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A Delayed College Graduating Male Leaped Off of the Building the Day After His Graduation

Let’s see what had driven him to suicide, shall we???  Another STRAWBERRY that went S-P-L-A-T!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the graduation ceremonies of a certain public university, a male student, Chen, because he couldn’t graduate with the rest of his class due to delayed graduation, yesterday, he was found, dead, in the courtyard where he lived, and was suspected of falling from the fifteenth floor.  Chen’s father said sorrowfully, that his son might have been under too much academic stress.

As the D.A. checked out the fact, the family stated that Chen had a wide variety of interests, and got involved into too many extracurricular activities that they’d taken up most of his time, that he didn’t have the time to make better grades in his required classes, that he kept taking and retaking the courses; Chen had NO emotional troubles, that it might be the stresses from the academia that’s pressuring him too hard, and so, that, was what drove him to suicide.  The family had no problems with the cause of death ruled by the police.

The D.A. stated, that there were NO signs of foul play, or external causes of death, and the body was released back to the family.

Yesterday at around eight in the morn, at a certain community, when a resident was out, hanging up washed clothes, the person had discovered a man, lying in the courtyard down below, and was not breathing, the resident called the police immediately.  The police discovered Chen’s wallet, along with a bottle of unfinished Whiskey at the roof on the fifteenth floor.

Chen’s parents couldn’t believe that their son took his own life, the mother was crying so hard.  The father stated, that Chen filed to delayed graduation this year, that two days ago was the graduation ceremony, that the son couldn’t graduate with his class; but he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, nor did the son exert any weird behaviors.  Based off of understanding, both of Chen’s parents are of high social statuses, Chen’s father said, “my son may have been too pressured by the academia and couldn’t handle it and committed suicide.”

Chen’s middle school classmate and friend said, that Chen has high standards for himself, was outstanding in class in middle school, and had been picked as the head of the class by the teacher, is a good student in the teacher’s views, “It’s hard to imagine, that something like this had happened.”

The police pointed out, that there is NO final note anywhere, on his body or in his room, and from Chen’s Facebook pages, his text messages, there are NO signs of him contemplating suicide.  And because the police ruled out external factors in causing death, the preliminaries are focused on this as a suicide.

And so, that, is how easily they still C-R-A-C-K-E-D, and, this guys perfectionist personality surely played a VITAL role in his death too, and, could this have been prevented, maybe, but, why wasn’t it?  You’d still have to ask yourselves that, don’t you???

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