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The Tragedies that Were Caused by Misunderstandings in Terminal Care

On the medical fronts, translated…

From the horrible experience of a 24-year-old young woman diagnosed with liver cancer:

Even though, Pearl had been inoculated with hepatitis B shots as she was younger, but because the antibodies were gone, she’d still contracted hepatitis B.  She didn’t know she needed to go for an abdominal ultrasound every six months, along with the importance of getting her alpha FP fetal proteins checked, and when she’d found out she had liver cancer, the tumor was already nine centimeters, too big to be removed.

The family decided to not tell her, just told her, that it was a benign tumor.  Pearl believed the words of her family and friends, and only took to natural therapies and alternative therapies.  But the cancer cells spread too quickly, in a short four months time, the patient was already terminal, and she’d felt a ton of abdominal pains.

Pearl’s mother works for a church, the pastor’s wife had positive experiences with terminal care, she’d worked hard, to convince the parents to send the daughter into the terminal treatment ward, to allow her to be well taken care of in the body, the mind, the soul and the heart.  Pearl’s parents went for a tour in the terminal ward, felt satisfied, and hoped to place their daughter there; but unfortunately, Pearl’s sister refused, said, “as long as my sister is alive, I will NEVER allow her to be placed in the terminal wards!”

And so, Pearl stayed in the regular ward, but because they couldn’t manage the pains well, she’d cried out in pain every single day, and wanted to die.  And she’d lived on for three more weeks afterwards, and, the girl passed away, in her own screams, as the tumors in her liver burst open.

The Common Misconception that the Public Has for Terminal Care

Most of the knowledge that the Taiwanese people have of terminal care is negative, but in reality, terminal care is already in abundance in the more advanced countries, and the WHO spoke positively of it, that it’s a modern day method, to making the quality of life better for the terminally ill.

Terminal care is not the same as waiting for death, nor is it giving up hope, or giving up on the aggressive treatments!  After all, there IS no such terms as “aggressive treatments” or “passive treatments”.  Related treatment measures include: healing, controlling the illnesses, supportive treatments, less invasive therapies, along with terminal care, which option one chooses, should be reliant on the conditions, and not on which doctor’s methods the patients choose to follow, or which ward they’re staying in.

For instance, a person with multiple organ failures, because of her/his vital organs had failed, and couldn’t trade in for a brand new set, even though, the person is in the ICU, at this time, the only thing that CAN be done is the supportive and the alleviating types of therapies.

And so, this, is why there’s a need for this terminal care program, because we don’t want our loved ones, or ourselves, to suffer to the very end, do we?  Nope, and yet, because there’s barely ANY education in the matter, that, is why the subject is not being discussed enough at all.

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