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I See All My Mistakes When I Look at You

I see you, and I feel disgusted, I see ALL my mistakes, the things I never had the chance of becoming, those wishes that fell out of the skies, when I look at you.  I see all my mistakes when I look at you, and I don’t know why.  You are from me, and I should love you, but I just can’t bring myself to do so, for some unknown reasons…

I see all my mistakes when I look at you, which, is why, I can’t even LOOK at you anymore, it is NOT your fault, it’s just the insurmountable pain that you reminded me of, about me, when I’d looked at you.  I see all my mistakes when I look at you, how can this be?  You were, a product of my love for someone who’s already gone (not dead, of course!!!), and now, love, is NO longer “around”, and so, the love, the warmth, along with all things wonderful and beautiful becomes negative………

I see ALL my mistakes when I look at you, I know that I need to love you, but I just can’t bring myself to, you are my daughter, and yet, you’re NOT “legal”, your father was a married man, and now, he’d left me, with the consequences of our actions: Y-O-U, and so, how can I love you???

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An Adolescent Woman Followed Her Mother to a Cult, She Was Taken Advantage of, and the Online Friends Taught Her to Collect the Evidences

Hello, did you NOT read up on that very LAST case???  Apparently N-O-T, which, is exactly why, this SHIT is still happening here, and, it just might (I mean, it is, all too possible!!!) happen, in your separate “neighborhoods” too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The mother had forced her to “get with” the sixty-seven year old spiritual instructor, and had demonstrated for her daughter to see, and as the police called in the mother and the “instructor”, they were both very well educated and articulate, the young woman sought out assistance from online, and took evidence in voice recording, to get a conviction.

A woman was taken by the “Doors of Taoism, Living and Learning” spiritual course, she’d sent her thirteen year old daughter to meet the “instructor”, Xian Ou-Yang, forced the teen to fellate the instructor, and demonstrated for the young girl HOW it is done.  Xian Ou-Yang, along with the mother, after being charged with forced sexual intercourse, and the district courts in Shihlin already allowed them to be out on bail, but the D.A. feared that they might be at flight risk, or that they might do it again, already challenged the court’s rulings.

The D.A. said, that the young girl was very brave and intelligent, in calmly recording the events herself, but, recently, there had been multiple cases of religious misbehaviors, could this be, “getting in too deep”, and the individuals are merely rationalizing their own bad behaviors.  Based off of understanding, after the young girl was raped, she “wanted to die”, and asked the online community, someone from online was shocked to discover that she’d been raped, taught her to collect the evidence, and managed to take the sixty-seven year old “spiritual master” down.

Based off of understanding, Ou-Yang, who’s already married, ten years ago, set up a cult in Shijr District of Hsinbei City, and the members are college level professors.  Two years ago, in July, the woman and Ou-Yang took her daughter to a motel, the man had tricked the woman into believing that he’d opened up the child’s talent side; the girl didn’t want to fellate him, but the mother demonstrated for her how it was done, then, Ou-Yang successfully raped the young woman with his hands.

Because the woman was so taken up with the cult, she’d had arguments with her husband, last year, after the couple split up, the daughter was placed in the husband’s custody; but the young woman had to head over to her mother’s every Wednesday, and, this “weekly meet” because her living nightmare.

Based off of the accusations, Ou-Yang not only had the child fellate him, her mother would pry her legs open, to allow the “instructor” to have intercourse; the young girl wrote out her angers on a notebook, and the pressures from being deflowered, after the mother found out, she’d mocked the child, saying that “nobody will ever find out or believe you”.  The girl posed the question online, and the online community gave her supports, and taught her how to collect the evidence.

The young woman recorded the sessions with Ou-Yang while he was “diverting energy”, and kept the toilet paper with his bodily fluid as evidence.  The woman and Ou-Yang denied having done it, and Ou-Yang said that he was impotent, and couldn’t have ejaculated; but the D.A. found him, panting in the voice recording, saying, “I’m about to guide you in now”, plus there’s the toilet paper with his DNA, the D.A charged the mother and the “master” based off of the physical evidence.

