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A Really Odd Contraction of the Virus in the Laboratory Setting

This is still a, TOP-DOWN management problem of how the directors didn’t set up a strict means of managing the systems, that’s why, those who worked under this, not set-up properly systems, started, @#$%ING up, and, now, the virus is, out, in the community, and instead of solving the matter, to contain it, these officials are still, evading responsibilities, not coming up of a way, to catch that virus before it spreads out of control, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Another local outbreak, the highly acclaimed P3 Labs became, the holes in the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, and this was a genetic center that is operated by the Central Research Agency, the former vice president, Chen, and the former director of Central Research Weng worked in the same building as the laboratory.  The recent events, whether it be the rat bites, or the bullying of the superiors, had all been, unbelievably, odd.

“don’t blame it on me! I’m innocent!!!” so stated, the R-A-T!

the rat here, being, injected, with the virus for testing…photo from online

The legendary P3 lab has a high-end defense system for protection, a carefully followed set of standard-operating-procedure, with every worker following the mandates down to the last letter, the female research assistant who’d only started working recently had been bitten TWICE by the rats, after she’d filed a suit, she started using the “official” explanations, and even as she started experiencing the symptoms, she’d not gone for a quick scan, instead, she’d, trekked around, then, quit her job so abruptly.  Recently, as the CDC checked, they’d found that on the door handles, the laboratory desk tops, had been smeared with the viral contents.  This sort of a loosened managing systems, is the lab really up for doing researches as deadly as MERS-CoV?

It’s said, that doe to lacking in human resources, that’s why the lab had hired an inexperienced research assistant.  And yet, the female assistant only got hired back in May, and started working back in September, and, so many things had happened under her watch, apparently this was, a case of, “maladjustment” to the job.  What’s even odder was, the woman quit on the third, and, the confirmed diagnosis had been assigned only five days later, while the man responsible for overseeing the operations of the laboratory, Jeng just filed for his retirement on the first of this month.  This series of coincident, proves the “cheese theory”: something will happen, because all those holes are now, connected, into, one, straight line.

The society is questioning all the events leading up to the diagnosis of the female research assistant, and yet, the Central Research Agency never gave a full explanation of how the viral contents were found present on the doorknobs and the top of the tables with the equipment over it?  Why is it that the female researcher had contracted a different strain of the virus than the rat with the virus contents in its systems?  Who’d not followed the standard-operating procedures in the laboratories?  Why did a normal complaint turn into bullying in the workplace?  The Central Research Agency stuttered on all of these inquiries, couldn’t give an acceptable answer.  As for the heads of the bio-tech industries, they’d, plead the fifth too themselves as well.

And so, there’s not just not manning up to take the responsibilities, of how the female research assistant had, contracted the virus, the possibilities of the virus, spreading out and about in the country from the lab, there’s also, that loosened up system of operations of this, top-notch, “government-secret” virus research lab, and, this still just showed, how it’s still, the top of the heads that didn’t set up the system right, and crooked sticks will always and forever, give off those, crooked, shadows here!

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