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A Man Tricked a Woman into Bed with Him, Took Her Bras Off, Said that He Was Giving Her a Massage

Uh, hello?  How DUMB can YOU ladies get anyways???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man with a masseur certification, Tseng set up shop to sell beds, and gave his customers free massages as a “follow-up” incentive; after a woman bought a bed, she’d returned to the sales mart for Tseng’s massages multiple times, Tseng used the excuse of needing to massage her body in the right way, took off her bras, and attempted to kiss her.  Tseng was sued for sexual harassment, he’d claimed, that he was bending over to pick up a piece of tissue and accidentally, grazed her breasts, but the D.A. didn’t believe his words, and still indicted him based off of laws against sexual harassments.

The D.A. investigated, that Tseng sold health beds, and he’d claimed to a female customer who bought a bed from him six months ago, that he can give her a free massage if she buys a bed from him; the female customer went for five to six massage sessions with him.

Last year in August, when the woman went again to get her free massages, Tseng told her that he wanted to teach her the right way to massage, wanted her to go with him to the small room next to the restrooms on the back of the place he’d worked, that it would be more intimate.  The woman didn’t question him, walked into the room, lay on the bed, and, Tseng took her bras off, and attempted to kiss her; the woman was so shocked she’d pushed him aside, and left the shop and called the police.

Tseng admitted to undoing the woman’s bras, claimed that it was to show her where the acupressure points were, and that the tissue he had fell from his hands, as he was bending down to pick it up, he’d accidentally touched her breasts, that it wasn’t intentional.

The D.A. believed, that in order to point to the right acupressure points, Tseng didn’t need to take the woman’s bras off or touch her body, and, the act of him getting down all of a sudden to pick up a dropped tissue is odd too, that his statements didn’t fit the norm; especially the female victim had described the process very clearly, she must’ve experienced it firsthand.  And, after the incident, Tseng had texted his apologies to her several times, and stated that he was willing to give her a bed for free, hoping that she wouldn’t take him to court, and from these, the D.A. believed that Tseng had broken the laws.

This just shows how you should NOT be putting yourselves in those positions, because there will always and forever BE losers like this one in the world, out of take advantage of us, and, this woman still fell prey to the cheap trick of getting some incentive, and hello, hello, hello?  There IS NO free lunch in the world!

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Fearing Date Rape, a Woman Who Got Drunk at a Party Went to the Super Convenience Shops to Sleep it Off, But Was Still Sexually Molested

Watch out, ladies!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman who works at Hsinchu Scientific Park, she’d feared that she might get date raped after she got drunk, she’d intentionally went into a populated super convenience shop to rest up, but, she’d still gotten molested by a bad man, and, the man also managed to steal all of her possessions; as she’d hung over, she’d hollered out for help, that, was when the store clerk realized that something wasn’t quite right, and, the police are now, advocating, that people go straight home after getting drunk, for their own safety concerns.

This 42-year-old woman who works at Hsinchu Scientific Park, last week, she’d gotten too drunk, and parties too hard, until eight in the morn, at a karaoke bar with her coworkers, she’d passed out, as the party was over; she feared getting date raped because she could barely stand up straight, she’d found a 24-hour super convenience shop, put her head down on the dining area to rest for a short while, but, a man in his twenties, Hsu crept up next to her, started molesting her, because he felt turned on, and, stole her iPhone, and the $4,000N.T. cash she had on her.

The sexual molestation lasted over half an hour, but, nobody discovered it.  The store clerk explained, that the woman had her head down on the tables, resting, and, not long thereafter, the man walked toward her, and, because both were intoxicated, they’d hugged, the clerk thought they were a couple, until the woman hollered for help, did the clerk realize, that he was a thief and a molester, but the man ran out right away.

The woman told the police, that she’d gotten too drunk, and became totally unaware, after she’d rested for a short while, she’d felt better, and, realized, that someone was extending his hands up and down her body, she started hollering for help; as she and the store clerk confronted the man, he ran.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and found, that the 23-year-old Hsu was involved, and they’d found the woman’s cell phone, along with the cash on him.  The police stated, that when the woman was partying with her coworkers at the karaoke, Hsu was right there, in the box next to her, partying too, and, the time the parties were over were about the same time.

