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A Mother Kept Her Affair Undercover, the Fourteen Year Old and Eighteen Year Old Brother and Sister Weren’t Registered for School

See, children ARE still paying for their PARENTS’ S-I-N-S, and this, is still IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTING, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The brother and sister are fluent in speaking, can recognize and read and write Chinese characters, and understood their mother’s hardships, “This, is NOT a bad life at all”.

In the city of Hsinbei, there was an incident of an eighteen year old, unregistered male, who never went to school, a woman, Yeou’s eighteen year old son and fourteen year old daughter, they’d lived in Chunghe for over a decade, and there was NO record of them anywhere, NOT in the local district offices, or from the schools, it’s, as if they’re “ghosts”.

Last month, the incident of the child, starving to death, the eight year old child hadn’t been registered for school, the related offices had no idea, and weren’t notified, the school, along with the local land offices were reprimanded.  This pair of siblings had NO records for over a decade, nor were they registered for schools, and, nobody knew about it, it’d very hard to understand, how this could’ve happened.

The office manager of the Anti-Domestic Violence and Prevention of Rape of the Social Services Department of Hsinbei City, Wu stated, the because the fifty-six year old woman, Yeou passed away of illness, her cohabiting partner, Wu, in order to take care of her final affairs, on the late evening of the 12th, called the police, and, the officers came to ask about the identification of Yeou’s children and they couldn’t answer, and the police couldn’t find their registry information in the records, and so, they’d called up the Social Services.

Wu stated, that the two kids are fluent in their speech, knew enough characters, and can write, the Department of Education will help get them into elementary school.

The police investigations found, that Yeou’s husband was Chen, they had four children, twenty-five years ago, they’d moved their registry from Hsinbei to Kaohsiung, but later, Yeou had returned to Hsinbei by herself to work, and, without getting a divorce first, she’d moved in with Wu, her boyfriend, and had a son and a daughter; she worried that her affair might get found out, and it was breaking the law because of bigamy, she didn’t dare register them, and feared being discovered, wanted her children to NOT go out, nor to go to school, they were, basically, kept, inside the house.

Based off of understand, both the son and daughter knew their mother’s difficulties, the son smiled and told the social workers, “I think, this way of life isn’t at all too bad”.  The sibling told, that their mother told them, that if someone came to check the household registry, they should hide; and if they’d fallen ill, they’d paid for the doctors without the national health insurances or to buy over-the-counter medications.

Five years ago, Yeou moved to the Ching-Suei Borough in Chunghe, the man in charge of the borough learned that there were people who were never registered, he’d gone to show care and concern, to find out what happened.  He’d stated, that the sibling’s birth father Wu told him, “I want to register my children too”, but because Yeou was still married, and that’s why he couldn’t.

And so, this pair of siblings is paying for their mother’s sins, is that right?  Of course N-O-T, but, it WAS, the MOTHER who had had an AFFAIR, and because she is still married to the man she WAS married to, her kids became “ghosts” in the system.  Don’t let THAT happen to your kids, and, DO remember, that they’re the ones, who WILL be hurt, by your BAD behaviors there.

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The Grown-Ups Who Stole Our Lives

They are, the grown-ups, who stole our lives, the TWO most important, in a child’s life, but because of their separate SETS of different “issues” (still UNRESOLVED!!!), they’d killed us all. The grown-up who stole our lives, they’d gotten away with theft, and this, is WAY, WAY, W-A-Y worse than grand theft auto, AND larceny, C-O-M-B-I-N-E-D!!!

The grown-ups who stole our lives, who do they think they are?  And how could they get away with such atrocities?  No, this, is NOT right, something MUST be done, but what?  There’s NOTHING I can do, I’m still too young, still, way too RELIANT on the adults in my life, and so yeah, I had died, growing up, and, chance that I’ll grow up and get turned into a thief is still extremely H-I-G-H, and, I will, in turn, steal the lives of the younger generations, and, whilst I do that, I would NOT have a clue, boy, am I stupid?  Or am I just, STUPID, or rather, uneducated, here???

The grown-ups who stole our lives, they’re still NOT being held accountable for the EVILS they’d done to us, and, there’s still NO justice, and we’d been waiting here, in “limbo”, for…………… ’bout FOREVER now, and justice, is still, NOWHERE getting S-E-R-V-E-D, and I’m believing, that justice will NEVER get served, and so, our deaths, are still, in V-A-I-N!!!



