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A Place Where Aggression is KING and Violence is LAW

Welcome to my C-A-S-T-L-E, or, rather, it’s my CONCENTRATION camp!!!

A place where aggression is KING and violence is LAW, guess how one survives through this sort of bad environment?  One either turns more violent than the person dishing out the violence, or, s/he will die, because that, is how it goes, and in this place where aggression is king, if you are aggressive, then, you’d be feared, and, it’s like I’d always said, “better to be feared than to be respected!”

In a place where aggression is KING and violence is law, a child learns from her/his aggressor, and, dishes out the abuse s/he received to someone else, and, that, is how the bullied end up becoming the bullies, and there’s NO way to turn this around, because the victim turned aggressor wouldn’t have a CLUE how s/he got where s/he is, and, s/he is only bursting out with pain.

In a place where aggression is KING and violence is law, no citizen is happy, and yet, they feared revolting, partially, because nobody had successfully stood up against aggression, and nobody can BEAT the SHIT out of violence.  In a place where aggression is KING, and violence is law, how do you deal?  Oh wait, you can’t, you just die mentally, while physically, your hearts are still strong as ever, but you WISH you were dead!





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The Son was a Bully, the Mother Sued the Other Child, the D.A. Gave Justice Back to the Teacher and the Other Student

Bad parenting behaviors, NOT setting a better example for the young, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Fang, whose son was in the fifth grade, he’d beaten someone else in his class up, and had stuck his hands up a girl’s ass, the leading instructor asked the child in charge of the class to make a record of the events, and the headmaster also treated this as a “sexual harassment” case; the mother, Fang, believed that the school was making blank accusation toward her child, so, she’d sued the instructor, the child who’s the head of the class, along with the school officials, for forgery.  The D.A. investigated, and found, that the son was actually, a bully, and decided NOT to prosecute the school officials.

The female classmate who got the boy’s finger stuck up her ass cried when she’d arrived home to her parents, the female student’s mother went to the school to tell the instructor about it, and Fang’s mother also sued the mother of the girl for damaging her child’s reputations, the D.A. dropped the case against the female student’s mother, Fang wanted to appeal, but, it was thrown back by the D.A. a second time.

The D.A. called the female victim to the stand, and confirmed that Fang’s son did use the leather of his watch to HIT the girl, to flip through her assignment books without her consent, and threatened that he’ll call her house, and had stuck his finger up her butt, etc., etc., etc., the school did an investigation on its own, and recorded everything down from an objective point of view, the parents went to the schools to talk with the teacher about the bullying, that it was all legit.

Fang’s son, Su attended the fifth grade of a certain elementary school in Hsinbei City, the child would often kick his classmates’ chairs, make noises, take someone else’s seats, and use verbal threats a lot, two years ago in March, the instructor asked the head of the class to take a note if Su had skipped class, broken a rule, or bullied someone, and to specify who was bullied.

The teaching department head got the calls of the parents, and interviewed the students in the class, and had its own investigations on “seemingly bullying” and “seemingly sexual harassment” cases, and asked the mother of the boy to meet with them at school, Fang heard that others called her son a spoiled bully, she was totally unaccepting to the fact, and got mad, and SUED about one thousand people, including the school officials, the teachers, along with other parents of the students in the class.

A middle school instructor, Chang, in Taipei said, that when the parents heard their own children getting talked badly on, they would naturally protect their own kids; and when there’s a bully in the class, the best way is for the school to call up the parents of the bully and the bullied, to allow the parents to KNOW what was going on, that way, they’d establish a mean of communication.

And here, you still have???  Oh yeah, a SPOILED B-R-A-T!!!  I mean, in this particular case, the little boy’s behaviors were really bad, and the mother still hovered over him?  That just shows you how mothers are still SPOILING their baby boys rotten, and, thankfully, the judge had her/his “reading glasses” on, so s/he had seen the case clearly.

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Ending the Scourge of Bullies, by K. Delaney

How, do we handle it when we get bullied, well, let’s see, shall we???  Found in the papers…

They terrorize schoolyards, extort lunch money and belittle their classmates’ appearance, social standing and abilities.  Some wield their fists; others menace with words.  Yet the scourge of bullying has long been dismissed as an inevitable rite of passage of children.  “Kids will be kids,” the adults say.

Lately, however, bullying has been getting a more serious look.  Bullies, experts argue, can inflict long-lasting emotional harm on their victims.  They can also grow up to dominate workplaces with the same boorish cruelty.
In a Times review of “Bully,” A.O. Scott wrote that the film “documents a shift in consciousness of the kind that occurs when isolated, oppressed individuals discover that they are not alone and begin the difficult work of altering intolerable conditions widely regarded as normal.”

Still, the documentary, which focuses on the struggles of five families reveals a surplus of clueless adults.  After Alex, a 14-year-old in Sioux City, Iowa, recounts being humiliated and assaulted on a school bus, a dismissive principal calls the children “good as gold.”