Based off of understanding, the father stated, at the opening of the trial, that he’d gone to the cult with his wife some ten odd years ago, and back then, he’d thought that it was outrageous, and stopped going, without knowing, that his wife had put his own daughter through this torture.

The woman and Ou-Yang appeared to be well-educated and articulate in the way they’d dressed and speech too, at the very beginning of the investigations, the officers had their doubts, “Would they really do such a thing?”, the verdict will be passed down on the 31st.

And so, can you imagine how much SHIT this young woman had gone through, and, it’s still ALL because of how WEAK and GULLIBLE her own mother was, and that is still NOT going to BE the last case where someone who claimed to be a “preacher” of sorts does something EVIL, because there will always BE the weak, who will be willing to believe ANYTHING, because humans are just quite S-T-U-P-I-D, no offense still!!!

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A Grandfather Raped His Own Sixth Grade Granddaughter While His Son Was Away, Serving Time

From the newspapers online, translated…

A seventy-two year old elderly man, after his son went into prison to serve time, he’d raped, molested his sixth grade young granddaughter, he claimed that it was his daughter-in-law, who asked her child, to falsely accuse him of such atrocities.  But the grandson testified that he did see his grandfather, raping his older sister, and the elderly man was sentenced to ten years in prison, along with having to pay $700,000N.T. for the damages he’d done to his own granddaughter.

This pair young siblings, were placed in the grandfather’s care, after the mother divorced, and the father went into prison.  The sixth grade girl stated that one morning, the grandfather took the advantage of the time when the grandmother was out for exercises, woke her up, in the name of getting them up for school, but instead, he’d stuck his hand into her shirt, and had sexually molested her too.  She was so scared, because her grandfather was the one, raising them up, she could only keep quiet.  The next year, she’d entered into middle school, and the grandfather disregarded the fact that her younger brother was sleeping close by, he had molested her again, she’d turned over to try to escape, but he was successful, in undressing her, and raping her.  And, she couldn’t take it anymore, so that, was why she’d called up her mother, and told, and decided, to pursue her grandfather in court.

The elderly denied having raped and molested the sixth grade girl, told the court, that it was her own mother who wanted to get back at them, that, was why she’d made such accusations.  But, the fifth grade younger brother testified, that he saw his grandfather sexually molest his sister.  And one time, the grandmother walked in, on the grandfather, raping the girl, she’d scolded him, “I’d known about it a long time, I just didn’t want to say anything”.  The younger brother felt sorry for his sister, but he didn’t want to get beaten up, so that, was why he’d kept silent for so long.

The judge believed that the siblings had nothing BUT gratitude toward the grandparents for raising them, that they did NOT need to frame the grandfather, that unless she’d experienced it all firsthand, there was NO way she could’ve described what had happened to her in such vivid details.

On the criminal court front, the elderly was sentenced to TEN years in prison, this, is still being appealed, while on the civil case front, the elderly was mandated to pay $700,000N.T., and he was displeased, and is getting it appealed right now.

The highest civil court in Tainan believed, that the victim, because her parents were divorced, and was lacking love, and the elderly man was her grandfather, not only did he NOT take care of her, in order to satisfy himself, he’d raped and molested her, causing her pain, and afterwards, he had NO sign of remorse, and after taking into consideration his economical wellbeing, decided that the amount was right, and thus, tossed back the man’s appeal.

One more day, at the FAMILY COURT C-I-R-C-U-S here, and, if you ask me, but, who asked Y-O-U (exactly!!!), the judge should just throw the elderly INTO prison, and let HIM rot there, until he D-I-E-D.  This elderly, NOT only did he hurt his own granddaughter, when confronted, he’d still TRIED to weasel his way out?  And that just shows you, how UNSAFE it may be, leaving your kid, in the hands of their grandparents, but, NOT all grandparents are EVIL like that, and, the grandmother, she’d become the enabler, because she pretended NOT to see anything, and so, if you ask me, she too, should be serving that SENTENCE (oh wait, there wasn’t one!!!) right beside her hubby.









