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Divorce Gets UGLY

Because there’s NO “good” in goodbye, despite what it reads!!!

Divorce gets ugly, because, we’d be play the kids against each other, and, for them, it’s either that I’m on mommy’s side, betraying daddy, or that I’m on daddy’s side, betraying mommy…

Divorce gets ugly, and, we have YET to discuss the TERMS of our alimony agreements, no, this, is only the “pre-planning” stage of things here.  Divorce gets ugly, so, looks like I’ll need my supply of grenades, cannons, guns, uzis, along with an ASSORTMENT of weapons for ASSAULT, and, we still don’t CARE who we end up hurting, we just want to GET each other back.

Divorce gets ugly, as it’s supposed to, and, there’s no, let’s go back to being friends after this, after all, we’d TORN up this love, left one another hurting like hell, and, nobody CAN and WILL EVER forgive, OR forget a betrayal in THAT kind of D-E-P-T-H.

Divorce gets ugly, and, we’re still NOT the only casualties of this god DAMN war we’d started, there are, what are THEIR faces again???  You know, those young ones, that we’d “procreated”?  You know?  What ARE they called again?  Oh yeah, our O-F-F-S-P-R-I-N-G?  Do you not remember T-H-E-M???

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One-Month Old Child Got “Stuck” Between the Parents

On the N-E-W-S…

A one month old baby boy got “used” as a “rope” in the tug-of-war. The parents were fighting on New Year’s Eve, and, the child was in the middle, got pulled too hard, there was internal bleeding inside of his brains, the parents were charged with negligence.

This, is an EXTREME case of a child being in the “middle” of the parents’ argument, and, guess who’s the one to P-A-Y? The child, of course, and, the child is in critical condition, but, what can anybody do? N-O-T-H-I-N-G, because it’s already been D-O-N-E!!!

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