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When the First Choice isn’t Their Choice

Because everything is based off of how HIGH you scored on the examinations???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yesterday was the registration of the first day of school for the new education reform, and, there were only five percent of the children who’d signed in to the class in the Northern Regions’ top schools, the Education Reform League stated, that the Department of Education had bullied all the students, forced them to take the big gamble, causing them to get into their first choice, but NOT voluntarily, that, was why the rate of those students who showed up is so low; the representative parents of the northern region also blamed, that the rate is low for the community high schools, “it’s a STRAIGHT slap across the face of the Department of Education by the students.”

“My heart is really broken!”, the executive of the Education Reform League, Wang stated, the no examinations movement, is based off of signing up for the schools, and the kids are signing up for the schools as if they were gambling.

And so, no matter what the government does, someone IS going to CRY “UNFAIR”, and so, if the government hears an “unfair” in this corner, and goes to tailor to this corner’s needs, and the other corner started crying out “unfair” too, and the government runs to the other corner to tailor to that need, and, the government will run like a HEADLESS chicken, and so, apparently, this COPYING the WESTERN ways that worked in WESTERN countries (hello, hello, hello???) is still NOT working here, in an ASIAN community.

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