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A short piece, translated…

The flood from the myths came.  The bed became adrift on the waters.  On the bed, lay the lighted skies and the clouds, lazily, NOT wanting to pace.  A pig, was smiling down on me, from the tallest building in the city, I’d waved to it, what an amazing will to survive!  The bodily organs all drifted across from one street corner to the next.  The flags from various nations, fell flattened, on to the poles that kept the traffic lights in place formerly.  I’d opened up my virtual reality building online, hollered out to all passionately, “Those who survived, welcome to come in!  Come in…………if my narrow-minded thoughts don’t brother you all.”  Then, I’d dove underwater, like the way the artists sketched for the articles, used a sharpened scar, to sever them from the connections they’d made with their yesterdays.

And so, because there are only a small number of you who survived through this flood, so, you’d opened up, let others in, after all, you will need one another’s assistance, if you were ALL to survive together, in this world.

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As I Rode My Bike Through the Early Morning Mist

I got up early (Super early, indeed!!!) this morning, and, I took my bike out, for its “test drive”, and, there was this dense fog, obstructing my views, and, I basically rode around the block, using my memories of the places as guide.

As I rode my bike through the early morning mist, something appeared, ALL of a sudden, it’s like, a light, but it wasn’t really like those sunrays shining through the clouds sort of things, you know???  As I rode on, I became more and more aware of my surrounding areas, this, was a path I’d rode my bike on, over a thousand times before, but, something about that morning, it just seemed somehow different.

As I rode my bike through the early morning mist, there was NOT a single soul around, and, I’m so totally enjoying MY own company, because it’s SOLITUDE that I’d been craving since a very long time ago.  I hadn’t had the time to just MYSELF for a long time, so yeah, I took advantage all right…

As I rode my bike through the early morning mist, things started clearing up in my foggy head, and, all the things I was having troubles with previously somehow, all worked themselves O-U-T, wow, the wonders of it all!!!  Should take my bike out for its “test drives” more often, I guess…well, gotta go, work’s callin’ my first name, so ends, my bike ride, in the EARLY morning M-I-S-T today.

Note: I still can’t ride a two-wheeler, I’d fallen off before I had the chance to actually ride it right, back at age seven, and, I’d never rode a bicycle since, unless you count the ones in the gyms, for the sake of exercises………

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Trading Secrets with Lonely

Lonely, I have a secret to tell you, and that, was how lonely became my confidant…

And I’d started trading my secrets with lonely, it’s actually a very good listener, and, I’d surrounded myself with lonely.  I had NO other friends to talk to, so, I leaned on lonely a lot.

Trading my secrets with lonely, I don’t need to worry, that lonely will squeal on me, after all, who is lonely going to tell?  Who will believe lonely’s words?  When people see lonely, they’d run like the wind, to get away from it, and so, my secrets are safe with lonely, and its secrets, safe with me.

Trading my secrets with lonely, that, is the way to go, after all, I got NOBODY I can talk to, nobody can understand what I’m going through right now, only lonely, it’s the only thing that stays by my side forever and ever, and so, I feel more than safe, trading my secrets with lonely, plus, I’m NOT afraid that it’ll one day, spill the beans on me………

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