There are critical reasons to pay closer attention to the problem.  One is cited in a Times review of the book “The Bully Society”, by Jessie Klein.  It mentioned a United States Secret Service study claiming that 71 percent of school shooters had been bullied.

Ms. Klein blames the “hypermasculine” cultures for contributing to bullying.  “Instead of the range of emotions (marginally) available to girls,” she wrote, “boys are permitted to feel only anger and are encourage to control their feelings.”  Yet Ms. Klein also shows how girls wreak their own form of bullying, often based on class distinctions and appearances.

Some of that behaviors may carry into adulthood.  In The Times, Mickey Meece cited a study by the Workplace Bullying Institute, an advocacy group in Washington State, claiming that 60 percent of workplace bullies were men.  But of the 40 percent of female bullies, 70 percent tended to bully other women.

“I’ve been sabotaged so many times in the workplace by other women, I finally left the corporate world,” Roxy Westphal, who started her own company in Arizona told Ms. Meece.

Workplace bullying takes a damaging toll.  Psychology Today cited several studies from around the world connecting workplace bullying to health problems and absenteeism.  And the high rate of suicide in South Korea has brought attention to that nation’s bullying corporate culture.

Some governments, like New Zealand’s, have passed laws against workplace bullying.  And many companies are implementing tougher screening in job interviews to uncover bullying personality types.  Google, for example, has a strict “zero-jerks” policy.

But what makes them jerks?  Sam Goldstein, a clinical professor of psychology at University of Utah, argued in a blog that childhood bullies typically come from a “family environment characterized by conflict and poor parental monitoring” and often suffer from emotional problems later in life.
Dr. Goldstein urges more comprehensive programs that work with tormentors and tormented, as well as families.

To stop bullies from harming others and themselves.

So, basically, this tells us what we already K-N-O-W, that if someone is bullied as a child, chances that s/he turning into a BULLY is extremely high, because there is this STRONG positive correlation, but, that still doesn’t naturally means that if you were bullied by your own parents growing up, you’d end up bullying your own offspring, or someone who couldn’t fight BACK after you’re older, but, this will increase your chances of becoming a B-U-L-L-Y, this is still a CORRELATION, NOT a CAUSATION!!!

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Discrimination on These School Yards…


The campuses are filled with discriminations, thirty percent of homosexual individuals once thought about suicide.

A twenty-one year-old male was laughed upon by his schoolmates as being “sissy”, he’d gotten his things broken, stolen, and the boys would even gather up as he went to the bathroom, and pour a strong acid toward him when he was using the toilet. He had mutilated himself over ten times, and now, he had finally gotten strong, but he still wanted to ask, “if there are courses, teaching others to accept people like me, wouldn’t I fare better?”

The department of education is about to report to the legislative department on the goals of teaching gender equality, the league to make Taiwan more friendly had published the result of a survey for the amount of pressures that homosexuals faced in Taiwan, among those surveyed, fifty-eight percent had been hurt because of their sexual orientation, and, 59% of the incidences occurred when those individuals were in middle school, 43% had happened in their

high school years, and 36% in elementary school.  And, among those who were interviewed, 29% had contemplated suicide because of the discriminations they’d received from the outside world, among these, 18% had attempted suicide, and, 58% of the self-mutilation occurred in one’s middle school years, 53% in high school, and 15% during the elementary school years.

Because of HOW unaccepting the world is toward those with a DIFFERENT sexual orientation than we are, we keep looking D-O-W-N on those who are different, without knowing that IF we were in their shoes, we would’ve probably feel LEFT out and SINGLED out and ALONE and S-A-D just as they do right now, but, we don’t have that problem, so, we CANNOT know H-O-W those people feel.

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“You’ll Never Be a ‘Real Boy'”, Pinocchio Gets Bullied by Children His “Age”

As Pinocchio “aged”, Gepetto started thinking that he needed to send his “son” to school, but, he FAILED to take into account how Pinocchio is “different” from the boys in his age group.

“You’ll NEVER be a ‘real boy’”, one of the little boys in Pinocchio’s class said to him, after losing an arm wrestling match against him.  At first, Pinocchio tried to ignore the boys in his class, but, he’d get taunted and taunted by them on a daily basis, to the point when he didn’t even want to get up in the morn, to go to school again.

“You’ll NEVER be a ‘real boy’”, so said a boy in Pinocchio’s class, and that made Pinocchio sad, he thought: so what IF I’m only a puppet, I got a father who loved me, and, don’t I deserve to be treated like one of you, real people out there?

Pinocchio became an overachiever, he did everything he could, to make sure that he was the best in as many areas of expertise as he possibly could, hoping that his success can get him out of the mindset of being taunted by his classmates from long ago, but, because the inferiority complex had rooted so long ago, it was extremely hard for him to pull the thought that was planted in his mind, and Pinocchio grew old, hoping and praying that he’d become real, but he was never able to feel like a real boy, because he let those boys in his class get to him.

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