West.

Only a very small number blame Islam itself.  “What has ISIS done that Muhammad did not do?” an outspoken atheist, Ahmed Harqan, recently asked on a talk show here, using common shorthand for the Islamic State to argue that the problem of violence is inherent to Islam.

His challenge provoked an outcry from Islamic religious broadcasters.  Salem Abdel-Gel-il, a scholar from the state-sponsored Al Azhar institute, fired back with Islamic verses about tolerance, peace and freedom.  Then he warned that the public espousal of atheism might land his opponents in jail.

Steven Fish of California, Berkley, sought to quantify the correlation between Islam and violence. In his book, “Are Muslims Distinctive?,” he found that murder rates were substantially lower in Muslim-majority countries and instances of political violence were no more frequent.

In the Muslim world, however, the debate over Islam’s connection to violence has been given new impetus in recent events: the military ouster of the Islamist elected as president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi; the deadly crackdown on his supporters in the Muslim Brotherhood and a retaliatory campaign of attacks on security forces; and the rise of the bloodthirsty Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Mr. Sisi, a former general, led the ouster of the Islamic president in 2013 and the suppression of the Brotherhood on charges that it was a violent “terrorist group.” (The group has denounced violence for decades.)

Intellectuals supporting him have applauded his efforts and called for the state of lead a sweeping top-down overhaul of the popular understanding of Islam.  “Religious thought, or religious discourse, is afflicted with backwardness,” Gaber Asfour, the minister of culture, declared.

Many pro-government intellectuals consider the popularity of the Muslim Brotherhood an aspect of that awkwardness and argue that all such Islamist political movements are inherently violent—even if the groups publicly disavow violence.  “Their task is not becoming modern; it is become hegemonic again, making a new world in which Islam will be on top again,” argued Sherif Younis, a historian at the Helwan University here.

“Every fundamentalist has in mind a counter-regime, even if he does not know how to use a knife,” Professor Younis said.  That includes the mainstream Islamists of the Brotherhood and the ultraconservatives known as Salafis, as well as the overtly violent jihadist groups like the Islamic States of al-Qaeda, he said.

Others argue that the state control of the Muslim religious establishment only reinforces the problems.  Some say it is also naïve to expect unaccountable governments like Egypt’s that cannot provide a healthcare or education to do a better job leading religious reform.

“In an authoritarian society, there is no room for reasoned debate, so it is not surprising that irrational religious discourse is going to flourish in certain quarters of Egypt or the Arab world,” argued Mohammad Fadel, an Egyptian-American Islamic legal scholar at the University of Toronto.  “But the answer of these governments has been to double down on repression and that is only likely to increase the extremism.”

And so, the CORE of the Islamic being viewed as violent is totally BULLSHIT!!!  There are just a few of the members from the whole pool of the public that are acting out violent, and, we, in the modern and civilized world start labeling the REST of the population as way too M***ER F***ING violent?  C’mon, where’s the TOLERANCE?  Oh yeah, I forgot, because I wasn’t the one who got ATTACKED, so, I wouldn’t KNOW how those who were attacked or know those who were attacked feels like, right???  Think again!!!  I mean, I HAVE the empathies, but, do you???





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On the Matter of Freedom of Speech, Should Not Barge into the Forbidden Zones of Religion

So here, on one side of the “ring”, there’s the Freedom of Speech, and on the other, Freedom of Religion, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Pope Francis, who’s currently visiting the countries in Asia, awhile ago made a statement on his views of the massacre of the Charlie Magazine of France, he’d believed, that when it came to religious beliefs, there should be a censor of the freedom of speech.

Francis was the most open Pope in history, like how he’d changed the views of how Catholics were anti-homosexuals, insisted on welcoming the homosexual individuals in the community, claimed, “God does not fear anything that’s new.”

And still, when asked to comment on the terrorist attack in France, he’d spoken out against the violent, but also believed, that there’s a reason why the violence occurred; the Pope made an analogy: if someone had insulted my mother, even If he’s a good friend of mine, I’d still punch him; believed that it’s normal, for people to react in violence when their religious beliefs or views are being challenged.