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A Child Draws Out a Frog and Called it “Penies”, and Eight-Year-Old Girl Told of Her Father’s Misconducts Against Her

Translated, this, is REALLY B-A-D!!!

An eight-year-old mildly mentally retarded young girl was raped by her father, in her class, she drew the picture of a frog, and kept calling it “Penie”; the instructor suspected that she’d been raped, and called the cops.  The man admitted that when he saw his daughter in the shower, he wasn’t overwhelmed by sexual desires, and he admitted to raping her, and, admits to the D.A., that he’s really sorry for what he’d done.

The now second-grade young girl is without a mother, and the Social Services Department had already placed her with a foster family.

The D.A. pointed out, that based off of child and youth social laws, the social services department can ask the courts to change the parental rights, to terminate this father from his parenthood to this young girl.

The girl lives in Xinbei City, her father picked up recycling materials for a living, they were all each other had.  Last July, the father saw that the child hadn’t put on her pants after her bath, he’d taken her into the bedroom to rape her; few days ago, he’d rubbed his own penis against his daughter’s buttocks.

Afterwards, the girl went to school, and the female school counselor asked what animals she liked and disliked, she drew out a picture of a frog and called it “Penie”.  The school officials found that she was behaving weirdly, after inquiries, they’d realized she’d been raped, and called up the cops and the social services.

The little girl is quite young, and is developmentally delayed, couldn’t tell the adults exactly what had happened.  In order to make sure that they have ALL the facts, the D.A. used an anatomically-correct doll, and asked the girl to draw the picture of a father on it; after she’s done drawing, she kept using the marker and rubbing it against the genitals of the doll, and kept stating that “Daddy used his penie to touch my pee-pee.”

When the father was taken in for interrogating, he denied everything, until he didn’t pass a polygraph, then, he admitted to the D.A.  He claimed that his wife left him a very long time ago, and that day, he saw his child getting out of the shower, and became too horny, and, did something very bad.  And because the man is a hard felon and is high-risk at running, the D.A. asked for the courts to lock him up, and the courts agreed, and, yesterday, the man was prosecuted based off of force sexual behaviors and irreverence.

Wow, what kind of a MAN is this?  I mean, his child is mentally SLOW, and, he took advantage of his position of power, being her father and all, and he raped her, and, thankfully, the instructor from the schools noticed something, otherwise, god knows how L-O-N-G this child will be molested, and, she’s only in her pre-teen years, think of how BAD it will get, once she start to “develop”?

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Taking a Child to Sell

Call this Early Exposure if you want to, translated…

A man named Huang who’s not yet twenty-years-old got married with a girl named Chen, and they had a baby, within six months of the child’s birth, Huang was taken into custody for rape, and because the mother didn’t have any income, so, she sold, and, she’d taken in”customers “with the young girl around. The child because of the mother’s negligence had a concussion, the D.A. at Taoyuan stripped the parents of their parental rights to the child, and, the child was turned over to the local government in Taoyuan.

The social services pointed out, that the infant girl was a year and eight months old, is now in foster care, because she had head injuries, she might be affected in her cognitive abilities and growth, the child’s guardian, based off of the law was the governor of the district.

The D.A. found out that Huang (19 years-old) and Chen (18-years-old) were in love, they got married, and not long after she had their child, Huang was on the run from the law for being accused of raping a high school girl, that he hadn’t made it home in over a year. Chen didn’t have any child-rearing experiences, she couldn’t even make a bottle, and, with no job, she was on assistance, provided for by her family, the child often starved, and had bruises without clear reasons.

Half a year after the girl was born, the mother didn’t have any money, so, she sold, she’d even taken her own child to “take in customers”, the child was hospitalized last March, the doctor diagnosed it as falling from some place high, and on top of that, there are unclear wounds on the child, the mother was suspected of not providing the correct care and abuse, the government quickly took the child out of the home, the young woman, Chen, claimed that the daughter had fallen off of her own infant bed.

Huang, the man, had never even visited his own daughter, and after the child was placed, Chen the young mother had gone off the radar too, the courts had tried to find the individuals by using police, but, to no avail, the young baby girl had now, become an orphan, and so, she was placed in foster home.

