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My Son’s Sweeping Duties at Clean Time at School, the Restrooms, on Education of Children


My fifth grade son, this semester, was assigned to the restrooms for his cleaning duties at school.

That day when I picked him up for school, the moment he’d gotten into the car, he’s mysteriously told me, “Mom, guess what important duties I have from my class today?”

I answered, “I can’t know, just give me the answer already.”

He’d excitedly stated, “I’m the cleaning official of my class, responsible for cleaning up the toilets.”

I’d asked him, “Did your teacher assign this duty to you?”, he’d replied, “No, I’d put myself up for it.”

I’d taken the advantage and asked him, “How, did you think about cleaning the toilets?”

“Because as I was younger in the school, the restrooms are so dirty, causing me to be afraid to go to the toilets in school, so I could only hold it in, and so, I’d thought, if one day, my class was assigned to clean the toilets, I am going to clean it up so, so no other student feel like I had.  The teacher told me, that grades aren’t everything, that I must be a student with good characters.”

Then, I’d heard my son told me on and on, “I’d stood at the entry of the bathrooms, reminding the students, to keep the bathrooms tidy, if someone disobeys the rules, I’d tell the teacher too.”

On the day of the parent-teacher conference, my son had even invited me, to “share” his “glory”, he didn’t let anybody down, the instructor also kept commending him on how mature and well-behaved he was.  At the end of the semester, my son received the award for “the Star of Moral Standards”.

In the age where everybody is pursuing high grades, actually, education of character is even MORE important.

So, this child had the empathy, because he once had the experiences of unable to use the toilets at his school because of how unclean it was, now that it’s his turn to help clean up the toilets, he didn’t want anybody to go through what he did as he was younger, and, this, is an amazing thing, that this fifth grade boy can use empathy, to keep up with the responsibilities of his cleaning duties.

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The Chance Education that Came with Cleaning Up the School’s Restrooms

From a school instructor’s point of view, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

After reading yesterday’s column written by Mr. Chong-Jen Hsu’s “Start Instilling that Sense of Empathy from Making the Children Clean Up the Restrooms”, I’d felt a ton of emotions, because Mr. Hsu was not the instructor who’s on the front lines in encouraging the students to go and clean up the restrooms, he’d clearly stated the value and the lessons learned from the activities as well.

The writer told of how he’d taught the students to clean up the restrooms, by demonstrating for them how it is done right.  And, when the feces came out, he’d also shown the students, that screaming and complaining do not solve their problem at hand, that they must find a way, to clear their paths, and not dodge their responsibilities, that, is the best method to resolving the issues.

And, the parents are worried over the use of the cleaning agents, and the school had used baking soda, for the maximum effects, and the restrooms became a place where the school’s instructors and students top choice when they needed to go.

So, there’s that added value, to making your kids sweep, isn’t there, by having them clean up after someone else’s messes, you’re teaching them to be humble, to be responsible, that, is why there are two cleaning periods during the time when classes are off in a day here.

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“Grades Aren’t Everything”, a British Principal’s Letter Got Forwarded Over and Over Again

This principal wrote a letter to ALL of the sixth graders, translated…

The Letter to Sixth Graders: Each and every one of you is special, they don’t understand you…there are so many ways you can become smarter.

The Lancashire District, the Barrowford Elementary School principal, Rachel Tomlinson awhile ago, sent out a letter, attached to the students’ KS2 grade sheets, to ALL the sixth graders in the school, told them, that test scores are NOT everything.

Principal Rachel, along with her staff wrote: “Attached are the grades of the KS2 examinations, we’d had a rough week this week, but everybody worked hard, and did an amazing job, you’d made us, your teachers so very proud.  We believe that we should NOT use the grades to really see everybody’s potentials, because each and every one of you is unique, and one in a billion.  The people who wrote out the examinations, along with those graders of exams are NOT like your school teachers who know each and every one of you that well, nor will they have the expectations I hold for you, nor would they understand you like your families.

They don’t know, that a LOT of you know a second language, they don’t know that you played instruments, danced or are great in art.  They don’t know that you write poetry, or sing, and enter into sports competitions, nor would they know, that your friends placed great trust in you, that your laughter brought a brighter day to someone else, they don’t know that you contemplate about your separate futures, or that you took care of your younger siblings after school either.  They are not clear about that you’d been to a truly wonderful place, nor do they know, that you’re great storytellers either, they don’t know that you enjoy spending time with your families and friends.  They don’t know how trustworthy, how gentle, kind and understanding, that every day, you’d put your best foot forward.

Grades will reflect certain things, sure, but they are NOT everything.  Do enjoy the fruits of your own hard labors.  If you did great, then, BE proud of yourselves: remember, there are MANY ways you can become smarter.”

Rachel’s letter on the 15th started getting passed around on Twitter, along with other social networks.  And the newspapers and websites in England had printed the article too.

Principal Rachel was shocked by this, she said, “this, was just a part of our normal routines, I can’t believe how much attention this had gotten.”  Rachel’s personal assistant said, that all the teachers and staff are very pound about how the school is different from the other schools.  That the alma mater of the school was, “Learning to love, and Loving learning.”

And so, this, is another CASE where someone who’s an EDUCATOR bluntly stated that GRADES are NOT everything, and grades aren’t everything, JUST because you did well in school, gotten straight-A’s and everything still doesn’t mean that you WILL adapt well in the real world, moral education, along with character education are a HELL of a L-O-T more important than the academics here.








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