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The Holy Bible Also Prevented You from Playing Football

So, the Holy Bible places RESTRICTIONS on the activities you enjoy doing, what ELSE is N-E-W??? From the Front Page Commentaries, translated…
If you must have a traditional character to describe the average American male, it would be a man who loved his home life, an avid Christian, with a regular nine to five job, someone who would accompany his children to sports activities after his work. He lives in a big house with a yard, and would head to church regularly on the weekends, and would spend some of his time, working on his own backyard. And still, football will also be a VITAL part of his life, he would have a team, that allowed him to root for them every week in the season, like how he’d gone to church every single week.
This kind of a life, however, has an odd conflict in it, because the origin of football, based off of the Holy Bible, is imperfect. Of course, some two thousand odd years ago, this sport had YET to be invented, and God did NOT actually say, that people should NOT ram against one another, after drawing a few lines on the ground, but, the Holy Bible has a firm stand on pigs and pigskin. Leviticus stated that “pig, because the hooves are separated into two, and the pigs can’t chew their own feet to clean in, and so, naturally, when humans touch it, it would be uncleanly. The beasts meat, you shall NOT eat, and you shall NOT touch the animals when they’re dead, they’d end up, infecting you with dirtiness.” American footballs, in the past, were made from pigs’ skin. And the players, they NOT only touched the balls, they’d fight over it, and this, seemed to have gone against God’s will.
And the article goes on to say a LOT more about how there are “rules” in the Holy Bible that is AGAINST what we loved doing, blah, blah, blah, and that just shows, how OUTDATED, some of the beliefs of those Old Testaments had become, and, IF you follow that word-for-word, then, you shall be, outdated, just like the Holy Bible too, once more, feel FREE, to SHOOT me, for voicing MY O-P-I-N-I-O-N, or rather, go AFTER the original writer of this article too, if you want to…

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