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Starting Off Friendly School Week Right, Implementing the Policies Against Violence & Bullying

Wow, so, the local governments ARE taking the initiatives on putting an END to bullying on the school campuses, huh???  From the Newspapers, translated…

In order to help prevent the infiltration of gangs, drugs onto school campuses and prevention of bullying, the Hsinbei Department of Education had set up the first week of every semester as “Friendly School Environment Week”, asked the school officials to become more aware to bullying in school; this year’s activity was led by the mayor of Hsinbei City, Chu.

Making the schooling environment friendly means “Anti-violence, anti-bullying”, the local governments are working hand-in-hand in recent years, to give the students more protections, the Department of Education stated, that at any time, if any students have any issues at all, they’re free, to report the issues to the schools.

The Department of Education proved the effectiveness of the program by pointing out, that just last year, the drug use and abuse on campuses had lowered almost twenty-percent compared to two years ago, and that the cases of bullying in school are lowered by twenty-one percent, and this time, the Friendly Campus Week used “Justice is found in friendly campuses, say no to bullying” as its catch phrase, at the same time, the government would set up safety nets, and hold yearly conventions on the matters, to increase the level of sensitivity toward the issues of the school officials, as well as the students.

And so, would this work?  Nobody knows, as this program is still quite young, and, in order to see if it works, let this program run for a couple of years, and then, we’ll compare, but, based off of the statistics given here, yeah, it’s working, because prevention always works better than treatment.

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