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Under a Microscope, Their Lives are Examined…

Welcome, to my SCIENCE session!!!

Under a microscope, their lives are examined, and, you know how those microscopes worked, how they can see to the smallest, details?  That, was how the smallest bad parts about their character had been found.

Under a microscope, their lives are examined, and, they’re being judged, for every single little thing they did, or didn’t do, it’s just impossible, to make the crowd satisfied, after all, how many of us are standing by again?  Over a ton, and, that would mean, that there would be, OVER a T-O-N of different opinions on the matters, and, it’s not just a dichotomy anymore, oh no, nothing will BE that simple again, I’m afraid.

Under a microscope, their lives are examined, each one of their little moves, closely, documented by someone, and what’s worse was, the world is expecting them, to make a fatal error, after all, we ALL know, how much better those tragedies SELL, than those boring stories with the happy endings, right???

Under a microscope, their lives are examined, at first, they’d enjoyed the attention very much indeed, but, after awhile, they’d become too pressed, because everybody, is watching their every single move, and, eventually, they will slip up, and, the cruel, cold world will have its fingers, pointed at them, for misbehaving!

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