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Child, a Poem

And no, this is still NOT my picture, found it online…


The winter’s sun managed to

Dry up the dampened verses taped on my back

And, all those who are behind me

All looked upon my back curiously

But, there was just, one child who’d just

Learned to read

Who’d started, reciting the verses on my back

This just shows how pure children are, because, as an adult, we’d been taught, not to do things, that it would be impolite, but, sometimes, it takes a child, to point out to us, the oddities of what’s happening, like that kid in The Emperor’s New Clothes, that pointed out that the emperor wasn’t wearing anything. 

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The Sound of Jingle Bells

The understandings of life, translated…

Santa had given the little boy a silver bell from his sleigh, all you need to do, is shake the bell, and the beautiful sound would come.  But not everybody can hear the bells.  Whether or not one hears the bell, is reliant on whether or not one believes in Santa…

The Bell from Santa

“Daddy, I want to hear the bell too.”  that, was the first reaction, as I’d finished reading my daughter the story, “The Polar Express”.

Awhile ago, I’d checked out a couple of story books from the libraries, other than helping to inspire me in my own creations, the other goal was to read it to my child, so she could practice reading out the phonetic spellings aloud.

There was a book, “The Polar Express”, yes, like that movie which Tom Hanks dubbed over the voices.  There was a little boy, who rode on the Polar Express, where he’d met the elves and Santa.  Santa gave a silver bell to the little boy as a Christmas present, and when someone shakes the bell, it will make wonderful sounds.  But, whether or not one hears the bell ring, depends on whether or not one believes in Santa.

As my daughter finished hearing the story, she’d told me, that she believed in the existence of Santa Claus, she wanted to hear the bell too.  I smiled and told her, “You will, you will hear the sound of that bell, so long as you believe Santa to be real, and the bell will ring loudly for you.”

A Happiness Imagined

I’d hoped to instill more and more imagination and creativity in my daughter, because the innocence of childhood is too precious.  And, most people, with the coming of age, the baptism of the world, along with the trials and tribulations of life, would forget what once was, the happiness that comes with the simple ability of being able to imagine from one’s childhood, creating things out of one’s own minds, along with one’s creative nature, all got washed away by the flood called reality.

Recalling how I never needed any hi-tech items to keep me entertained (as they weren’t available to us), a simple blankie on my shoulders, straddling over a pillow, and I, the flying super hero was born!  As for the name of this hero I made up?  Already forgotten, but this simple game, I could play with my younger brother for the entire day, until my mom started screaming and shouting for us to not waste any more of our time, then, we’d stopped, but, the next time we’d played, we’d picked up the joys where it was left off.

In the world, there are those who’d relied on a strong imagination and creativity to make a living.  Whether it be visually, auditory, textile, olfactory, sense of gustatory, and the goal is, merely improving this world for the better.  So long as we’re willing to put that extra bit more of thought into life, we can have more happiness and convenience.  And, aren’t we often, awed by the smart designs of things?

Even though, life is compounded with the pressures of reality and it renders you not having time or energy to think about things irrelevant to life, but so long as you’re willing to make a small change, allow yourselves to daydream for a short bit, you really don’t need a lot of money, or some enormous project, to make you happy.

When you start to imagine, to create, and to change, maybe, one day, Santa’s silver bell will also sound off for you too.

So, because we, as adults, are bombarded by life, work, daily hassles, there’s money we need to make, deadline too, etc, etc., etc., etc., we forgot to allow our inner children to come out to play, we just keep them locked up, somewhere, deep, in our minds, because life won’t allow us to, because we’re all adults, and, as adults, we MUST take responsibilities for the life, the job, the things we want, and that, is why we lose our childhood innocence, and, we should ALL know by now, how important THAT is!!!

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