Hsu saw that the woman went into the super convenience shop alone to rest, followed her in, first, he’d tapped her on the shoulders gently, to see if she was responding, but she was too drunk, and, he was able to move his hands up and down her body.  Hsu admitted to what he’d done, and, after he was questioned, he was sent to be processed on theft, sexual molestations, and some other charges.

The police suggested, that when you go out to drink, you need to tell your families where you’re going, and, have your family members pick you up at specific times, or, have someone from the same gender drop you off at home; and, if you sensed danger, you need to notify the police immediately.

And so, this, is still, a crime of opportunity that’s happened, and, this LOSER just took advantage of a situation, and, he was caught, and, it’s still NOWHERE NEAR justice, because the woman WAS sexually molested, and, NO amount of jail time that this LOSER does will be enough, to give HER back her innocence, that still just tell you, that IF you want to party hard, DO have a buddy system, so, you won’t be in this sort of a predicament too!

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The Facts (Opinions & Observations, Rather…) about Power Rapes

This usually happens, when someone in a position of power used her/his (b/c men AND women CAN be victims of these sorts of crimes???) position of power, like being someone’s manager or someone’s superior or whatever, and the person is using that to her/his advantage, to make the subordinates do things that s/he didn’t want to, like having sex.

And, just like ALL the other kinds of rapes, it’s still NOT about love, but about control AND dominance, perhaps, the rapist feels insufficient in areas of her/his life, because s/he couldn’t have enough control in those areas of her/his own life, that, is why, s/he is dominating someone else, to feel like s/he is not as helpless as s/he actually is, and this still goes to show, how WEAK those rapists are actually.

When a person in a status of position, asks someone who’s less for a sexual favor, and the person being asked felt that s/he had NO choice to comply, then, abuse had occurred, because by being asked to perform some sexual favors to another, the individual’s basic human rights are violated, and once that happens, the victims of such crimes will feel that they got what they deserved, which is not at all true, although they may have put themselves in such positions (don’t EVEN!!!), they still didn’t ask for it, just like the rape cases of streetwalkers, hookers, or call girls, they are sex workers, sure, but, they should still HAVE the rights to say NO, and yet, the law seemed to define people based off of their occupation.

Point is (DING-DING-DING): power rape is just as bad, if not worse than rapes in general, because in power rapes, you feel, that you MUST and HAVE to, otherwise, something AWFUL will befall you, or your loved ones, and that’s, another damage on the victims…

And, victims of these power rapes usually kept their mouths shut, because of fear of what might happen if they’d told someone, which makes the hurt goes even deeper, and the damages will be even greater when everything busts out.

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A Handicapped Man Was Forced to Beg for Money, and When He Couldn’t Make $1,000N.T. a Day, He Would Get Beaten

The social welfare of those in need, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Chinese woman, Yu, who married a Taiwanese man, and her accomplice, a handicapped man, Lin forced three other people with either mental handicaps or physical handicaps to beg for money, and if they don’t make $1,000N.T. a day, Yu would beat them with a bamboo stick; and, when there’s a cold front coming, she’d made them wear just their shorts and a very thin shirt to kneel by the side of the road and beg the passersby for a handout, they’d shivering and quivering.  The police managed to rescue the two men, and arrested Yu and Lin, and charged them with human trafficking.

When Yu was taken into interrogation, she’d claimed, that “I never abused my employees.”, if she was abuse toward them, then, she would’ve have provided a place for them to stay.  But, a man, Tsuei, who couldn’t withstand the hardship of having to give most of his earnings to Yu said, that Yu would hit him with a bamboo stick from time to time, or had them beg by the side of the roads, and even though he was among those who lived on the edge of society, he’d still deserved the least amount of dignity in treatment; Liao and Hsu said, “there’s nothing we can do, we are only looking to fill up our stomachs, we handicapped persons”.

