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The Mother of the Little Boy Who Was Abused to Death Made Bail Because She’s Once Again, Pregnant, with Twins

Hello, shouldn’t someone take HER in, to get S-P-A-Y-E-D???  From the Newspapers, translated…

Last week, Pan was caught, dealing drugs, but because she was pregnant with twins, she wasn’t placed in custody.  The Hsinbei Social Services Department, the Department of Sanitation, along with the police stations called a press conference because of this, hoped that the D.A. would consider giving Pan house arrest; the D.A. stressed that they’d done everything according to the law, that there was NO mishaps.

Three years ago, the two year old little boy, How Wang’s birth father was sent to prison for dealing drugs, the mother, Pan, and the drug dealer, Liu moved in together, and How Wang was abused to death by Liu and three others; and Pan was sentenced for drug use, three years ago in March, she’d used the excuse of she’s pregnant, filed to a stop order on her incarceration, and after she’d made bail, she ran off; on May first of this year, Pan was once again, arrested for dealing drugs, but because she was once again, pregnant with twins, after she was arrested, she’d made bail again, and was told to wait, but the D.A. did NOT put her on house arrest.

The district attorney in charge of the Hsinbei City’s D.A.s offices, Lee stated yesterday, that based off of the laws of the penitentiary, women who are five months pregnant or had given birth no more than two months can’t be placed in custody, and that the jails would NOT keep them either, and, they can only enforce a law that made sure that Pan is placed under house arrest, that there’s NO strict enforcement of this, that if she really wanted to run, NOBODY can stop her, all they could do, was to wait for the laws to be amended.

How Wang’s aunt, Wei-Jun Wang noted this, and blamed the government “Must you wait until someone’s DEAD, then start regretting?”  Wei-Jun Wang questioned, that Pan had once dodged bail before, and if she “disappeared off the maps”, took the advantage to use and hurt the child she was carrying, or after she’d given birth, and handed her child to the “drug-addicted friends”, and the case of How Wang repeated, who will be held responsible?

Wei-Jun Wang stated, that the law is there to protect people, but when there are holes in the systems, then, the laws must get amended quickly, instead of just saying, “there’s NOTHING we can do”, she saw how the social services department was working hard, how the social workers are working hard to show their cares and concerns, and that the cops are on call 24/7, that, is not the way to resolve this sort of a problem.

This, is still how the government is trying to TREAT a problem, and, this woman should NEVER BE allowed to make bail at all, but because she’s pregnant AGAIN, and I’m betting that she uses her pregnancies as a “get-out-of-jail-free” card too, and that, is just ONE out of zillions of H-O-L-E-S, in the JUSTICE system.

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Discord at Old Age

News, translated…

A cab driver named Lee believed that his children abandoned him at old age when he became immobile and elderly, asked the courts to get his children to pay him alimony; but Lee’s children believed that they’d been enduring their father’s abuse since when they were very young, even gotten their heads shaved, their mother and they couldn’t stand any more of this violence, so they’d left, that their father had NO right to come ask them to pay.

The judge at the Banciao District Court believed that the 65-year-old Lee, although had been harsh with disciplining his children, but it wasn’t severe enough, and he still shouldered the burdens to raise his children up, the children should take responsibilities for their father’s old age; but, because his children’s incomes were limited, and they still took care of their mother, the judge mandated his children to pay a total of $6,000N.T.s per month.

Lee, the driver stated that he’d been married forty years, ten years ago, he and his wife had a fight, and she left; four years ago, he had a blood disorder that caused his left leg to become nonfunctional, that he could NO longer move freely, and so, he couldn’t drive his cab anymore, he could only live off of loans and the donations of kind people, wanting his children to take care of him, to give him an allowance and rent of $15,000 per month.

Lee’s wife came to court and said, that he’d often beaten her up without just cause after they’d gotten married, had once threw a chair at her, and punished her to get on her knees as well.  Later, the man was into gambling; she’d set up fast-food shop on her own, ten years ago, because she’d forgotten to take home her earnings from the shop, he’d abused her physically, which made her run away from home.

Lee’s son told, that his father would often beaten his mother up, and because he tried to tell his father not to, and concealed the truth about his mother’s whereabouts, that he’d gotten beaten up too; the daughter also stated that the father was unhappy with her hanging out with her classmates, he had shaved her head.

