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A Sex Ring of Women From China Used the Excuse of Seeking Out Medical Treatments to Sell Themselves Here in Taiwan

All I can say here, is sex STILL S-E-L-L-S, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The specialist force from the immigrations services in the city of Taipei had busted a large sex ring, with women from China, and they’d arrested the transporters, the hookers, the brokers, along with the dorm manager, a total of twenty-five individuals, of the twenty-five, twelve ladies used the name of getting treatment to come to Taiwan, and they’d gone a several large hospitals, and after they were “weighed and measured, they were taken off by the drivers”.

The Immigrations Department told, that the ring is managed by a man, Wu, and a woman, Peng, and they’d made $500,000N.T. per day, and, their sex ring was set up just last year.  After the immigrations department interrogated the ladies who were here to sell, they’d sent the primary suspect, Wu, along with the mechanic, and thirteen others to the district attorney’s offices; the twelve women from China, are waiting, to be inquired by the D.A., then, they will either be detained, taken in by the immigrations, or to wait for deportation.

The team captain of the squad that made the bust, Hsieh said, that they Immigrations Department had chased the leads for over nine months, and, at the run down dormitory, next to a Buddhist worship center in Sanchong, they’d discovered the ring, and the ladies who worked all looked sexy, with the reputation of “Drive-Thru”, and, they’d get new girls every seven days.

Hsieh said, that the woman, nicknamed “Colorful Butterfly” was only twenty years of age, and is a second year college student at a certain art academy in China, this, was the second time she’d come to Taiwan to sell herself for sex, and claimed to her parents, that she needed to go to Beijing to attend some form of art training camps, and she had come here in June, to sell for sex, and came back in August again.  “Colorful Butterfly”, because she looked different, with a unique flair, with a good looking body, became the most-called-upon of the ring, and, the price she sold at started at $8,000N.T., and it goes UP to $12,000N.T.

Hsieh told the police that another woman, “Snowy”, has pale complexion, with a sweet voice, and her starting price was at $15,000N.T., and in a short two weeks, she’d taken on a hundred and TEN customers; but, the ring had taken seventy-five percent of her total earnings, and the ladies who worked couldn’t get that much from selling their bodies.

In order to block the “false claims of medical treatment, with the intentions of whoring”, the Immigrations Department stated, that starting on September 1 of this year, the medical centers will be screened, even harder, to prevent the ladies from coming from across the strait to sell themselves here.

And so, it is still the basic law of economics: supply and demand, IF there is NO demand for this sort of SHIT, you think that there would still be supply?  Hell no, and this still just shows you, how wayward those ladies’ value had become, and, this, is a HUGE loophole that a TON of bad people are weaseling through right now, but gladly, the government had decided to TIGHTEN up the rules now.




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You’d Staye Away My Whole Life

You’d stayed away, out of sight, my WHOLE life, because you THOUGHT you were NOT good enough for me (once again, WHAT, does ASSumptions make???  Exactly!!!).

You’d stayed away my whole life, and now, out of the blue, you’d popped in, why is that?  Because you’re getting older, and in NEED of care?  And, just what makes You think, that I’m going to CARE for a man who’d merely DONATED a FUCKING sperm to my BIOLOGICAL mother (and no, still was NOT adopted here!!!)?

You’d stayed away my whole life, and, now, you’d come back, and I’m supposed to what?  Just OPEN my arms wide, for you to RUN into my warm embrace?  What makes YOU think, that I’m going to, after all, you were NEVER there for me, so, now, I shall, return the exact SAME favor too.

You’d stayed away my whole life, so, why don’t you just STAY away my WHOLE life right now, it’s NOT like I need you now, after all, I’d already, OUTGROWN the likes of you.  You’d stayed away my whole life, there’s NO way you’ll EVER get to “enter” back in again…








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A Fifteen-Year-Old Teenage Girl Lead a Group of Her Cohort, to Rob Foreign Hired Assistants

Teens these days, they’re still getting more and more, and even M-O-R-E, violent these days, why is that? Don’t you EVER wonder??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

For two days in a row, in Tangzhi District of Taichung, there were three cases of foreign hired aides getting ROBBED in the broad day light, the police followed the leads, and found that the leader that robbed the foreign hired aides are a fifteen-year-old middle school dropout, a girl named Hsieh, she’d asked her boyfriend, Wu, to buy two watermelon knives for “tools of the trade”, to be used in a robbery, simply because she ran out of allowances.

