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The Life of a Candle Artist, the Features of a Woman


“What, you used to be a registered nurse?”  Then, how come you’re a sculptor here, teaching kids to make candles?”

One morning, we’d gone with the online references, took the kids to a “candle factory” to have some DIY experiences.  My husband started chatting with the owner of the shop, who also acted as a tour guide, everybody wanted to know, what, had caused this former “registered nurse” to turn into a “candle making artist”? The shop owner who’s over age sixty slowly told us her story, of how interesting and colorful her life had been.  The owner of the shop said, that since she was a kid, she’d loved needle work, and back in high school, when she was filling out her preference major card, she’d wanted to put down home ec, but her father wouldn’t allow her to, believed that if she’d majored in home ec, it would cause a lot of money, that she would be better off as a nurse, and she would have a set income, without a doubt.

Later, as she worked as a nurse, she felt that getting the meds, administering shots, wasn’t what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, and so, she went behind her father’s back, and took up sewing, making clothes, and cross-stitches after work, anything that she can make with her own two hands, she wanted to try it out.

Later, through the introductions of her friends, she’d married her husband who’d worked as a manager at a art selling agency.  Everyday after work, she’d helped her husband make some handicrafts.  One day, a draft of a sales slip needed to be completed in three short days, and, the designer just happened to have gone abroad, and, there was NO one who could finish the designs, and so, she’d stepped up, and asked her husband, if she could try, drawing out the designs.  And, this small “try” of hers, had beaten thousands of entries from the world, and the husband’s company became famous too.

And so, the shop owner now had the confidences, and worked even harder, in her favorite field, and she’d drawn designs, fixed the drawings, made the samples, and manufactured the samples on a day-to-day basis, and, she’d done everything herself, and, would stay up all night long and worked until dawn’s light.

The woman recalled, “back then, I’d told my husband, that so long as I have a lamp light, and I’m allowed to do what I enjoyed, no matter how hard, I am willing!”

When we were working on the Do-It-Yourself candles, the woman used the time, to wait for the cooling of the wax, to show off her new models she was working on.  The over-hundreds of candles, and the sheets, she’d made herself, with her heart.

The shop owner said, that back then her father was totally against her in doing this, but in the end, she’d still chosen her own path, and she’d gotten more and more zest, doing what she loved.  She gave us her heartfelt advice, “Don’t be afraid that your children won’t be able to feed themselves, just allow them to find what they’re most interested in doing, and to use their own interests, that way, they would NOT only be happy, and will forever find joys in what they’re doing!”

Because this woman had gone through it all on her own, firsthand, and so, she’s now, giving advice to the parents, and she is right, that parents should NOT force their kids to do something that’s of NO interests to them, but, parents held on tightly to the thoughts of “I’m doing this for your benefit”, which makes the parents too BLIND to see that they’re actually IMPOSING on their kids, instead of helping them dream.

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