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A Spare Wheel that Just Sucked On, and Had the Wife on Her Wit’s Ends

A Q&A, translated…

Q: L, who’d been married for twenty-five years, and her husband was a habitual cheat wrote…

The spare wheel was her husband’s first love, would talk in baby tone, and is sweet looking and beautiful, had a TON of suitors when she was younger, her husband being one of them, but because he was in the service back then, and his family background is that of a poor farmer, that, was why the spare married someone else.

Later, the two families started interacting as friends, but, not long thereafter, the spare wheel’s husband went to work in China, L quickly realized that her husband was cheating on her with his ex, the husband got down on his knees, and begged for forgiveness.  And L, on his elderly father-in-law, along with the young children’s behalf, she’d forgiven him, without knowing, that she’d realized, that not long thereafter, they’re still going at it, and the husband had made a promise to the spare, “I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The children are all older now, and the father-in-law had passed on, L told her sisters-in-law about the affair that her husband was having, and the sisters-in-law all stood behind L, and they’d gone to confront the spare, without knowing, that the spare challenged them, “If you dare, go ahead and SUE, and, you might have to think, that my husband will SUE your husband too!”, and this time, L is stumped!  What is she to do?

A My Opinion

In her entire life, L had been shouldering everything, given her health, her youth, for the sake of her own family, along with her in-law’s family too; and her spoiling the husband had let him enjoy life too much, and it’d also busted his long-term affair.  The spare is a teacher, along with someone’s wife too, and after the affairs went bust, she’s NOT only unafraid, she’d told the person off, I think, that L doesn’t stand a chance.  L’s husband’s shamelessness, along with his weakness in nature, claimed that he was having an affair with her, to avenge the fact that she didn’t choose him back then.  And he’d managed to get this by L too, no wonder the spare and the husband are NOT afraid of her.

This is called the “first love complex”, and it’s merely an excuse of an affair!  And the house that L lives in, is bought by her from before the marriage, and being a retired teacher, she is totally self-confident that she could make it, then, the husband who had been cheating and lying and whoring, naturally, L can totally KICK him out.

And so, why wouldn’t she?  What, is still troubling her?  Could it be how she felt she’s still “attached” to him in the marriage?  Could it be, that she feels that he needed to suffer LONGER for his infidelities?  What is it?  And, until this woman finally figures out W-H-Y it is exactly that she couldn’t let go, she’s NOT going to be able to let go, and see that brand new set of skies…


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