Both of Lee’s children stated that they’d grown up under the dark clouds of domestic violence, because they could NO longer put up with the father’s abusive ways, that, was why they’d ran to live with their mother; that the father couldn’t beat them up and then, ask them to take care of him after he became feeble, wanting the judge to allow them to NOT be obligated to take care of the father.

Because the father was a DEADBEAT, beating up the mother and the children too, no wonder that, was why the kids wouldn’t want to care for him, and, the children had their rights to feel that way, but the judge was BLIND on this, because the judge is probably still too STUCK on the saying that “there are NO wrong parents”, that because you’d given birth to us, that gives you the RIGHT to a huge CHUNK out of our paychecks, which is entirely B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!!!


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Raping a Step-Granddaughter, Faking as the Parent to Get the Child to Have an Abortion

Story from the news, translated…

A man had raped the middle-school aged grandchild and got her pregnant, and, he and his wife posed as the child’s parents, to take her to an abortion clinic to get an abortion; the highest court in Taiwan had found the man guilty of forced sexual activities, and, sentenced him to fifteen years

prison term, and, he has a chance for an appeal. As for his wife, she was charged with making the child having an abortion, a four-month jail sentence, which can get revoked if she paid a fine.

After the victim’s parents got divorced, because the mother was remarried, she and her stepfather and step-grandfather are residing together; the youth’s step grandfather and the man were long-time friends, the girl had been playing with the man’s daughter when they were little; in 2007, when the girl was 13, still going to middle school, she was raped for the first time in the man’s daughter’s bedroom, the man told her, that his wife was accepting of them having sex together, making the girl scared.

Two months later, the girl found out she was pregnant because of the rape, and after the wife of the man found out, she took the child to an OBGYN, posing as her parent, to misdirect the doctors that the parents were taking the child in for an abortion.

Tseng, the man who raped her stated that he felt something for the girl, and that the sex was consensual, but the courts decided that they have a 30-year-difference between them, and Tseng had gone back to revoke his previous statements, the courts didn’t believe him, and blamed him for being the elder of the girl, but responsible for incest. As for the abortion, because it wasn’t approved by the girl’s legal guardians, it was against the law.

Because a man could N-O-T control HIS penis, and the girl just happened to be in the vicinity, and so, he FUCKED her, and, afterwards, he has HIS wife cleaning UP his mess, are you kidding me? What kind of an elder A-R-E you, if you FUCKED someone who “saw” you as a grandparent or a parent, someone they were S-U-P-P-O-S-E-D to trust and to feel safe with?

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An Abusive Preacher of G-O-D

God may have “taught” us to love others, but, certainly, He did NOT teach us to love our own offspring, found on MSNBC.com…

Creflo Dollar, who founded World Changers Church International, in Fayetteville, Georgia, was arrested early June eighth on charges of attempting to choke his own daughter.

According to the report from the Sherriff’s Office, the daughter called the cops after she and her father got into an argument about her going to a party.  The report said the daughter alleged that Dollar choked her, pushed her to the ground, punched her and hit her with his shoe.  The officer who responded to the 911 call noticed a scratch on the daughter’s neck close to her throat, which the girl claimed was from the dispute with her father.

When the cops interviewed Dollar, he admitted to “restraining his daughter when she became very disrespectful”, after he told her she couldn’t go to a party.  He admitted to hitting his child and wrestling her to the floor, but said that it was because she had hit him.

The pastor said, “As a father, I loved my children and I always have their best interest in mind, and I would never use my hand to ever cause bodily harm to my children,” he said, in a statement released by his lawyer, to The Associated Press.

So, here’s a very well-known man, because he’s been on television, preaching about the love of God or of Jesus Christ and whatever, and yet, his behaviors at home, is NOT at all godly, I mean, he HIT his own offspring.  And, if his daughter DID hit him first, I wouldn’t know, because I was NOT there when it happened?  But, whatever the reasons, hitting your offspring is NOT permitted, because you, STUPID adults need to USE your W-O-R-D-S, as those kindergarten teachers told their students when they start hitting one another, hello, hello, hello, but, apparently, this P-A-R-E-N-T FAILED in that “lesson” back in HIS kindergarten “career”, are you kidding me here???