The county government pointed out, that after the child was born, the Huangs had not taken responsibilities for caring and raising, and Chen was suspected of abusing the child, so, the county government had filed to STOP parental rights for theseindividual, and the judge found that it was because of negligence on the parents’ parts, that the judge took away the pairs’ parental “claims” to the child.

Another pair of UNFIT parents, and, if the child could speak, she’d ask, “I f you didn’t want me, then, why did you have me?”, and, because there is suddenly NO income in the household, the young woman is FORCED to turn to prostitution, and, in that line of work, there’s NO childcare services like your regular 9 to 5 jobs might offered, and so, what is a H.S. dropout to do? Other than using what she got already, which is a B-O-D-Y?

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Mother Kills Two Kids without ANY Apparent Reasons

Found on NBC.com, and, you have to wonder…

Without a possible motive, you HAVE to wonder W-H-Y…

A thirty-four year old mother from Florida killed her two kids in her house, then committed suicide from hanging.

When the police got to the scene after receiving the call, they found the mother, and her two kids, aged five and nine, dead.

It is believed, that Brown killed her two children, then, hanged herself on an electric cord from a ceiling fan at her home.  The sheriff’s office had discovered NO motives for the killings.

And so, the rest of us, spectators to this “Circus Scene”, because that, is what this is, we have to keep on guessing, until further information is disclosed on the case.  What, would drive a mother off the edge, that she killed her own two children, then, commits suicide?  Could it be that their lives are getting hard, or that she’s going through some emotional difficulties that she felt that she’s SO alone in this world, and that leaving her children, orphaned is simply NOT an option, that she decided to take the lives of her children, then, her own?  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it???M

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The Cost of a Child: $4,000 U.S.D.

            From MSNBC.com…paraphrased and summarized…

A Dallas mother is suspected of trying to sell her newborn on the classifieds, a would-be buyer for the baby got cold feet, and called the cops about a four-months-old getting sold for four thousand dollars.

The baby was found, all alone in the apartment when the manager of the apartment went to collect the rent that was owed, he’d found the child, all alone, in his crib, with no one else around.

The mother was arrested for child abandonment when she returned to the apartment.  The child is now placed in custody with the child services of Dallas.  The neighbors said they were horrified at what the mother did.

So, let’s dissect this, shall we?  For starters, why would a mother want to sell her child?  Perhaps because after the kid pops out of her, she suddenly realized, hey, it’s NOT a “toy”, or a little doggie that I can simply give BACK to the pound, and, OMG, everything costs money, the diapers, the bottles, the milk, along with clothes, etc., etc., etc., and seeing how deep she’s already in the water, she figured, hey, maybe I can advertise my baby online, so she could have a better home, and I’d get a little income, who knows?  And, who C-A-R-E-S?

Point is, if you can’t FUCKING keep your child, then, why are you having her/him?  You should’ve gotten yourselves a HYSTERECTOMY and a TUBAL LIGATION, because that, would cost a HELL of a L-O-Tless than having to raise a child from “scratch”, the mother probably figured out that OMG, money ran out, and, I’m in need, and, seeing how much those babies on the “black market” go for these days, so, why don’t I put my daughter or my son on there too?  Exactly, and that, is still considered to be IMPROPER parenting behaviors, not counting the charges of child endangerment

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Mother Abandoning Her Child for Her Boyfriend Got Sentenced to One Year in Prison

Because my boyfriend don’t like kids, or because he wants to have his own blood, that, is why I’d ABANDONED my own offspring, translated…

A little girl, Liu’s father and grandmother passed away some seven years ago, the uncle told the mother, Lin, of the child to come pick her up, Lin was afraid that her boyfriend might not be pleased, had denied her parental responsibilities toward her own flesh-and-blood to date; the highest court found tha that the 48-year-old female abandoned her daughter intentionally, sentenced her to one-year-prison term.

