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The Child Disclosed a “Secret” on Her Father’s Facebook Pages…She Was Raped by Her Mother’s Cousin, the Mother Doesn’t Believe it

Are you FUCKING kidding me, you STUPID parents, what the FUCK happened to do NOT doubt the words of your child???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A middle school girl, started when she was just three years old, was forced by her mother’s cousin to fellate him, and she couldn’t shake this darkness of her past away, until she went to elementary school, they moved, and she’d gotten a temporary escape from the bad behaviors; but, at third grade, she moved back home with her mother again, “He came over again”.  The girl once told her mother, but the mother brushed it off, until last year the girl found her father on Facebook, and started disclosing this deep, dark secret she’d kept for the last decade.

The mother’s cousin (age 25) at the trial, denied the allegations, but the child’s description was very precise, the Shilin D.A.’s office prosecuted him based off of forced sexual acts, and asked the judge to make his sentence heavier.

The parents of the adolescent girl (age 15) were NOT married, she’d lived in Shihlin District with her mother since she was younger.  The young woman told, that her mother’s cousin would often come visit her, at age three, he’d SHOVED his penis into her mouth, and she’d worked so hard to fight him off, but couldn’t.  After that, the uncle would come every now and then, she didn’t know what to do.

Later the girl moved and went to Taoyuan to attend elementary school, she was away from her nightmares for a short while; but at her third-grade year, the mother moved them back to Shihlin again.  The adolescent girl saw her of age cousin-uncle, she wanted to “pretend that she didn’t remember what happened in the childhood years”, without realizing that one day, her mother’s cousin came into her room, forcefully pinned her to the bed, and, the nightmare began again.

She’d accused, that the uncle first licked her pubic area, then put his penis into her mouth, exactly what had happened back when she was just three years old.

“Cousin Uncle would touch me inappropriately a lot!”, the girl told her mother, her great aunt multiple times, but the family doubted her, because there was NO proof.  Last year, the adolescent girl found her father on Facebook, and told what happened to him, and that, was when the father realized that his daughter had been hurt, he called the police.

The cousin-uncle admitted to finding his niece often, but denied having raped.  The Detective Agency had the uncle on a lie detector test, and, he’d shown signs of lying when they’d mentioned “licking her pubic region” and “placed the penis into her mouth”.

The D.A. believed that the young woman remembered it clearly, that what she’d told to her relatives are roughly the same things, and that her words were credible.

The father said, that as the daughter told him of her cousin-uncle’s bad behaviors, she’d not only started wailing, and had shown signs of self-mutilation, he believed that she wasn’t lying at all.

And so, the mother here is still the ENABLER, because she did NOT take the words of her daughter, and that’s just BULLSHIT, because why would a child make up something like that, and, a child is simple in thought, a child doesn’t have the mind to set someone up, to FRAME someone, to get them in jail.

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Making Her Mind UP, to NO Longer Be Needing Assistance

A woman’s decision to TOUGHEN herself up, finally!!!  A Q&A, translated…

Q: The mom of a one-year-and-eight month old child, Ice Cream wrote…

She’d accidentally discovered that her husband was having an affair with his first love in August, he was ashamed of what he’d done, and got mad, and lost control, said that even though he and Ice Cream fell in love ten years ago, but he never really loved her at all, and would cuss his own son out every single day, “I HATE you, go find your mother!”, and would use a LOT more verbal AND physical abuse toward her, to let HER son know, that his parents didn’t love one another.

The mother-in-law is a psychiatrist, and belonged to a well-known women’s group, and she felt that her son had an affair, because Ice Cream had done so many things that made her son angry, for instance: Ice Cream’s stay for one and a half year in America, and she still couldn’t speak English fluently, didn’t dare to drive, and how she’d gotten knocked UP in just THREE months in America, this, was also why the mother-in-law believed to be why her son had had an affair.

Last year, Ice Cream asked for a divorce, her mother-in-law wouldn’t allow for it, and told her, to give her husband some time, to break up from HIS divorce.  Ice Cream did what she was told, but in the end, the husband’s affair got even MORE passionate, she’d found photos of them being intimate together, and they’d even got themselves matching rings too.

And now, the husband won’t return, and Ice Cream’s heart is cold, she wanted to protect her son, and the rest of her own life, to leave THIS high-stress environment she’d been living in.  But the problem is this: she is a full-time mother who took care of her son on her own, and the husband failed his pilot test, and the two of them had lived OFF of her parents-in-law completely, she wanted to know, that the party that’s NOT economically established, is it really impossible for her to get custody of her son?

A My Advice

On the subject of the custody of her son, Ice Cream is NOT entirely the weaker of the two.  Firsts, she must have evidence.  In other words, she MUST collect the incidence, like by tape recordings or voice recordings, along with slips from trips to the E.R., and how her husband would CUSS her son out, and the bad language he’d used, she’d needed the HARD evidence, and NOT just her words.  Based off of the situation described by Ice Cream, it may be difficult, for the marriage to end in a more positive note, in the end, they may finalize the divorce, and, how the husband didn’t like children, or even hit or cussed out the son, can be used in court.

And, this, is a woman, who’s TRAPPED in an abusive marriage, calling OUT to help, but, by this time, she’d already allowed her loser husband to take advantage of her too many times, and, it’s NOT going to be EASY, for her OR her husband to SNAP out of it, which is precisely, why the very FIRST time you’d been HIT, or gotten screamed at and apologized to, you SHOULD put an E-N-D to it right then and there.

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