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He Couldn’t Stand to See His Wife Being Tortured by Her Illness, He’d Murdered Her in the Hospital Ward, Then, Attempt to Commit Suicide

Tragedy that stemmed from too much burden on the primary caretaker’s shoulders, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The retired veteran pulled up the drapes, stabbed his own wife’s chest once, then, stabbed himself twice, there were six or seven other people in the same hospital room, and they never noticed, the neighbors didn’t believe it, “He loved his wife dearly”.

A retired serviceman, Ku, didn’t want to see his wife keep on being tortured by her illness continuously, yesterday at noon, he’d asked the caretaker to go away, in the MacKay Hospital in Danshui, was suspected of stabbing his wife to death, then attempted to commit suicide; there were six to seven OTHERS in the same hospital ward, but nobody noticed anything, it wasn’t until an hour later when his friends came by to visit, was he discovered, and, his life was spared.

“Please, just give me the death penalty!”, the eighty-three year old elderly man, Ku lay weakly on the bed, and was very helpful in answering the inquiries of the district attorney; he’d told the D.A. “Even though I’m a murderer, but, don’t be afraid of me.”, as he begged to be given the death penalty, he wanted to follow his wife.  The D.A. considered that he’d admitted to murdering his own wife, and that he was injured and elderly, that there was NO need to jail him, said that his bail was set at $100,000N.T., and, returned him to his family.  The elderly man, Ku’s children couldn’t believe that their father had murdered their mother, they’d melted down.

The police pointed out, that the sixty-four year old Kuo, started nine years ago, would faint often and have dizzy spells a lot, just last month, she’d passed out abruptly, and was rushed to the MacKay Memorial Hospital in Taipei, and was diagnosed with viral encephalitis, and sent to the ICU, at the bottom of last month, she was transferred to the neural department hospital ward in the Danshui hospitals, the family hired an around-the-clock bedside assistant for her just last month, and the elderly man would go accompany his wife every single day, and didn’t go home until dusk, and had made soup for his own wife too.

The woman was bedridden and couldn’t walk, but is lucid, the caretaker, Yeh said, that yesterday, she’d taken the elderly to rehabilitation, at eleven fifty, she’d returned back to the hospital ward.  Ku told him to take her lunch, she’d returned to the hospital room at twelve thirty, and found the curtains drawn, and she saw the elderly man lying on the folding bed next to the hospital bed, she thought they needed time together, and so, she’d left them alone.

Ku’s neighbor, a woman named Chen went to visit them at one in the afternoon, back then, the other two beds had three to four visitors conversing, she’d asked about here Kuo was, and when she’d pulled open the curtains, she’d screamed, and carried the bloody knife back to the nurse’s station for assistance.

Kuo was lying in her bed, with multiple layers of clothes covering up her face, there was a knife wound in her chest area, in the heart; the elderly man, Ku slashed his own left wrist, and stabbed his own torso on the right side.  The paramedics worked hard, to resuscitate Kuo, but she still died, and, after Ku was rushed to the E.R., he was okay.

Ku told, that he and his wife married for forty years, had never had a spat, that his wife was hospitalized for encephalitis in August, and when it got serious, she was in a coma, he didn’t want to see her keep suffering, that, was why he’d taken the advantage of the time when the foreign bedside assistant was out on lunch, to kill his own wife.  The D.A. and the police examined the wife’s body, and found that the knife wound on her chest was what killed her, and they’re going to do an autopsy at another date, to clarify the cause of death; and Ku’s own knife wound on his abdomen wasn’t just on the surface, it showed that he’d intended to kill himself.

The neighbors said that Ku loved his wife dearly, and never heard them fight, and sometimes, they would go out together, to walk, none of them believed he was capable of murdering his own wife.

Because taking care of one’s own spouse became way too hard, and, she’s NOT getting any better, and so, killing her, putting HER out of HER misery seemed like the only logical thing to do, and, that, would be from the “humane” side of things, but, from the legal front, you are taking the life of another human being, and that, is just wrong, and so, there’s a LOT of moral concerns up for debate on this one…

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