The child was abandoned at age 9, since the start of the case, it’s been seven years, the daughter is just turning 17, and is under the custody of the social welfare’s department locally,  because she’s exerted signs of depression, she’s been put on medication, and is without care, and she is mildly mentally handicapped as well.

The verdict noted, that after Lin gave birth to her daughter, she intentionally abandoned her, all the children had parents, except for this child, that there must be damages on the emotional front for her; and the mother had a bad attitude, with NO signs of remorse, the D.A. has asked for a harsh sentence, and she’d still abandoned her daughter to date, that her case wouldn’t fit the criteria for a lesser sentence that’s been rewritten in the constitution since 2007.

Lin gave birth to her daughter back in 1995, left home six months after the child was born, the child was left in the care of the father, Liu and his mother.  At age seven, the girl lost her father, and at age nine, the grandmother died, she’s without a caretaker.  Three months later, the uncle of the child sent a note to Lin, proving that the girl was hers, wanting her to take the child away.

Although Lin had called to inquire, “what’s this all about?”, but, after she understood the situation, she did NOTHING, and, never made an attempt to get her daughter back with her.  Lin told the D.A. and the judge that she’d been cohabiting with another man, that she was afraid he might find out she’d been married before, so, she kept the fact that she had a child covered up, and that, was why she never showed up.

Although Lin had once wire-transferred $6,000N.T.s to the younger brother of her ex-husband, but the courts ruled that Lin should’ve taken care of, and raised the helpless daughter, to maintain her life, and that the $6,000N.T. didn’t come close to covering the cost that the younger brother of the ex-husband had put up for her child, and that it wouldn’t excuse her responsibilities as a mother.

Wow, so you think that $6,000 MEASLY dollars are going to solve this whole thing?  Think again, how can you possibly place a price on the life of a child, oh wait, WELCOME to the AUCTION H-O-U-S-E, “run” by BEELZEBUB!!!

This, is just ANOTHER bad parenting behavior, because the mother is afraid that her current lover can’t tolerate the F-A-C-T (b/c it’s already BEEN “established” here) that she’s had a child with someone else, so, she ABANDONS her responsibilities as a mother, and so, guess where the kid will end up, still getting KICKED around from one relative to the next, and, she will grow up, and, we ALL know how that’s gonna turn out already, don’t we???

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A Seven-Year-Old Asks a Five-Year-Old to Accompany Him as He Snucks Out Some of His Father’s Porn

This, would be H-O-W a kid can get her/his entire H-E-A-D, STUCK in the “cookie jar”, translated…

After a seven-year-old boy snuck into and watched his father’s “private stash” of pornography, he modeled after the behaviors he saw, and raped a five-year-old neighborhood girl, the judge sentenced the seven-year-old to weekend counseling sessions, with the father accompanying him.  The judge sighed, that an innocent child had become the youngest victim of sexual assault, advised that the parents NOT to ignore children’s modeling


The man in charge of Ping-An Hospital, Huang pointed out that a seven-year-old had NO sense of the meaning of sexual behaviors, along with the consequences that sexual behaviors may have.  He asked the schools and the parents to teach children to respect themselves, as well as each other’s bodies.

The five-year-old female was bathed by her mother last year in September, she cried out in pain, the mother asked where she was hurting from, she’d pointed to her pubic region, after the mother examined it, she found it to be red, after inquiries, she told that she was playing with the older boy from next door, and he had pulled down her pants.

The mother of the girl was angry, ran next door to find out exactly how this could’ve happened.  The family of the male child didn’t believe that he could do such things, stated to the mother, “What would a seven-year-old know, your child must be lying!”, the parent of the girl got angry and decided to sue.

The judge had asked a psychiatrist to make a home visit to the boy’s place, found that there’s pornography next to the machines, the judge ruled that because the father would rent these films, thus, shedding the light on this case.  The boy told the judge that while his father was viewing porn of film, he would stay “hidden” and watch from the side, imitating how the individuals in the films would use their pubic regions to bump against each other.

The judge called the male child’s father to the stand, he denied everything, the judge asked him, “while you were watching porn, did you not realize that your child is close by, watching it too”.  The judge said, “the child was still young, and can turn bad easily, if you don’t teach him now, must you wait until he became a rapist and gotten charged?”, the father then admitted to renting porn.

