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The Heart of Shijr, Bringing Warmth to Thousands of Children from Lesser Backgrounds

The kindness that’s shining through right now, off of the Newspapers, translated…

There are, a lot of residents who live in the distant mountain regions in Shijr, Hsinbei City, Liu who originally owned and operated a small diner set up the “Heart & Soul of Shijr”, set up food banks at the local substations, and worked side-by-side with TSMC charitable foundations, and rented the spaces to give to the elderly population who live alone, taking care of residents from ages zero to a hundred, since it’s start up back in 2014, the services offered assistance to over thousands of individuals.

Liu was originally an owner of a restaurant, and by chance, he’d found that there were, a lot of families on the lower end of the socioeconomic status in Shijr, who had troubles, getting a full meal provided to them, he’d called out to the local diners, restaurants, to help provide the meals for these families, at first, the services made the meal deliveries, and later he’d found, that the police department was the first to know about these families in trying times, and so, he’d worked with the Hsinbei City Police Department, at the substation in Shijr, he’d set up the food bank, and when the locals are having a hard time, the stations are able to provide the needed foods, Liu hoped to set up the afterschool program to help the children, and the TMSC Charities found him, and provided the funding for the equipment needed, and the local residents also started donating the foods, the money, the clothes as well, and the foundation sorted through the donated clothes, foods, and related items, and donate them to those in need.

the center that’s set up, for the children to have a place to go when their parents are away, at work…photo courtesy of UDN.com

Liu stated, that the afterschool homework help center’s purpose was to give the children from single-parent, cross-generation families, children who don’t have that much adult attention to go into, so they don’t get into the gangs, or get into contact with the illegal substances, currently, there are about twenty children who are being counseled by the center that he’d helped set up.

Liu stated, that in the future, he is to work even harder, hoping to look after more children in need, so the society can see the foundation’s work, to attract more volunteers who are willing, and able to, offer assistance to those on the lower end of the socioeconomic status, to help them improve their lives for the better.

And so, this, is good work that this man had, started, he’d not just, handed the money to the families in need, instead, he’d given the families, a more, practical sort of help, providing the children from the lesser backgrounds a center to stay in, while the parents worked, so they don’t get involved with the wrong crowds, and go down the wrong paths in life, the foundation also offered the assistance that those on the lower end of the socioeconomic statuses are in need of, with the food banks, set up in the local stations, and this, is what charitable acts are all about, providing the practical help that those in need required, and NOT just soliciting donations of money.

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After the Kind Elderly Woman Died, Her Compassion Still Passed On, as a Legacy

The story of a woman who gave back to the community, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elderly woman who’d sold a buffet style lunch for just $10N.T., Mrs. Yu-Nu Chu-Chuang, had done so, for over fifty years on end, awhile ago, when Chu passed on, she was ninety-six years old, yesterday, was her funeral, and, there were those who are now, big-shots in the business and other fields, as well as the workers at the pier who’d had her meals came too.

Mrs. Chu-Chuang did not care about the cost of the buffet she’d served to others, with the fishes, the meats, as well as the vegetables too, and, all the customers have all you can eat, for just $10N.T.s.  She’d lost money, serving the meals to just one person, until she’d stopped selling the meals at a little over eighty years of age, and, in the fifty years that she’d sold the meals, she’d sold seven of her houses to pay up the debts.

The elderly woman’s son, Ji-Shyong Chuang said, that back then, the pier workers didn’t make that much money, but, their work demanded them to have the physical abilities, she’d feared that the workers won’t have enough food, and that they couldn’t possibly pay for the meals in full-price, so she’d decided to sell the buffet meals at $10N.T.s each, but, year by year, the expenses ran too high, she ended up having to sell seven properties that belonged to her families, to keep on supplying this $10N.T. meal.

Ji-Shyong Chuang said, that is mother had done this for over fifty years, he’d once consoled her on stop working, when she was seventy, and asked his seven uncles to help persuade his mother, in the end, he was, persuaded by his uncles to “leave it alone.”

Yesterday, on her funeral, the high up government officials from the cities, as well as some big names in business showed up, and, the star, Hsu too, came to see grandma off.

And so, this is a woman, who gave EVERYTHING, to help make this world a better place, because she saw the needs, and, she was able to put up all she possibly could, even beyond what was asked of her, and so, her legacy will get passed on, as the son said he was going to donate all the white envelopes for his mother’s funeral, so, his mother’s compassions can keep getting passed down…

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The End of Year Company Parties Asked the Literary & Art Groups to Come Along, to Help Children in Distant Areas Chase Their Dreams

Giving back to the community, to help those in need, good deeds, caught on “camera” here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The atmosphere of which company has the best kind of end-of-year meal is slowly turning around.  The UDN Group is putting forth the “Not-For-Profit End of Year Company Parties”, hoping that the leaders in the industries can start being an example, to make these not-for-profit end of year company parties into a trend, to make a better reputation for the enterprises of being aloof and cold.

The concepts of this not-for-profect end of year company parties took a total of over two months, gotten over forty extracurricular organizations from the elemegtary school and middle schools, and had these groups from the school perform at company end-of-year banquets.  Not only was this act allowing the children from those distant schools to have a stage to perform on, the money they’d received can also be put into furthering these performance programs in the future too.

