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Helpless, a “Learned” Response

Getting RE-active here!!!

Helplessness became a learned “response”, because, in your earlier days, (and yes, this still dates WAY back into your own childhood years!!!), those two PRIMARY attachment figures FAILED miserably at what they’re supposed to do, for whatever reasons there may have been, how the HELL should I know???

So, you’d learned, to feel helpless, and, this “shadow” from your earliest interactions with the world (and, there are still just THOSE two “characters” in a child’s world, remember???), will tag along behind you, even AS you’d become an “adult”, and, you’re MORE than likely, to seek out whatever it is that you’d lacked, whether it was love, being cared for, etc., etc., etc., in people you come across.

Helpless, a “learned” response, once you’d learned to be helpless, you will NEVER, ever, EVER be able to, help yourselves, solve YOUR own issues, problems, or WHATEVER, because you’d gotten used to, having someone, to come to your rescues, and, you’re totally, SCREWED!!!

Helplessness, a “learned” response, and, once it’s been learned, it simply, can’t BE unlearned, just like Little Albert, do you think he’d EVER gotten OVER that FEAR that those god DAMN unethical scientist had, conditioned him to fear?  Heck no, he probably carried that fear of RATS that he could NO longer recall where he’d picked THAT up from, all the way, into his adulthood years.

Helplessness, a “learned” response, just like how EASY it would be, to condition (as in operant/classical/aversive???) someone, to RE-act to something, OR someone a certain way, and, once that condition is SET, it would be, NEXT to impossible, to make the response EXTINCT!


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When Children Became Mirrors

Heads UP, all you parents!!!

When children became mirrors, and, they reflected you back to you, and, you don’t like what you see, what, would you do???  Oh yeah, you’d send them innocent KIDDIES into the CORNER, for misbehaving, right?  After all, the kid needs some DOWN time, let’s face it, there’s NO doubt.  And, you may NOT even LOOK at yourselves, to realize, hey, maybe my kid is behaving the way s/he did, because s/he was modeling after me, betcha didn’t consider that, did ya?  Of course N-O-T!

When children became mirrors, they’re bound, to reflect the truth of the things, and, because in the adult world, we are less perceptive, less aware, of our own mistakes and faults, I mean, c’mon, WHO here had admitted when s/he’s done something wrong, before anybody EVER notices?  Not very many would be MY guess.

When children became mirrors, they’re NOT just a reflection of your teachings, but also, your behaviors, as their adult counterparts, who do you think, that your son and daughter learns to “hump” one another?  By watching the two of you, having sex, of course, and, who do you think, that taught that son of yours, to swear and cuss as he’d RAMMED those toy cars against each other, creating a HUGE traffic accident?

When children became mirrors, take, a look into those smaller, but very REAL mirrors in your lives, and, tell me, IF you see something that you don’t want to see, is there, anything that’s currently ongoing, in your kids’ behaviors that are, raising an alarm?  If no, then, good for you, but, if yes, then, WHAT can you do about it?  Oh, I know, you’ll tell that kid, when your daddy gets home, you’re gonna GET it, right???

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Fear, a Learned Response

Fear is, after all, a learned response, because back when we were all still too young to even KNOW anything, we do NOT know H-O-W to fear, but, our stupid (b/c that, is what you ALL are!!!) adult “counterparts” teaches us to, we became fearsome toward things.

Fear, a learned response, and once you learned to become responsive to fear, well, your fears will NEVER subside, as fear is a very S-T-R-O-N-G emotion, and, the fear you’d learned, will escalate, it will get larger, larger, and larger, until you’d finally become totally, overcome, overwhelmed, even PARALYZED by it.

Fear is a learned response, you think that Little Albert FEARED that RAT in the same room? Heck no, but because those researchers (in the NAME of S-C-I-E-N-C-E!!!) wanted to test their theories out, they’d combined a stimulus that didn’t make Little Albert respond, to something that SCARED the SHIT out of him (in this case, a LOUD noise, and which young child would NOT get startled by that LOUD noise???), and that, is how fear IS a “learned behavior”, and once fear is learned, well, it’s not going to be easy, for you, to UNLEARN it, as those things would have taken UP roots, deep down, on the inside………








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