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When Marriage is NO Longer Between Just a Man and a Woman

The CATHOLICS are going to R-A-G-E about this, that’s for certain!!!

When marriage is NO longer between JUST a man and a woman, because in today’s world, there are many members of those “third-gendered” people (transsexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals), what about THEIR basic human rights?  Don’t THEY have the right to be happy?  Of course they do, so, when you are VOUCHING for banning of SAME sex marriages, you are basically, VIOLATING those

individuals’ basic human rights, so, think about that.  After all, NOT everybody is as same as you.

When marriage is NO longer between JUST a man and a woman, what has this world gotten to?  Is SATAN calling us all?  Is SATAN coming, to TAKE over the entire world, to TURN us all against G-O-D?  Uh, get R-E-A-L, there IS still, uh (once again, feel free to SHOOT me then, why don’t you!!!) NO G-O-D, there, however, are a TON of dogs still (that’s god read, backwards, isn’t it???).

And who’s to say, that IF they’re same-sex individuals, their marriages are DOOMED to fail, and, you DO realize, that OVER fifty percent (I think that’s the latest “stat” here???) of MARRIAGE still goes UP in flames, and, IF the same-sex individuals can make it work, then, why the FUCK (oopsy!!!) should the SOCIETY place a ban on their happiness?  This, is still about their BASIC human rights, “Right to liberty, life, AND the pursuit of happiness”, remember???  Uh, D-U-H!!!

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