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Why Gun Control IS a MUST

Other than the F-A-C-T, that guns have a tendency, to go OFF on their own, from NBCNEWS.com, by L. Carroll…

School shootings unnerve Americans, but the number of children injured or killed in those tragic events is just a fraction of the young people harmed by firearms each year in the U.S., a new study shows.

Injuries from firearms send over 7,000 kids to the hospital annually, an average of twenty per day.  Among those admitted, sixty percent die in the hospital…

And this one, is still, for ALL of y’all, GUN fanatics, IF you want to, or already OWNED a gun, DO make sure, that you keep it, locked away (preferably in a COMBINATION safe!!!), and out of reach of children, because if they died of a GUNSHOT wound to the HEAD, then, blood will BE on your hands, parents!!!







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