The police pointed out, that Yu, after she’d gotten her national identification card, she’d divorced her husband, and worked as a manager of a thrift shop factory, and, she’d started scamming her coworkers who were handicapped and emotionally troubled, Tsuei (age 55), Liao (age 35), and Hsu (age 59), then, she’d asked the forty-year-old physically handicapped man, Lin with priors in fraud and assault, to drive the three of them to the side of the roads, to beg.

After the wholesales grocery shop owner learned about this, he’d fired Yu and Lin, Yu and Lin enticed the three handicapped men to work for them, she’d provided them with room and broad.  First, Yu took all their national identification cards, to restrict their movements, then, arranged for them to stay at a temporary shack in San-Ming District, and, every morning at eight, they would get chauffeured by Lin to various marketplaces or the night markets to beg, and, they’re shifts are over by eleven o’clock in the evenings, and, all their earnings were turned over to Yu.

And so, this, is an alternative form of human trafficking, the handicapped persons were FORCED into becoming beggars, and, they had no choice, after the woman took a hold of their identification and everything, and this, is something that’s very bad that’s going on in the world right now.

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“Your Photographs Lied,” a Woman’s Hooker Fees Were Slashed, and She’d Sued Her “Client” for Rape

And guess WHO is the “culprit” here???  From the Newspapers, translated…

An amateur photographer, Wu met a model moonlighting model, used $5,000N.T.s to ask her to go out for a photo shoot with him, then texted her, “I want to do it, will you accept the amount of $15,000N.T.s”, the woman replied, “but you must wear a condom”; but after Wu met up with the woman, he’d felt that she wasn’t as good looking as he’d expected her to be, talked the price down to $5,000, later the woman sued him for forced sexual act, the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office did NOT prosecute him further.

In the middle of September, the thirty-one year-old man, Wu from Hsinbei City saw a part-time model (age 22), and was shocked at how beautiful she looked, then texted the woman, if he could ask her to a hotel for a sexy photo shoot for $5,000N.T.s.

Wu told the woman, that if the pictures passed his examinations, he might be able to find her a job as an underwear model or the model for the underwear at the sex toy shops, and that the pay is anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000N.T. per season; after the woman agreed, Wu’d texted her, “Do you want to do it with me, can I pay you $15,000N.T. for it?”, the woman replied, “Do you mean have sex?”, then, “You must wear a condom.”

They’d met on a day in October in the afternoon, they’d gone to a motel, Wu took photos of her in enticing underwear, and afterwards, they’d stripped themselves and had sexual intercourse; but Wu thought that the woman is different from her Facebook photos, wanted to slash the prices by $5,000N.T.s, the woman wasn’t willing, and still, he’d handed her the $10,000N.T., then left her.

The woman was displeased, she’d told the courts that Wu had somehow hypnotized her into having sex on the photo shoot; the D.A. believed that the woman’s claims didn’t fit the norm, plus Wu had saved the messages on Facebook as evidence, the D.A. didn’t prosecute the man further.

So, how much are you willing to SELL for?  This is really bad, because this shows how easily the bodies can be sold, and this is just NOT good behaviors, and, both sides are at fault too.

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A Woman Went to Meet Up with Two Men She Befriended Online, Was Raped by Them

Once again, and NO, this still won’t BE the last of “its” kind, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A chef, Wu, after tricking a woman he met online home with him, he’d turned off the lights, and told her ghost stories, and his former coworker, Chou had, stay to the side, faking ghosts, to prey on her mind, the woman got scared and ran, but was pulled onto the bed by the two men, and they raped her, afterwards, she thought she had been possessed by evil spirit, when her boyfriend told her that it sounded more like a rape, that, was when she called the police.  Yesterday, the Taipei District Attorney’s Office charged the two men on Forced Sexual Acts.

The indictment pointed out, that Chou and Wu the chef met the first-year college student in a chat room, last year in July, Wu asked her to hang out, then, told her, that he’d left his wallet at home, and rode the woman back to his place, and asked her to watch television with him, with the lights turned off, lied to her, “this is how I usually watched T.V.”