The CFO of the UDN Cultural Foundation, Chiu pointed out yesterday, that there are already twelve companies that put forth the funding, to support the activities; and these companies will also be providing for the transportations for these kids to go to perform, and, the schools who were given the opportunities to do this include the Ching-Ai Elementary School’s Orchestra in Nantou, the Arts and Cultural Clubs from elementary schools in Taidong and Taoyuan.

Chiu said, all the company needs to do, is to save up on some of the costs they use to get the foods from their year-end parties, then, they can show support to more organizations such as these.  He’d stated, that in the past, a lot of the companies would hire the performing singers or actors, and if these enterprises would be willing to change their ways, start inviting the schools’ performance arts community to come, then, it not only adds the artistry, but also, it could help out, and rid these large-scale companies of their aloof or extravagant images to the world.

And so, this, would be a great way, to help out, after all, we ALL know that these big-shot companies can afford to ask along those famous actors, actresses, singers, groups or whatever to perform at their year-end company functions, but, why not spend just a portion of that money, and hire those distant region school kids to perform, that way, they’d be helping out with the schools, and, it would have more artistry, even though these children are NOT professional performers, it would be meaningful, compared to hiring those bigshot performers to come………

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The Piggy Banks that Children Had Saved for a Very Long Time, They Now, Opened Them, and Donated into the Fund to Feed the Poor & the Homeless

Everything still starts at a very young age, from the Newspapers, translated…

The instructors and students in Zhongzhen Elementary School recently started a compassion fundraising activity, some kids had “slain” their piggy banks to give to the charitable cause, and there were kids who brought the receipts from their homes to donate, hoping to use this small act of kindness, to give those elderly who lived alone, a warm and cooked meal for New Year’s Eve.

The Hua-Shan Foundation at Kinmen combined the red envelopes collected from the elementary school students to deliver the “New Year’s Meals” to the elderly who lived alone, and the fundraising had gotten the school’s students and teachers to input, and they’d all pulled out their spare changes, receipts, to donate, in a few short days, they’d managed to get 700 red envelopes filled, with over $50,000N.T. in donations.

The fourth grader, Lee told, that as he’d heard that the school is participating in this sort of amazing charitable act, as he’d gotten home, he’d talked with his parents, and killed his piggy, and took out the money, to give to charity, he felt he’d done a wonderful thing.

The principal at the elementary school said, that there were volunteer moms who’d donated a ton of receipts, hoping that it can win them some money, to help put a perfect ending to this charitable activity.

Chang, the principal said, that hopefully, the students would understand to show cares and concerns toward those around them who are in need through this experience, and hoped to set an example for the societies, to make them more aware that there are a lot of elderly and people who are in need of their assistance.

And so, this became an act of kindness on a grander scale, and that just shows, how you can start educating children to have the right values, even at that young an age, and this, is a good way to instill that sense of care and concern in the next generation.

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An Elderly Woman Who’d Donated Over a Billion Dollar’s Worth of Land, to Help Children in Poverty

Story of kindness, passing down her legacy, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Guei-Mei Huang-Hsu had been saving up every last penny she has, and yet, she’d given out over ten million dollars worth of properties.  Eighteen years ago, the then ninety-one year old Huang only thought for just four days, and decided to donate, generously all of her property rights worth over billions of dollars, to allow the Hsinchu Taiwan Fund for Children & Families to have a new home; the elderly had passed five years later, and before she’d passed, she still couldn’t set her mind at ease about all the children who were born in poverty.

The family members sorted through her belongings recently, and decided, that before the elderly woman’s 110th anniversary, to set up a “Story House in Memoriam”, to allow the children whom she’d helped to get to know her better.

Hsu-Huang lived in Hsinchu, planted bamboos in her earlier life, is a traditional Hakka agricultural family woman; the property she’d donated was once a field, used for bamboo planting, later, she’d allowed someone to put a building on top, and, the Hsu’s had over 3,600 square feet of the land on the first and second floor of the building, along with the empty lot next by.

Grandma Hsu’s granddaughter-in-law, Hsu told, that the elderly saved up on her money, and when she’s alone at home, she’d never turned on the lights, and, she wore the clothes she’d patched up, over, over, and over again, and had NO more than three dishes, including a soup, she’s very stingy toward herself, but all too generous toward others.

Eighteen years ago, she’d heard that the Taiwan Fund for Children & Families needed more resources, and wanted to move, but, because it’d been hard, for them to get funds, and they couldn’t find a fitting place for the new home, she’d immediately took along her grandson, and her granddaughter-in-law to the center, and donated generously, the multibillion dollars worth of property.

Hsu stated, that the elderly woman is illiterate, but would often tell them, “Willing to give, and you will receive”, believed that so long as there’s enough for her to spend, it’d only taken her four days, to decide to donate and actually, made the donation, and had never regretted her decisions ever since.

And so, this, is still, a story of kindness, this woman helped a LOT of children even AFTER she’d passed away, she’d helped them find a home, and, her legacy will pass on…………

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