“Did I teach you to behave so badly? How can you do something so bad?”, the woman, Chen, who raised Hsieh on her own went to the police station, and found that her daughter had been the primary suspect of a robbery, she was very upset; the adolescent girl screamed back, cussing, her face showed a lack of care and concern, like what she’d done really didn’t matter at all.

The person in charge of the subprecinct, Lee stat4ed, that Hsieh, along with her three other companions had robbed only small amounts of money, but the methods they took to robbing, was extremely vicious, the police booked them based off of robbery charges, Wu and Tsai who are already adults were incarcerated, and the underage Hsieh, along with Jeng, are placed in juvenile detention.

The adolescent girl claimed, that she’d seen those foreign hired assistants hanging outside of super convenience shops, with high-end cell phones, they seemed to be very rich, that, was why she’d told her boyfriend, to go to the shops, to buy two watermelon knives, to rob them, “that way, we’d make more money.”

The eighteen-year-old man, Wu said, that he’d followed his girlfriend’s words, and she’d asked him to bring along two other to help, and he’d enticed the eighteen-year-old, Tsai, and sixteen-year-old Jeng as his accomplices, the fore of them rode on two motorcycles, and found the seemingly rich female foreign aides who looked rich, on the roads of Tanzhi District.

Hsieh rode the motorcycle, with her boyfriend behind her, and when a chance presented itself, she’d hollered out to him, to go and rob people, and they would use that watermelon knife, and Tsai and Jeng would stand on the side, and make threats, “If you DARE remember the license plates, we will HACK you up!”, and the female foreign hired assistants would get so shocked, to give out their money, along with anything that’s valuable, Hsieh had split up the money they’d gotten, three thousand dollars, and used the three cell phones for themselves, as for the I-Pad, Hsieh said that she’d already destroyed, and tossed it out.

The police got the call from the foreign hired help, and chased the leads by the surveillance, and managed to get the license plate number, and two nights ago, they’d found Hsieh, in Wu’s residences, and found the watermelon knife that was used for the robbery.

And so, what had driven teenage girls who worked as a group to ROB, was M-O-N-E-Y, because they see how much those foreign hired ladies are “packing”, and, they wanted the money, and so, they didn’t even consider the consequences, and acted on their impulses, perhaps, it’s due to how their prefrontal cortexes, NOT being developed enough yet? If that, was the part that’s responsible for impulse control, I wouldn’t know………

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An Army General Accused of Sexual Misconducts with His Subordinates

I thought that there would be higher MORALE in the army, apparently not these days, found on NBC.com…

A general based in Ft. Bragg was charged with forced sex, multiple counts of adultery, and inappropriate relationships with his female subordinates while serving in Afghanistan.

And now, the Pentagon is “calling” for steps to prevent assault.

And, guess what this LOSER got?  Court martial, and, if you ask me, the punishment is still TOO light, but hey, that would be how they do IT in the army, where the females become BITCHES and WHORES for the men, after all, we ARE going to a war, where resources are limited, so, we still take ALL we can get, and this LOSER used his RANK to force his subordinates to have sex with him, wouldn’t that be equivalent to how a teacher uses her/his status to FORCE a student into a relationship?  And, here on the MAINLAND, how do WE handle that?  And, shouldn’t the army be even MORE strict, after all, someone WAS raped, but NOT penetrated, so, guess that wouldn’t count, huh???
Until something like this BLOWS wide O-P-E-N, things are still currently being SWEPT under the R-U-G, and because this IS the U.S. Army, we have a reputation to keep, and so, chances will be, that we’d PAY off the victims to make sure that these bad but TRUE “rumors” don’t get spread any further, right?


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Woman Gets Two Life Sentences for Raping Her Own Child

BAD MOMMY, from The National Memo…

A judge sentenced a Missouri woman to two consecutive life terms for sexually assaulting her infant, the mother did this, with a man from California man whom she’d met online.

The twenty-two year-old mother pleaded guilty to sodomy, incest, and statutory rape in January.  The mother started raping her child when she was only three months old, and now, the child is already FIVE.  The children still had NIGHT TERRORS up to date, the woman who fostered, then adopted the children said, upon observing their behaviors.  However, the foster mom said that the girls are improving a little each day.

And, this little girl is going to grow up, being haunted by the GHOSTS of her past, because she was raped by someone whom she’d depended on since she was a baby, her own MOTHER, and, that, is just ONE of MANY examples of bad parenting behaviors available, out in the big “ocean” filled with SHIT out there!!!

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