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Calling Up Cancer-Prone Patients Who are Strangers to Me, Bringing Them Hope Through the Conversations

The kindness of “strangers” here, translated…

I picked up the phone, and started dialing an unfamiliar number, the phone rang for a short while, a weak voice came on the other end of the line, “Who are you?”, I’d quickly identified myself, “I’m friends of so-and-so, she wanted me to call you up, I’m also a breast cancer survivor who’d undergone chemotherapy.”

I know that you’re currently going through those days I’d already endured, they surely were depressing, if there’s any help I can offer you, don’t hesitate to let me know.”  After hearing me talk, there came sobbing on the other end of the line, as the woman had let down her guards now, started talking nonstop of the fears and the anxieties she’s had about being diagnosed with cancer.

I’d consoled her, “the pains are only temporary, after the therapy, you will be just like me, like a happy little bird every single day, traveling, hiking, going to community college for English, learning to cook, your days will be JUST as fulfilled as mine, if not more so.”  After hearing me out, she’d started laughing, I can hear that she’d carried a TON of hopes and expectations for her future.

During those days, we’d kept up the connections through the calls, it’d managed to close the distance between us two, even though we’d never met, it felt so very familiar.  I’d helped her through six months of chemo, it felt longer than a century, and, it’d finally ended in our cries and laughter.

And, just because I’d had my own experience with cancer, that’d given me even MORE empathy as I’d shared my experiences with my cancer prone sisters.

Whenever I’d recalled those days that I’d had gone through chemo, when I was trapped by my own panic and depression, there was a group of angel-like volunteers, using their own experiences, to motivate me, to throw those arms filled with love around me.

And, because there are a TON of patients who had turned into my close relatives, they’d helped me, encouraged me, cared for my wellbeing, I was able to transfer the love into a positive energy, and, I was able to carry forward in the battlefield of life.  Because I believe, that with our hard work, we are going to write an even MORE beautiful symphony together.

And, this, is how strangers connect, through common experiences, and, sometimes, these “unknown strangers” can offer MORE support than those around you, after all, your family members are NOT going through what you’re going through, so, at this time, OUTSIDE support would be deeply appreciated.

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This is My Gift to You, How I Want to Say Goodbye

On death & dying still, translated…

It’s April, the month of your birth, but, I am NEVER getting the call from you, asking me for your birthday presents anymore.

At the start of the year, you’d given us, your friends, a farewell present: a list of birthday presents you’d wanted from ages one to ten.

You’d treated the first year after your cancer diagnosis as the first year of your life, and, on the list, it’d documented the presents you’d gotten for a decade, first year, knee braces, third year, jars used for purpose of treatments, at age seven, a decoration of cats, there was an assortment of things.  You’d written down the reasons of why you needed each and every item, and how each of these items had accompanied you, how they’d created moments of gladness in your life.  In the end, you’d thanked us, who were “bombed” by your gift requests, for giving you a TON of satisfaction in life.

You said, that that first time you were diagnosed with cancer, you’d made up your mind to celebrate your birthday every single year, this, was not the right of children, but a grace of God, that you should celebrate it.  You’d told that the best of friends should connect with one another often, and that life should be wasted on your dearly beloved families and great friends.

The costs of the presents weren’t that much at all, but, we’d made an event out of everybody’s birthday, and had amazing gathering of friends.  This illness became a wakeup call, it’d made us all treasure the time we have together, and that, is what everybody believed that was why you’re now, free of cancer then. 

Without knowing, that fate had left a mark on you, so young, and none of us ever imagined, that cancer would come back to “stay” with you again.

“How I wish I could get more birthday presents from you guys.  Let me take your love, and say goodbye to you, my friends!”, you said, toward the very end.

You’d started preparing for this day a long time now.  And, don’t forget, DO take this article with you too!

And so, this, is how someone says goodbye to a dear friend, and, there’s NO way you can predict the future, and the person’s cancer came back, and, the friends are all very sad, but, they’d still accompanied the person through the last stage of life.










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