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Wanting to Keep Her Dignity, She’d Filed for Divorce at the Age of Ninety

Imagine the SHITS that this woman MUST’VE put up with, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The ninety-year-old woman, Yu stated that her husband is authoritarian, must have things his ways, and that they’d lived separately for over twenty years now, and she wanted to fight for own freedom, to end their sixty-six years of marriage together; on the first trial, the judge allowed for the divorce, but the Highest Courts used the rule of “nothing majorly wrong with the marriage”, to toss out the previous rulings.  The elderly woman held a press conferences and cried, “When I’m still alive, I will NOT be his widow; and when I’m dead, I will NOT be buried alongside his family”, hoped that for the rest of her life, she could “live as a free and a dignified woman”.

The elderly woman already appealed, and now the case is being reviewed by the highest court, she’d had her walker yesterday, with a mask, accompanied by the women’s activist group, along with her two daughters-in-law to a press conference, and, she started shaking uncontrollably and cried as she got so moved when she told them what had happened.

Mrs. Yu said, that a lot of people asked her, why at her age, she’d insisted on divorcing?  Because her husband is a very traditional Taiwanese macho man, and, when she didn’t comply with him, he would verbally abuse her; in her household, she’s a woman without her own voice, and when they’d gone on outings together, she can “only follow behind him like a dog”.  Later she’d moved into the residence of her eldest son, and during the separations, she’d wanted to divorce, but the husband would NOT allow for it, he’d even torn up the divorce papers and flushed it down to the toilet, which forced her to go to court.

Mrs. Yu stated, that even though the first trial approved of the divorce, but the highest court ruled that “after the separation, they’d still met up or gone out together, and during which time, there had been arguments, but there’s nothing so major in the marriage that it couldn’t be continued”.  She’d claimed, that during her separation, she’d only gone with her husband to her grandson’s graduation, and another time was because he’d signed up for a tour, but when they met, they’d had an argument, which proved that there was NO more love left.

But the high courts stated, that eve3n though Mrs. Yu could NOT stand how her husband threw away the gift she’d given him and abused her dog, cussing her out, etc., etc., etc., but since 1990 when they’d separated, they’d still gone together to hang out with their children on holidays or weekends, and would give each other items, help each other out in daily living, and call one another up to show care and concerns, and back in 1990, 1992, and 2005, they’d gone abroad together, that the courts can’t rule that the marriage is beyond repair that there’s still hope.

And so, why can’t they just get divorced, under the rules of “irreconcilably difference”, after all, this woman HAD put up with this man’s BULLSHIT her whole life, and now, she wanted to do something FOR herself, and the courts do NOT allow for it, and that, would be a breach of HER basic human rights, wouldn’t it???



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