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A Twelve-Year-Old Child Didn’t Enroll into School Yet, Turns Out He’d Been Dead Already

There WAS a previous and very similar case to this one from here, awhile back, remember???  From the newspapers, translated…

A twelve-year-old child, Chiu who still had yet to register for school, the district offices notified the police to check it out, the police found, that he had died when he was just two-years-old, his body was buried, in an abandoned burial site; the district attorney’s office did a polygraph on both of the parents, and they’d shown negative results, and so, the police ruled out murder and dumping his body.  But the parents knew how weak the little boy had been, and still, they’d left him at home to die, and they’re now charged with negligence.  But because the statute of limitation had already expired, the D.A. decided to drop the case yesterday.

The D.A. found, that the thirty-two year old Chiu had a baby with her live-in boyfriend, Huang (age 33), and didn’t register the son, the offices helped filed the papers, and used the mother’s maiden name as the child’s last name; but because Chiu hadn’t enrolled in school since he was seven years old, the people at the county office told the police, and the police thought that something wasn’t right.

They’d chased Chiu and Huang down, and found out, that the child had died since 2004, that was a liquor store employee, “Bo” who’d helped them find a funeral home to arrange the burial of the child, and the place they’d buried the body was at a public cemetery, a tomb, where some other dead bodies were dumped, this May, the police opened up the tomb, and found the child’s body, along with the quilt that he was wrapped in, a pacifier, dolls, and a few bags of snacks.

The police talked to the coroner, and all that remained of the child’s body was the bones, and the cause of death can NO longer determined, and all they can do, was to see if there were any fractures; and because the other items had rotted away, the police couldn’t determine the exact place where he was killed at, and because of this limited amount of evidence, they couldn’t say that it was a murder.

The D.A. said, Chiu, in the New Year’s holidays of 2004 had a cold, but the mother went out with Huang, to sell foods, and as they’d come home in the midnight hours, they’d found the child already dead.  Without evidence that showed that Chiu was abused to death, Chiu and Huang took care of the boy, but because Huang had an outstanding arrest warrant, they’d NOT only left the boy at home to die, and they didn’t even take him to the hospitals either.

And so, here, we still have???  Another case of NEGLIGENCE homicide, and this, is still ONE more (and no, he still won’t BE the very L-A-S-T of “his kind” either!!!) case where a child was LEFT to D-I-E, but, because the police couldn’t KNOW for sure that there was any “foul play”, the parents will probably just get that minor SLAP on the W-R-I-S-T!!!











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A Father Got Drunk, Was Nagged, He’d Stabbed His Son to Death, Then Attempted to Commit Suicide

Just like a previous case, and, you have to wonder: why the HELL is this SHIT still happening???  Uh, I dunno!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last night, there was a tragic story from Chang-Chih region of Pingdong.  The sixty-five year old man, Cheng, who’d often gotten drunk at home, yesterday, his son came home from work, saw that he was drinking again, the two of them gotten into an argument, Cheng got angry, and took up a knife, stabbed his son twice, one of the stabs landed on his son’s neck, it caused the son to bleed to death before they’d reached the hospitals; Cheng was remorseful and in regrets after he’d killed his own son, he’d taken agricultural poisons to kill himself, was rushed to the hospital, and is still in critical condition.

After the incidents, the police made house visits and learned that the father and son, because of the household economic difficulties, and would often argue on the subject of hiring a nurse’s aide, Cheng believed he was capable of taking care of his own wife, but the son believed that he drank too much, couldn’t take care of his mother, and so, they’d fought on this subject a lot.

The police found, that Cheng didn’t work, and would go out and get himself wasted regularly, and lived with his thirty-six year old son, Chiu (who took his mother’s last name), and his wife who’s had a stroke; the son had hired a foreign bedside assistant, to help look after the mother.

The police stated, that last night at around seven, Cheng got drunk at his house once more, the son was off from work, and saw it, they started arguing over this once more, and the father, Cheng, who’d had a TON of alcohol in his system by then got angered, took a fruits knife and attacked his own son.

The police said, because Cheng had used such brute force, the son’s left carotid was severed, the blood started spilling out, the son fell to the ground.  Seeing his son lying in his own blood, Cheng was all of a sudden, sobered up, he’d realized what he’d done, he’d taken a bottle of agricultural poison and took it, there were serious burns in his esophagus, it was too painful for him, he started wailing on the floors, the neighbors heard, and they called the police.

The police rushed in, took the two of them to the E.R., but because Chiu had lost too much blood, he had died, and Cheng was lifted to the hospital in Kaohsiung, and the police will wait until his condition became stabilized, and then, inquire.  The foreign nurse’s aide bore witness to the whole process, she’d told the police, that after the son returned home, the father had gotten drunk and, the fight broke out.