For a lot of the atheists, they’d made jokes on religions for fun, for instance, the nun wanting to become an ordinary woman.  And still, the belief of religions is a most sacred, most private matter, even more important than life itself.  And so, in the forefront of not harassing anybody, there would NOT be allowed any sort of offenses, and, making fun of religion in the greater public IS breaking the rules of religions.  The believers couldn’t fight back right away, so, they’d turned to terrorist attacks, and used themselves as “martyrs of religion”, to sacrifice themselves in the names of their religions.

And still, the freedom of speech is NOT ultimate, same for the freedom of religion, there are a TON of those who preached about God who’d scammed others using the beliefs.  And so, the media and the press’s surveillance is absolutely necessary, but, how to reach that balance is the key that we’re still working on.  Only in the seeking of the different freedoms and respecting one another for the differences in beliefs, will we get the chance to enjoy the wonders of freedom.

Francis blamed the acts of violence, showed condolences and support for the victims; at the same time, he’d used the state of mind of a believer, to empathize those with a different religion than he, and called out to the Catholics across Europe, to NOT go into the forbidden zones of religions, using the exercises of their free speech.

Pope Francis’s mediating comments should help bring about more awareness to the general public on the matters.

And so, this, is how the Pope viewed the matter, and, he is right, you may have the right to free speech, but, if you’d offended someone while exercising your right to free speech, then, you will have what’s coming your way to you, there’s NO doubt, and this still goes back into the matter of how the freedoms ascribed by the Bills of Rights are conditional.

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Leaving the Next Generation, a Life without Fears

From the lips of a college professor here, in Taiwan, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since someone who led the Sunflower Movements, who’d wanted to run for a seat in the legislatures was found, to have attacked a girl’s breast in his high school years, there were, several girls who’d come to me, told me, that they’d been sexually harassed before, a girl said, that the man who’d touched her inappropriately had a young child on the back of the bicycle, she just couldn’t believe, that a father would do something so atrocious in front of his own child.  They’d asked, how come after they’d gotten caught, and they still do it over and over again?  Is this an unpreventable behavior?  What do they do, when they faced a sexual predator such as these?

When we’d scanned the brains of the violent offenders, we clearly observed that there’s a lack of functioning in the prefrontal cortex, the area in charge of impulse control, the place where emotional function occurred.  The prefrontal cortex is where higher functioning occurs, in charge of controlling the arousals of our emotions and behaviors, the cingulate cortexes.  They are in charge of executive functioning: attention, impulse control, and working memories (the manipulations and storage of short-term memories), it’s the key to the success and failures of one’s academic performances and performances at work.

Research found, that the mother or the caretakers’ sensitivity level of attention to the infant’s emotional and biological needs is the key to development of executive functioning, and the mother’s sensitivity to the two-month old infant’s needs will affect the child’s ability to control impulses and working memories when the child reaches age two and four.  The mother who scored low in this ability is going to impact the child’s life even more, because the feedback of the emotions from the mother to the child, is the “environment” where the brain matures in, and, in the higher socioeconomic status families, the children may find alternative ways to compensate for the lacking in this area.

After we’d learned a lot about the brains, we’re more and more worried about the conditions of this world, because children learn through modeling, and, there’s an influx of inappropriate behaviors from the media, which causes children to act outrageously and spoke in disrespect toward their adult counterparts.  And, the children’s talking back to the adults, will cause the adults to react more negatively, and, the parents reacting more negatively to the children will also cause the children to behave more badly, and thus, a vicious cycle is formed.

And so, giving the children a proper environment to grow up in is the responsibilities of the society, and, having a public childcare system is the second line of defense.  If the government can spend more money on education, then, it would be able to save a lot of the costs that comes later on.  This attack on a female is only the tip of the iceberg, and, we don’t know how many PSYCHOS are hiding in the dark places, ready, to pounce onto yours, and my daughters still.

It’s our responsibility and duty, to give our next generations, a freedom from fear.

