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Changes in a Decade

A lot can happen, in ten short years, you do realize that, don’t you???  You can have an ingrowth, of a lot more white strands of hair on your heads, not to mention those wrinkles that’d crept up onto your skins all over too.

Changes in a decade, you can escape, being baptized by time, and, you will change, in a decade’s time, whether or not you like to admit to yourselves or not.

Changes in a decade, it’s really obvious, isn’t it?  We can be married AND divorced, from being lovers, into strangers, even, enemies too.  Changes in a decade, let’s just wait and see, what sort of changes, a decade can bring to us?  Who knows, maybe, we’ll have a TON of grandbabies that circled around us, making us feel so very settled and blessed, or, we might be dealing, with how our sons knocked some unsuspecting girls up, coming to us, asking us, to solve HIS problems FOR him, or worse, our little girl getting KNOCKED up by that M***ER F***ING son-of-a-BITCH she’s TOO good for!

Changes in a decade, are you ready, to take what comes your way?  And, how do you know, that you are indeed, prepared for whatever comes NEXT, when it had yet to HIT you?  Changes in a decade, nothing will change, in this decade of mine, because I still look quite young, although I AM going toward into MY mid-thirties here, and, people still call me, “young lady”, and yeah, I’m still, a THIRTY-SOMETHING “young lady” all right………

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How Did a Little Boy Who Dreamed of Becoming a Soccer Star End Up as a Primary Jihadi Terrorist After He’s Grown?

Story by: A. Jamieson, for NBCNEWS.com, with the “discussion” afterwards by ME!!!

LONDON – Masked executioner Jihadi John, who the global face of ISIS, was a sports-obsessed 10-year-old who liked Manchester United, PlayStation game Duke Nukem and listening to teen pop bands.

Mohammed Emwazi, who has beheaded Western hostages including Americans James Foley and Stephen Sotloff, wrote about his childhood dreams in an elementary school yearbook.

The 26-year-old London-raised college graduate was unmasked Thursday as the mystery figure in the ISIS propaganda videos.

“What I want to be when I grow up is a footballer,” the future killer wrote in the St Magdalene’s Church of England yearbook dating to 1996.

Asked where he thought he would be when he was 30, Emwazi added: “I will be in a football team and scoring a goal.”

He was also a fan of British band S Club 7.

One of Emwazi’s former teachers described him as a “diligent, hardworking, lovely young man” who was responsible, polite and quiet.

“There was never any indication of any kind of violence at all,” said the teacher, who spoke anonymously to NBC News’ partner Channel 4.

So, you still have to contemplate, ponder, as to W-H-Y, or even H-O-W, this little boy, raised, under quite “normal circumstances” (whatever “normal” means!!!) can become so EVIL, but, we can only speculate, that, something MUST’VE gone wrong in his growing up processes, but, we don’t know for sure, and, this time, perhaps, “nature” played a bigger role, or perhaps, not, nobody will EVER know!

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Becoming a MAN, at the Age of Sixty

Because that, was how LONG it took for your father to DIE, and, “a boy becomes a man, WHEN his father dies”, right???  Uh-huh!!!

Becoming a MAN, at the age of sixty, well, that sure took you, LONG enough, where the HECK have you been, all these years?  Did you take wrong turns or something, was that why, it took you, FOREVER(because it W-A-S!!!), to become a MAN.

Becoming a MAN, at age sixty, well, unfortunately, because you’re heading into your elderly years, well, your physical abilities (I don’t need to DRAW, do I???) are on the decline, and, you are just NOT as fit as you once were, are you???  Becoming a MAN, at the age of sixty, because???  That, was how long, it took, for your father to finally D-I-E, and, at the age of sixty (woo-hoo!!!), you’re finally, FACED, with the CONSEQUENCES of your own FUCKED up behaviors, and, this time ‘round, YO mama or YO dada ain’t gonna cover YO ass, not even your EX-wife, or that WHORE of yours???  Or me, to boot!

So now, tell me, LOSER, how, does it feel, to finally MAN up at the “tender” age of SIXTY, and, you have GOT to be SHITTING me here, and, some of you, who are even older, are you MANNED up yet???  Yeah, go take a number………

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Voices Left, the Markers of Childhood

Memories from a long time ago, translated…

Childhood, when televisions weren’t found in every household, and all the memories we captured, are mostly from the radios, from the capturing of sounds.

Differentiating the channels and the voices.  The forceful Taiwanese words like “This is getting serious folks, will the Tien-Ding Liao get caught or not………”  “Come get the medicines for your stomachs, guaranteed to work for you, the black label……” etc., the sponsors of the programs from the local radio stations.

As for, the perfectly pronounced, annunciated, melodious, all belonged to the set stations on the radios.  For instance, “The Sensible Time”, hosted by Lee, “The Stars Tonight”, by In, along with “Western Popular Music”, with Yu, the “Silent Night” for the midnights, etc., etc., etc., they’d all accompanied me through my nights of study, sailed with me through my youthful days.

The accompaniment of the oldies, through the melodies, it’d made me realize just how far the world in the distant is, it’d broken the boundaries of the universe, I got the chance of soaring high on the music, and allowed my imaginations to run wild.

The age of sound keeping, even thought the island is closed in on itself, we still heard the flowers bloom, the moon rise, even the stars, twinkling in the skies…………

And so, in those years, when you didn’t have much of anything, you got satisfied easily, because when you’re given very little, you’d become really grateful, and now???  People are not grateful enough for everything they’d received, and that, is why this article has that “scent” of nostalgia to it.




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An Empty Nest

Just like those baby bird who NO longer needed their parents’ care anymore…

An empty nest, this, is what I’m left with, along with an empty heart, after you’d gone, you were, the tornado that came through town, and destroyed EVERYTHING in your path, including me, the ONLY possible person in the entire world who CAN possibly love you. An empty nest, can you imagine the sense of loss those mother birds feel, that after they’d brought back over a MILLION worms to keep their offspring full, and after the babies’ wings grew strong enough, they flew out, and never return again.

An empty nest, this, is what I’m looking at right now, and, I don’t know H-O-W I’m ever going to feel up this void, this need, to take care of somebody, because I need, to be needed.

An empty nest, this, is what you’re left with, isn’t it? And, how does it feel, KNOWING, for certain, that that nest that’s emptied will NEVER, ever, E-V-E-R, be filled back up again? Huh? How, does THAT feel???


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