And, we still have here, the ADVERSE effects of A-L-C-O-H-O-L, so STAY away from that!!!  And, this must’ve been an accumulation, meaning that this was so totally NOT a first time thing, the son must’ve seen his father drunk at home, and, the anger, resentment over that built up, and, on the night he’d gotten home from work, it BLEW, and, we still have a case of murder by “accident”, as for whose fault it was???  Blame it on the A-L-C-O-H-O-L, oh, and the DRINKER too!!!






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Mom Forces Her 14-Year-Old Daughter to Have a Child Because She Wants Another Baby

Yes, unfortunately, this, is still that ASSORTMENT of N-U-T-S in the society, from NBCNEWS.com, by: T. Connor…

A woman who had adopted three children but wanted a fourth hatched a “wicked” scheme, forcing her 14-year-old daughter to get pregnant with donor sperm, a British judge has ruled.

The teenager apparently miscarried her first pregnancy and inseminated herself six more times before she finally had a baby boy at age 17, the ruling said.

After hospital midwives became suspicious, the plot was uncovered, and the mother — described as an American divorcee living in Britain — is serving a five-year term for child cruelty.

The case dates to 2011 but was sealed and details were only released after the media challenged restrictions. The family members’ names were withheld by court order.

High Court Judge Peter Jackson’s ruling said the woman at the center of the case — who had undergone sterilization for health reasons, according to the Guardian newspaper — was blocked from adopting a fourth child.

This, is a PSYCHO mother who should NOT even BE allowed to have babies in the first place, and to think that the daughter had inseminated herself so many MORE times for the sake of her mother too?  If this is NOT yet, another Abusive/Enabling interaction, I don’t know WHAT is!!!  And to think that the woman only got FIVE years in prison, what IF she gets out, and forces YET, another child of hers to do this again?  How many years then, would they (the judges) give her???

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Tossed in a Fire as a Newborn

A true story, found on the Houston Chronicles…

The truth about her life arrived in a yellow envelope six years ago. It came in the form of 31 news articles.

Amy Woodard-Davis had been eagerly awaiting the package from the Kansas City, Kan., library. Amy then fed and bathed her 3-year-old daughter, Jailynn, before sending her off to play that February afternoon in 2006. She walked into her room, sat on her bed and calmly opened the envelope.

She took out photocopied newspaper clippings and began to read each article, slowly, without hesitating, until she had read them all. As her eyes scanned the stories, the same words jumped out over and over: “newborn,” “fire,” “abandoned,” “burned.”

The story chronicled in those clippings could easily have been any of the abused and neglected children Amy would help find homes for a year later when she become an adoptions caseworker at Child Protective Services.

To Amy, it read like an interesting novel, the protagonist “baby girl X,” as she was called, struggling to fight for her life, against the dire predictions of doctors. But reality would settle in after every few articles, reminding the 41-year-old of what she was reading.

“This is me,” she said. “This is about me.”

On March 26, 1971, Amy’s mother, at 16, gave birth to her in the bathroom of her Kansas City home. Amy was only alive a few hours when her grandfather pulled the newborn, wrapped in newspaper, from a burning pile of trash in their backyard.

He thought he heard a kitten’s cries, only to discover they were a baby’s whimpers. He grabbed the newborn from the trash, put her in a towel and called the fire department.

Third- and fourth-degree burns covered more than half of Amy’s tiny frame. Her injuries were so severe doctors at first could not determine her race.

It would be a few days before authorities discovered that Amy was most likely dumped in the trash barrel, in a fire that was apparently already burning, by her mother who found out she was pregnant only after she gave birth. The teen was never prosecuted in the case.

This truth about how she came into the world motivated Amy to learn more about her story.

A couple months after reading those articles, she stood on the doorstep of the home where it all happened, where she was born and burned, where her mother still lived, looking at the woman responsible for giving her life and suspected in her near death, asking for answers.

Amy was 5 when she found out she was adopted. It was the same time she got some explanation for how she received her burns.

Neighborhood kids bullied her one day about her scars, telling her that her mother had left her behind in a house fire. Confused, Amy asked her adoptive mother, Lena Woodard, why she let her burn and saved her three sisters.

“Oh Lord, I can’t believe this small child is asking me this,” Lena Woodard, 75, recalled. It was a conversation she had planned to have eventually, but not yet.

Lena worked as a burn technician at Shriners Burns Hospital in Galveston, where Amy came when she was 9 months old. Her biological mother’s parental rights were terminated shortly after she was born due to negligence, according to court records. Amy arrived wearing a white cap and sweater over layers of gauze wrapped around her small body.