And so, with this world still going PSYCHO, how, can you possibly be sure, that these bad things won’t happen to your loved ones?  You can, you can only hope and pray for the best, there’s NOTHING much that you can do, and, this is still violence against the opposite sex that’s raised an alarm here.


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The Importance of Curiosity

Commentaries on the upcoming elections, translated…

I’d once taken a class in university, it’s still a fresh concept to this date, and people would look upon it with this strangeness, it has to do with “tapping into the potentials of the human body”.  From the experiments to the theories,, the western sciences to Chinese medicines, even to the philosophical views of Confucius, this classes examined the “extraordinary abilities” through a wide variety of angles, it’d brought me some surprises, and would cause me to doubt, to question too, but to me, it was a fresh and brand new concept.

It’s just that as the entire semester flew right by, the most impressive thing I’d heard the professor said was still on that first class meeting.

“I have a grad student who’d done well in his area of expertise,” and, to us all, students, we all knew, that the original field of study for this professor wasn’t studying these specialty abilities either; but he’d changed the subjects sharply, “but even if he’s inside my lab, he’d never asked me about the studies of the human body, and that, was how I knew, that he wasn’t going to excel in this particular field.”

Hearing this, I was so repulsed.  What?  Because I’m disinterested in what you tell me about special abilities, I’m trash?  Couldn’t that particular grad student just work on his own researches instead?

“Why would I say that?”, the professor started explaining, “because he has NO interests in the unknown areas, he couldn’t care less.  With that attitude, how can he become a scholar?”

I don’t know how that particular grad student is right now, but that line, from the start of that course, became a warning label to me.  Naturally, we couldn’t have curiosities for everything in the world: there are so many functions on our cell phones, so many buttons on the remote control, and the microwave is so advanced that it can heat up just about any and everything, but the truth is, people are still used to using those few particular buttons, and would sometimes subconsciously ignore everything else, and we’d get trapped in the unclear areas of not wanting to know.  This, is a freedom.  After all, the laziness from life, is a sort of a luxury we CAN afford.  No matter how miniscule these happiness are, it could be taken as a mood lifter in our boring lives.

But, even these items are closely related to our lives, giving up on learning about it is not only a virtue, it can even exacerbate the ignorance.  Yes, I’m talking about those immoral behaviors of those bad companies that only cared about making a profit, and the trash talks of the candidates toward their opponents in the upcoming elections.

A ton of people have NO feelings toward this upcoming election, some had felt that they had had enough.  But, whether or not you have the right to vote, whether or not you want to vote, I hope that you will closely examine the candidates in your districts, see what they’d done regularly, what promises did they make for the elections.  You can advocate not to vote, or cast an invalid ballot, but, don’t misread aloofness as being high and mighty.

Toward what concerns us, we really don’t have the luxury of curiosity.  Only through showing enough care and concerns, the votes you’d casted would become “sacred” and purposeful.

Toward politics, we always needed to know more, and, this can only start with our separate selves.

So, this just shows you to NOT follow the “leaders” blindly, and, as election closes in here in Taiwan, you still hear a TON of trash talk that the candidates are using on one another, and, they’d ended up, resorting to personal attacks, instead of focusing on the issues that they’re vouching for, which is why I think, a lot of people had lost FAITH in the systems now.

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A School without the Fences…Would We Still Be Safe the Next Time?

Commentaries, translated…

An elementary school was broken in by a stranger man, not only did he managed to beat up the school teacher, he’d also took a male student to the roof of the school.  The police came to help out after they got a call, and managed to subdue the man, and the students, as well as the instructors were all very scared by this event.

This rare-to-come-by incident posed the issue of school safety, in order to help keep the campuses safe, the teachers, as well as the students must have the sense of danger, and they should NOT ignore the signs of danger that easily, in order to ensure the safety of the students, as well as the school instructors.

For now, there’s a lax in the number of security officers at the elementary schools across the city of Taipei, the originally two members of the security officers that were assigned to each of the schools, due to the simplifying plan of personnel by the city governments, there was NO one to fill the posts, and the schools started hiring from the private sectors, causing the varied income problem, and it’d affected how well the schools and the hired security guards worked together.  The government, in order to save the cash, had sacrificed the safety of the schools, it’s really not worth it.

