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Possible Infidelity

Well, did you actually CATCH that loser, with his DICK out of his pants, inside someone else? Or, his WHORE lying in that hotel bed, naked, with him, on top of her, about to penetrate? If N-O-T, then, how did you come, to suspect he MIGHT be cheating on you? Is it because he’d come home late every single night this week? Or how he became more aloof, NOT wanting to express his affections like he used to?

How, can you tell IF someone is having an affair? Oh, you go by your SIXTH sense, and, possible infidelities are just needless worries that you are troubling yourselves over, and, in the end, it’d only make you into a total PSYCHO, and you WILL (mark my words!!!) transfer your insecurities onto your partner, and, NOBODY likes anybody, breathing down her/his necks, and, eventually, the two of you are more than likely to get divorced, and, this all started, because of that single “strand” of DOUBT, you suspicions (no, it still wasn’t CONFIRMED, as there is NO proof!!!) of him, cheating on you.

Possible infidelity? There’s only YES, or NO, to infidelity, there’s no “kinda”, “sorta”, or “maybes” of infidelity, and, IF you want to make sure that the “charges” STICK, DO make sure, that you have ALL the evidence, before you LEAP, to that “conclusion”, or DO what you’re supposed to………


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