Doctors in Kansas City had little hope Amy would survive. But even as a baby, she seemed determined to succeed. One of the first few times Lena saw Amy she remembers the baby trying to move and kick her tiny limbs. She would soon do all the things no one expected.

A few months later, Lena and her husband became Amy’s foster parents. A year passed, and they adopted her.

Though Amy was still young when she asked about her burns, Lena and her husband decided to tell the child so she would at least know it was not them who caused her harm. They explained in terms she could understand: You used to have a bad mama, and she burned you, now you have a good mama.

That was the only explanation Amy needed at the time and the truth she lived with for the next several years.

In March 2006, she spoke to her biological father. He was 19 and living in California when she was born. She was surprised to learn he had returned to Kansas City years later, married Amy’s mother, and the couple had two more children, who were raised in the house where Amy was born.

Amy had tracked down the family’s phone number from old fire department records. Her father didn’t know she existed until the phone call.

He was eager to learn everything about his daughter. So Amy told him a little. She told him about her education, how she was married, but in the middle of a divorce and that she had a beautiful daughter of her own.

But her father wanted more. He asked her to come meet him and their family, including her mother, in Kansas City.

By May, about a week before Mother’s Day, she was at their home. From the pictures on the wall, she could tell what the house looked like when her mother was a teenager. Very little changed. Most of the same furniture sat in the same place.

Amy stood on the porch and stared out into the backyard. Amy stood on the porch and stared out into the backyard. There were patio furniture, a large walnut tree, a small garden and a 1957 Packard car. She scanned the yard, visualizing where the trash barrel may have been, the one she had been dumped in 1971.

She tried to envision the route from the house to the trash fire that left her face discolored and her body disfigured, the fire that had caused her to have more than 200 surgeries and skin grafts over the course of her life.

The emotions didn’t overwhelm Amy, walking through the house, seeing the backyard. But the one place she didn’t want to step foot in was the bathroom.

“I didn’t want to face the fact that this is where I was born and nobody took my life seriously,” she said. “I was born in this bathroom, and the next thing you know I was burned up.”

Amy didn’t let her tragic beginnings become a handicap. Anytime she wanted to do something, she found a way. As a high school student, she joined the drill team and learned to sew. She continued her education, earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

At 21, tired of going under the knife, she decided to stop having surgeries.

“I’m all right with myself,” she said. “At some time in your life you have to be at ease with your mind on how you’re going to look, and this is how I’m going to look.”

When she started working, she knew she wanted to be in social services.

“If you’re helping someone, you can’t hurt them,” she said.

Before joining CPS, Amy worked as a teacher and for the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

Becoming an adoptions caseworker in 2007 meant she could keep other children from feeling abandoned, to find them families like her own who would love them no matter what. It gave her the chance to share her story with foster children, to let them know she had been in their shoes.

One of her motivations to work for CPS came after going to Kansas City the year before.

“I didn’t get the closure, but I would love for the other kids who came behind me to get the closure,” she said.

Amy didn’t meet her birth mother in person until the end of her first day visiting. They talked very little, exchanging a few simple pleasantries. They sat next to each other in near silence for about an hour looking straight ahead at a television.

Too nervous to look directly at her mother, Amy stole quick glances of her when she could, amazed at their physical similarities. They had the same head, same full lips and straight teeth. It was the first time, she said, she had seen what she might have looked like without the burns.

After that meeting, Amy asked her mother a few times about what happened the day she was born and how she ended up in a trash fire. But she had no answers. Her birth mother declined to comment for this story.

Amy isn’t consumed with hatred for her biological mother. She doesn’t believe her mother acted alone. She loves her and calls her mom.

“Just a respect thing, that’s who she is, that’s her role, she had me, can’t take it from her,” she said.

For now, Amy continues to live her life in Houston, raising her own daughter to be strong and independent like her, in a new relationship with a man who makes her feel beautiful every day and working to better the lives of children in the CPS system.

She has accepted the facts of her birth and settled with what she knows happened to her as explained by the 31 newspaper articles.

One thing she is certain about: “Whatever they tried to do, they didn’t succeed at it,” she said. “I’m still here.”

Wow, this IS a STRONG woman all right, she had a very BAD childhood, with her mother tossing her into the fires, trying to kill her, and, she survived, and now, she goes back to visit with them, and can say that she holds NOTHING against them, this must’ve taken years to achieve, or, maybe that this woman is just way too kind here…either way, she’d made it, to the TOP of her games, so, KUDOS to her!!!

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