When the woman he’d met online thought that it was weird, Wu started telling her ghost stories, and Chou hid on the lanai, making rattling sounds, Wu tricked her into believing that “it was something scary”.  The woman ran out immediately, but Wu pulled her back, told her, “Hush, something’s coming”, then, pulled her to the bed; Chou immediately came into the apartment from the lanai, and in the dark, raped the woman.

When the woman was being raped, she was so scared she didn’t DARE make a sound or fight back, kept pulling on Wu’s hands for assistance, but Wu ignored him; about half an hour later, Wu couldn’t take it anymore, and so, he’d raped her too, and told her, “don’t be afraid, it’ll only take a second”, then, afterwards, he’d dropped her off at the net café/

After the rape, the woman was still in shock, she’d called up her boyfriend, told him what happened to her, suspected that she’d seen a ghost, and that the ghost had possessed her, and asked her boyfriend, “Did I just get possessed?”, the boyfriend hollered into the phone, “that’s NOT a demonic possession, it was a RAPE!”, that, was when the woman notified the police.

Chou denied the rape, claimed that it was consensual.  But Wu cried and admitted it, and the D.A. had found Chou’s DNA in the woman’s pubic area, and believed that the two men did rape her.

Wow, the WEAKNESS of man (human, that is!!!), and these two LOSERS still played with the weakness of humans, and that, is just how vulnerable people CAN get at times, and, there would ALWAYS BE those who take advantage of a situation like this one too.

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“You Have an Evil Spirit Following You”…a Man Tricked a Woman to Sleep with Him Using Her Fears

This is what???  The OLDEST trick in the book, and still someone still fell for it, are you FUCKING (oopsy!!!) shitting me here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A chef, Cheng used the talk of spirits and god, and made up a story about a spirit, tagging along, and scared a college student without a single clue, said that she must give him her first night, to change her luck, the highest court believed that Cheng is at the age of the woman’s father, and used the name of being tied to the mobsters, and the spirits, to threaten and to shock her into having sex with him, he was sentenced to eight years two months.

In 2000, while Cheng worked as a helper to a certain candidate voluntarily, he’d used the opportunity when he’d gone to the headquarters, to start chit chatting with the victim.  He saw that she believed in the spirits and claimed that he knew things of the sort, and started getting to know the young woman’s family statuses, along with other private matters.

Later, there was someone from the headquarter who pursued the girl, and the woman asked Cheng about what he’d thought, Cheng told her, that the man has a bad temper, and is calculating, “if you give your first time to him, you will become his prisoner for life.”  Cheng went a step further, told her, “Giving your first time to someone with power and status, you would have protection; if you give your first time to the head of the mobster, then, you’re set for life, you will always be protected.”

In March of 2000, Cheng falsely claimed that he wanted to introduce the girl to the leader of a gang, after they’d met, Cheng told her, that he was the mobster, and took the victim to a motel, wanted her to comply with the “cleansing rituals”, and took her virginity.  Later, he’d lied to her said, “you have a spirit, following you around, it is your aunt who died when she was younger, she didn’t reincarnate, instead, she’d become a ghost, you must work hard, otherwise, you will end up, very bad.”

From April to May of the year, Cheng lied to her about how she will have bad luck, and that there’s spirits, following her around, and wanted her to have sex with him, to ward off the evils, he’d raped her successfully three times; afterwards, Cheng also asked her to take the “morning-after” pills, and the victim asked him why she’s bleeding out black blood from her pubic regions?  Cheng lied to her, said that it was your “bad blood” coming out of you!

Uh, you’re NOT in middle school, are you?  And, you still fell for that bullshit?  I mean, I get that you’re very young, still JUST a college student, but, at least, HAVE some S-E-N-S-E, and that, is just another case of how being too superstitious can get you FUCKED UP, and, there will always and forever BE bad people such as this one, who used the fears, and the weak side of human nature to her/his advantage, and, I KNOW, that someone IS bound to fall for similar SHITS the next time ‘round, so, this still won’t be the last of its “kind”…


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A Cab Driver Gets 3½ Years for Sexually Molesting a College-Aged Female Student

And, the punishment still doesn’t QUITE fit the crime, does it???  Of course N-O-T!!!  From the Newspapers Online, translated…

A cabdriver in Taidong, Liu, four years ago, drove a college girl home, was accused of touching her breasts, and her thighs, along with harassing her in spoken language too.  The District Court gave him three and a half years in prison.  He felt that it was too severe, and so, he’d fought for an appeal, the highest subsidiary court in Hualien tossed back his requests.