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The Children of a Gambler Refused to Take Care of Him After Being “Sold”

You DO realize, that this IS understandable, right, I mean, the man DID sell his children, to pay UP his gambling debts here, translated…

A gambling man sold his children, reunited thirty-two years later after he’d had a car crash

When he had sold his children to pay up his gambling debts in the past, now, he was in a coma due to a car crash, the cops found his ex-wife and his children, and the three of them REFUSED to pay for his medical care expenses, only willing to sue on behalf of the man.

An accident brought the four members of the family that’s drifted apart for thirty-two years to reunite again.

Su was a compulsive gambler and an alcoholic, thirty-two years ago, he sold his children to pay up his gambling debts; his ex-wife, Wang had scrounged up the money and got their daughter back and remarried, the son was adopted by a couple named Yeh; Su’s family was completely split up since then.  Last year, Su was hit by a truck, fell into a coma, the cops who worked the case found the ex-wife and the children, they were reunited at the hospital.

When Wang had arrived to the hospitals to visit Su with her two kid, the emotions ran haywire; although they’re family, but, all three of them claimed that they wouldn’t shoulder the fees of the man’s hospitalization, because Su had sold off his children, broken up a what was an “originally happy” family, they couldn’t forgive him for so doing.

On the evening of July 25th of last year, Su (63-years old) was riding pass a street in Hsin Tien, was hit by a small pickup truck, driven by the 38-year-old Duo Lieh Dar Gae, causing Su to have subdural hematoma and a fracture.  After being taken to the hospital for resuscitation, Su was out of the woods, but fell into a coma.

The D.A.’s investigation believed that the driver of the other vehicle had hurt the man, they decided to pursue the case in court; but, at the scene of the crime, Su did NOT have any identification, is in a coma, and hadn’t been in touch with his family, so, the cops started an extensive search for his family.

The D.A. found out about Su’s background and identity.  Based off of the investigations, after Su had married in 1973, he’d been physically and verbally abusing Wang and their children.  Since 1979, because he owed a lot of gambling debts, he sold his three-year-old son and his five-year-old daughter for the prices of $300,000 and $150,000.

The ex-wife, Wang feared that the daughter might end up being sold as a sex worker, she borrowed $70,000 to get her daughter back, the son was adopted by a family, Yeh, that lived in Keelung.  In 1980, Wang and Su divorced, she took her daughter and remarried again; the coincidence was that Wang had lived in Keelung too, without knowing the her own son was living nearby.

The D.A. found that Su’s classmate was the man responsible in taking care of things in the Hsintien district, asked for his help in finding his family, upon knowing that Su’s son had changed his first name, and daughter had changed her last name, he was able to find them using the database, found the telephone number for the daughter, after getting into contact, they’d found his ex-wife, allowing all of them to reunite during the Mid-Autumn Festivals.

The D.A. allowed the son of Su to appear on behalf of his father toward the man who ran him over.

This just shows that if you, as a parent, didn’t take care of OR love your kids, then, we, the children WON’T have to reciprocate the love you SHOULD’VE given us, and, that, would be how it ALL goes, because the father didn’t take good care of his wife and children, instead, he SOLD them for what he could get, that would be why the children and the ex-wife are acting so indifferent as he had gotten run over by that truck.

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A Man Who’s Abandoned His Family Comes to Get Money from the Children…

News from the Front Pages, translated…

A man named Peng while he was younger, he’d abandoned his wife, went abroad, took another wife and had children, two years ago, he had a stroke, was taken to a hospice, he asked his first set of children for money to care for him, the children said, “He never took care of us”, his wife testified that “I took care of our children on my own.” the judge proclaimed that he was misfit as a father, ruled that the children wouldn’t have to pay for his care.

“Back when we were just kids, he’d abandoned us, and he has the GUTS to try to get money from us, thankfully, the court was just and gave us our rights.” After Peng’s children got the verdict, they were glad of the rulings. The family court in Taoyuan pointed out, that if the parents failed to take responsibility for the care of their young, when the parents grew old, the children don’t and won’t necessarily have to pay for their elderly care.

This, would be ANOTHER example of a DEADBEAT father, I mean, he never took care of his children, he ABANDONED them, and now that he’d gotten a stroke, he wants them to care for him? Why should they? After all, they ARE related by blood and they are the fruits of HIS loins, right? But, what about all the years that he was missing from their lives before? Whose fault was that? The children’s? I think not, and the children have the right to get angry when the father asked for them to pay for his elderly care.

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