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The Family He Left Behind

He’d left behind, a LOT of loving family members, and, he didn’t even consider how they would feel, after he was gone!

The family he left behind, with the sorrows and the strong sense of loss, from his death, that, was foretold and foreshadowed, and foreseen by him too, and yet, he still, CHOSE to end it, because he’d been depressed for a V-E-R-Y long time, and, the days just dragged on and on and on, with NO end in sight, and he simply got too tired of waking up in the morn, and so, that night when he went to sleep, he’d UPPED his dose, and, he didn’t wake up the next morn, or the next morn, and, by the time someone found him, he was already cold as I-C-E.

The family he left behind, HOW could he, just abandon them like that?  Doesn’t he know, that he still has responsibilities toward his loved ones?  Of course he does, and, he had his reason, life was getting too hard, and, it’d become more and more difficult, to paint on his smiles, and yet, he had to, put on that false front for everybody, while deep down, he knew, he was very unhappy…

The family he left behind, they’re left with the consequences of his actions, he took his own life, that, may be cowardly from the outside looking in, but, the pains he was experiencing, was too unbearable, and unimaginable, and, how would you K-N-O-W, what it’s like, to live in that deep, dark hole that he’d lived in, before he died?  You don’t, and therefore (still “three dots arranged in a triangle”\), you do NOT have the right to make judgments on him!

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Two Cases of How Parents Took Along Their Daughters to Suicide: Resulting in Five Deaths, One Injury

Just because you saw NO hope in your immediate futures, does NOT give you the RIGHT, to DEPRIVE your kids of their own right to life, does it?  And, this, is TWO separate cases, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

A turbulent night, on the Golden Coast of Tainan, there were four separate drowning last night, three of those who had died are suspected to be family members, who’d gone out on a “date with death”; and, in the depth of the nights in the Chunghe District of Hsinbei City, there was a case of a woman, who took along her two young daughters to hang themselves, and one of the daughters broke free from the mother, and was spared by death.

In four short hours last night, off of the Golden Coastlines in Tainan, there were discoveries of three bodies, floating.

The police stated, that close to where the bodies were found, there was a Beamer parked closely, and they’re NOT ruling out the three individuals had committed suicide by leaping into the oceans to drown themselves.  The police stated, that based off of the evidences, it was likely, that the parents took along their daughter, but, as they examined the crime scene, the daughter is over twenty years of age, and because there was NO final note left on the scene, and the daughter is already an adult, it was still questionable, IF the daughter had gone willingly with the parents.

In the Sixth Precinct in Tainan, at 8:30 P.M., they’d received a tourist report, that a male and a female were dead, floating along the Golden Coastlines, the police went along with the Oceans Patrol, the three people didn’t have any external injuries, and one of them was the owner of the car, that they’d already called up the family, through the registration of the car.  The police are looking at ALL possibilities of death for these three people, and they stressed that they’re NOT ruling anything out.

And, in Chunghe District of Hsinbei City, late last night, a mother and two daughters hung themselves to death, the mother and the youngest child couldn’t’ been saved, and the reasons for their committing suicide, the police is still looking to understand.

The police stated, that the twenty-seven year old woman, Chen, was found by members of her family at eleven o’clock at night last night, hung from the ceilings of her own bedroom, the mother-in-law quickly got her down, called up the fire department, and by the time the fire department had arrived, the family had already dragged the elder and the two young children out of the house.

The firefighters examined, and found that the mother and the youngest daughter had NO sign of life, and was DEAD before they were rushed to the hospitals, the three-year-old eldest was suspected of NOT having the knots tied tightly enough, plus the child had gotten away by struggling, and was with a pulse, and still conscious, after being taken to the hospital, this child was okay.

And so, these, are two cases of very SELFISH parents, who thought they were actually doing their own children a “favor”, by DEPRIVING them of their right to life?  And, maybe, it’s life that’s gotten too hard for them, that they just couldn’t see the light, that they figured that they’d be all right, if they ALL died together, who knows???










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