The cabdriver, Liu, on the evening of March seventh, drove a female college student home, used the excuse of his cell running out of battery, to drive her back to his place, asked her to come and get it with him, they woman didn’t suspect anything, went with him, into his room, and he had sexually molested her.

She fought her, and, her cell phone rang, and she’d told Liu, that it was her family, telling her, that if she wasn’t home by midnight, then, they will call the cops.  Then, he drove her home, but he molested her again, after the woman returned home, she’d told her family what had happened, and they’d helped her call the police.

When Liu was taken into interrogations, he’d denied the accusations; the female student told the D.A. that Liu not only did something obscene, and verbally insulted her, “How ‘bout you become my spare, and I’ll give you free rides from here on out?”, and, “Do you know what an orgasm is?”, along with other sexual insults, and all the way, Liu had held on to her hand, the way couples would hold hands.

The District Court in Taidong gave Liu three years six months, the Hualien District court, took into consideration, that Liu worked in public transportations, and that there may be a chance he might offend again, tossed back his appeal.

And so, you still have a L-O-S-E-R, who lacked TOTAL self-control, and he’d NOT only molested the college student, he’d used sexually-illicit language, and, this loser is still more than likely to offend again, because there’s NO way that a sexual predator CAN be reformed here.

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“I’m Your Daughter”, a Demented Elderly Gave $4,000N.T.s to a Complete Stranger

Problems of aging, once again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, from Hsinbei City, Tien, awhile ago, rode her motorcycle, with her daughter and her grandson to Gueishan, Taoyaun, and suspected of soliciting money from a seemingly demented elderly, Huang, claimed, “I’m your daughter”, and needed money to buy things for children and grandchild, and had gotten four thousand one hundred dollars from the man; the police went through the surveillance, and found, that Tien was involved, and she’d claimed that she’d only asked for a “loan”, and was sent to the district attorney’s offices to prosecute, based off of fraud.

The police pointed out, the fifty-two year old Tien, took along her twenty-seven year old daughter, her four year old grandson on the tenth of this month, passed through Chung-Shing Road of Gueishan region, saw Huang (age 87) standing by the side of the road, she’d gone up to him, tapped on his shoulder, said, “I’m your daughter, remember?”, the elderly looked at her, and said, “Oh, oh”, then, the woman told him that she needed money to buy daily necessities, foods, for her own children, but she didn’t bring any money with her, and that she needed the elderly man to help out.

And, the police suspected that the woman was questioned by the demented elderly person, that he was an easy target, and so, she’d scammed him some more, told him that it wasn’t enough, wanted the elderly to go home and get more money; and so, the elderly man went home, to get three thousand dollars more.  When the two of them were chatting, the elderly man’s son came out, and, as the woman saw, that someone was there, she’d left in a hurry.

Huang’s son learned that his father had been scammed, he’d called the police immediately, and the police used the surveillance camera, and found Tien on her motorcycle, and called her in.

Tien yesterday showed up at the police station, told the officers, that her daughter, awhile ago, got into a car wreck, and could no longer work, her other daughter died in a car accident, leaving her four-year-old grandson, and the father was unknown, she’d been feeling a TON of stress, on the tenth, she was originally buying things to offer to her deceased daughter, but she’d only had spare change, saw that Huang was standing at the side of the road, she didn’t think things through, and asked him to let her borrow some money, that she didn’t scam him.

The police said, that the woman, even though, had returned the $4,100N.T. she’d scammed from the elderly man, but the police questioned her statements, and will look further into things, to see if there are MORE victims.

And so, we have here, someone who used someone else’s mental conditions to S-C-A-M, and that just shows you how important it is, to keep watch over your elderly parents, because as they aged, they may be slower to react, and, which makes them easy targets for scam artists like this.

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