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The Son-in-Law Helped Trafficked the Illegal Substances Got Sentenced Severely, While the Father-in-Law Escaped Overseas

We have a PATSY, a DUMMY, who got CAUGHT, not that he’d not done, anything wrong either, but the “mastermind” had, escaped out of country!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Liao in Taoyuan owns a butcher shop, because he helped his father-in-law who’s in Cambodia traffic heroin, he was taken into police custody, the courts sentenced him to ten years for transporting a level one drug; Liao filed for his release, claimed that his family owns the MAXXIS tire, that his uncle works in the Department of Health & Sanitations, that if he fled, it would greatly impact the family’s reputation, but the courts didn’t believe him.

Liao claimed that he is the only son of the family, because he’d believed his father-in-law and his brother-in-law, that was why he was helping them traffic the heroin, he’d been incarcerated for over five months to date, he has elderly parents, and young children to take care of, and his family business was the famous Maxxis Tires, his uncle is a worker of the Department of Health and Sanitations, that if he’d fled, it would damage the family even more, that he would not ditch his bail and run off.

Liao stated, that after he was caught, he gave the truth to the police, didn’t collaborate his statements with anyone, not at risk of destroying evidence either, plus he’d owned and operated a butcher shop from before, he’d hoped to return back to the butcher stand to work, and he had health conditions, that needed regular check ups, that he’d had to be released from being in custody to get himself the treatments he’d needed.

The courts considered, that Liao was charged with trafficking a level one illegal substance, that there’s a need to have him taken into custody after interrogation, and Liao’s father-in-law, older brother-in-law are currently still in Cambodia, which showed, that he has the assets, and the methods to escape away, that there’s, a huge flight risk, that custody would be, mandatory.

The courts asked the Taoyuan Penitentiary about Liao’s physical condition, and was notified that he’d been treated for the conditions at the clinics of the prison system, that he could get the healthcare he’d needed there, there’s NO need for him to check into an external hospital system for him to make a full recovery.

And so, this, is how STUPID you were, trafficking the drugs with your father-in-law, and now your father-in-law’s left you hanging dry, and you’re still the one to blame, for being STUPID, and a willing accomplice in this bad unlawful act you got caught in.

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The Female Hostess of a Show Was Caught, Having Sex with a Married Man, the Director of Her Programming Begged His Wife, to “Not Ruin Her”

Cheating, caught on “tape”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman who hosted the outside scenes of a television show, Chou two years ago in May, on a filming of scenes away from the studios was with the married director, Liu in the same room, Liu’s wife called the police to catch them cheating.  Both Liu and Chou denied the claims, but the judge believed, that when Liu’s wife came, the director had multiple times begged her, to “not ruin her”, and there there were multiple underwears that belonged to Liu hung, in the showers, that it is a breach of ordinary friendship, yesterday, the judge mandated that the two individuals needed to pay Liu’s wife $300,000N.T.s, and the case can still be appealed.

Liu’s wife stated, that she’d married her husband in 2009, and that Chou knew that he was already married, but still kept seeing him; two years ago, started in February, her husband started returning home late, and later on, he’d moved out, and moved in with Chou, two years ago, at the bottom half of March, she’d taken footages of them holding hands, and with their arms around one another’s shoulders.

Two years ago on May 14th, in the early morning hours, Liu’s wife took her younger brother and her friend to Chou’s resident waited, and, after the lights went down, she’d called the cops, to report adultery, and, the woman answered the doors ten minutes later; Chou and Liu were properly dressed, Liu begged his wife, “you will destroy her”, “I’m the one to blame”, along with lines similar to these.  Liu’s wife and her friends also found that there were multiple under garments that belonged to her husband hung, in Chou’s bathrooms, and Chou put on a hat, and ran out.

During the trial, Liu denied having been unfaithful to his wife, claimed that he was only at Chou’s apartment, to discuss the plans for the television show, and that the reason he’d moved out of his house was because he wasn’t getting along with his own wife, but he had not done anything immoral with Chou, and that the undershorts in her bathroom wasn’t his; Chou claimed her innocence as well.

And the verdict of the Taipei District Courts stated, that Liu and Chou claimed that they were discussing the show, but they didn’t have the other members of their team there, and didn’t mind being next to one another late night, and that Liu had multiple times, spoken on behalf of Chou, begged his wife, to not let the world know about Chou, so she could still have her reputation in the television shows, and that there were underwears that belonged to Liu in her bathroom, that it was, apparently, not a regular friendship, and that the two should pay Liu’s wife $300,000N.T.s.

Once again, this man still wouldn’t admit to cheating, even WITH the evidence, stacked up against him?  Such a WEASEL, and he still paid, but, it’s still NOT enough, to repair the damages he’d done to his own marriage, and his wife.


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