And, recently, the janitors had been reduced in numbers in the schools, for a school with one-thousand students, there were only two janitor, and, the janitors also had to be responsible for the cooking in the kindergarten levels, along with being the correspondences to the government, and, the number of employees is NOT even half of what the schools had hired.

And the schools, in order to make sure the schools worked well, would have the two guards work at the same time frames, and, had one of these security guards help with the paper works at the offices of the schools.

And so, walking around the school to make sure that it’s safe was deeply affected, and there was a HUGE hole in the security, thus, allow the bad guys to squeeze in.

Lastly, in recent years, the schools across the nations had gotten away with the fences, and, a LOT of schools had fought for lowering the fences, or do away with them completely, and used plants as the fences, but, without the fences, the schools would be in danger, of intruders from the outside.

In order to safeguard the safety of the students and the teachers, the educational managers from the cities, along with the school’s executive officials MUST work together.

The school must give education as it becomes necessary, to up the level of awareness of the students and the teachers, and instill the idea of “keeping the schools safe is everybody’s responsibilities”, to keep a close eye on strangers that show up, and to have the students and the teachers report if they see someone who’s awkward in the schools, and must hold safety conferences regularly, along with have drills.

The increase of safety on campuses, other than the schools that must work hard, there’s also a need for care and concerns from the systems, for instance, the funding, and the personnel, to allow the schools to have the extra money to install surveillance cameras, security equipments, and increase manpower on campus, to reduced the spare time where there would be no one there, to keep the schools safe, and this would up the safety of the schools.

And so, we need more guards to keep our schools safe, but, where DOES the funding come from?  Taxes?  We’re already paying a WHOLE lot, and, this article only poses the problem, without giving a viable solution, and, you still have to admit, that school safety IS a very important matter, I mean, after all, who would feel safe, if the kids’ schools can be entered by just about anyone?

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How Many Families are Currently Waiting for Long-Term Care Assistance…

Because the population IS aging fast, and, if we don’t come up with a plan quickly, then, we’re all gonna get so SCREWED over, aren’t we???  We sure are!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Long-Term Care Act that’s been put on the backburner for many years had finally passed the first test by the Legislative department yesterday, this, is the first ACT to facing an aging population, to help the people out with their long-term care for their elderly parents, and, this, is paving the way to the “Long-Term Care Protections Act”, that’ll come later.

For now, there’s NOT enough resources for long-term care, and a lot of families are reliant on foreign aides to help out, or, those who couldn’t afford to hire, are strained between their own jobs, and being kind toward one’s own elderly.  Nearly a quarter of the primary caretakers feel stressed out, and, there are cases of how the caretakers couldn’t handle the stresses anymore, and so, they took their loved ones to commit suicide.  How long, must this society wait, to prevent this sort of tragedies from occurring over, over, and over again?

In order to find the resources for the never-ending need of long-term care, since 2008, Taiwan had implemented a insurance policy, “taking care of the elderly, is taking care of oneself”, the help from one another in the society, everybody only needed to pay a little extra into their national health insurance—about a fifth of the fees, then, it would be enough, to help the elderly people get the care they needed, so the families won’t have to worry.

But, making the long-term care insurance still doesn’t happen overnight, we must first, build up a system for it, otherwise, we’d have the money for the insurances, but, NO people to work, to help the elderly age appropriately……

Toward the aging of the society, the public expects the government and the legislative department to put out a plan that benefitted the citizens, to help the families out in caring for the elderly.  Right now, Taiwan is at crossroads in history, and we MUST pass the legislature quickly for the long-term care programs, then, we’d have the ability, to push forth with the plans, that way, we’d be able to set up an ideal program for the long-term care of the elderly population, if we don’t do this now, in the future, we will surely regret.

But, like the article said, making a law doesn’t happen OVERNIGHT, and, it’s still a LONG ways away, before we can make this work, but, at least, someone HAD brought it up, and, the writer is true on the fact, that the burdens of taking care of the elderly will only get HEAVIER, as there are less and less children being born.

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