We’re merely imitating what we see is happening, because we’re children, and that, is how we L-E-A-R-N, by OBSERVATION, hello, hello, hello?  And, in the above “case”, the child’s father FAILED to keep those X-rated films out of the child’s reach (like he can???), and, what would you know?  The kid got his seven-year-old H-E-A-D STUCK in the “cookie jar” in the end, because he was merely “copying” what he had seen, with the little girl from the neighborhood, and that, would be how SEXUAL PREDATORS “get” made…

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Life is NO Drama, the Son of a Namely Doctor Steals Food from a Conveniece Store

Does an overseas degree mean anything?  I wouldn’t think so, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man named Hong, who was sent to the U.S. to study since he was in the elementary years, had wanted to become a movie director, last year, when he’d become a junior in college, his father who was currently a doctor had cut him off, told him to stand up on his own, after Hong had returned to Taiwan, he’d been out of a job long-term, two days ago, because he hadn’t eaten for the whole day, he went to the convenience store to steal some food, got caught.

Hung’s (age 24) father is a well-known surgeon at a hospital in Yun-Ling, the family is rich, but the relationship between the parent and the child had gone sour.  When the cops called up the father to tell him that his son had been arrested for stealing, he replied, “We no longer care for him!”, said that the son had NOT been putting his heart into looking for work, that he’d been unemployed for a very long time, that he was disappointed toward his son.

The cops discovered, that two nights ago at around 11 o’clock, Hong was starving, he went to a super convenience store, took a rice ball, and hid it in his coat pocket, then, he took two eggs, and was caught by the employee on the second floor, watching the surveillance cameras, the employee ran out and stopped him from getting away.

The cops took Hong into the station, after inquiries, learned that he’d studied abroad.  Hong told the cops that after he finished his elementary school years, he was sent abroad with his older sister to study, he was studying at a university in Virginia in his third year in the drama department.  Last year, his family cut him off, and that was why he was forced to return to Taiwan.

After returning to Taiwan, he wanted to find a job, but, he’d been staying in the States long-term, he wasn’t fluent in Chinese, and he was studying drama, so, he’s without a viable skill, so, he couldn’t find a steady job, he could only work part-time at church, which wouldn’t even cover his own living costs.  The father still took care of his patients yesterday morning, he only said, “It’s family matter, and I’m not apt to say.”

Because Hong wasn’t fluent in Chinese, the press asked him why he’d dropped out of school, he couldn’t understand what they’re asking him, he stated that “my mother wouldn’t pay for my plane ticket!”  As for why his parents had cut him off, he said, with a foreign accent, “I don’t know!”

Hong wasn’t living with his parents, he stayed in the house that his parents bought for him, when he was caught, he had only enough change to buy the egg; he said, that his father would bring him food from time to time, but without giving him allowance, that when he was hungry and didn’t have any money, he’d eat bread, and a few days ago, he had not had any food intakes, he had “finally become too hungry to think straight!”

He dreamed of becoming a movie director, and yet, he couldn’t even pay for a one-dollar rice ball; the clerk at the store said that that was NOT the first time that Hong had come by to steal food, that the day previous, he’d taken away a bottle of coke.

This, is what a degree overseas gets you, NOWHERE, and because this “son” couldn’t support himself, because although he’s gotten a degree from abroad, NOBODY ever taught HIM to fend for himself.  So, all it worlds down is this: even IF the “child” has a HIGHER DEGREE from a namely university, if s/he doesn’t know HOW to handle her/his living, s/he is still WORTH NOTHING to the W-O-R-L-D, so, START teaching your kids to make a contribution, start MAKING them stand UP, and STOP hovering over them, because if you’d done that long-term, and all of a sudden you cut them off, they’re going to feel extremely ILL-PREPARED, and, they’d believe that it was your (the parents’???) fault, because you did NOT teach them to fend for themselves, because you think that the “duties” of education “rests” on the school instructors’ shoulders, are you FUCKING kidding me here???

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