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With the Restraining Orders Set in Place, the Former Flight Attendant Suspected of Arson, the Couple Severely Burned

The use of that restraining order signed by the COURT JUDGE is still???  Oh yeah, WORTHLESS in reality here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former flight attendant, the forty-five year old Lee, awhile ago accused online that her mother-in-law had bitten her to injury, after her fight with her husband yesterday, she was suspected of lighting up gas causing a fire, the husband, Yang and her were both severely injured; Yang claimed that as he’d apologized to his wife, gotten down on his knees, she’d poured the gasoline, then light the fire; Lee said that she’d lit the fires, but her husband was the one, pouring the gasoline, it’d become a he-said, she-said, the police is currently investigating into the matter.

As Lee stopped working as a flight attendant, she’d started working as an auctioneer online, her husband who’s seven years her junior was originally a professional serviceman, after he was discharged, he’d worked with her on her online business.  The police investigated and found, that the couple had often gotten into altercations on taking care of the pet birds and their relationship, on the 24th and 27th of last month separately, they’d both filed restraining orders against each other at the local substations, and on the fourth and nineth, both restraining orders had been, signed into effect.

Awhile ago, Lee disclosed online, that she is seven years her husband’s senior, that her in-laws were displeased about it, and kept giving her a hard time, that they’d married and moved out; recently because Yang couldn’t pay five of his insurances, Yang’s father paid for him on his behalf, and the beneficiary was changed to Yang’s father then.  Last month on the 24th, she took her husband to her in-law’s to confront them on it, they had a huge fight, Lee accused her mother-in-law for splashing her with hot pepper oils, that in the physical altercation, her mother-in-law sliced off a piece of flesh off of her right ring finger; the in-laws accused Lee of scratching up their car and damaging the items on their properties, planned to sue her for assault, damages to their properties, as well as threats too, while Lee accused her mother-in-law for slandering, and insisted on suing her for public humiliation.

At around 6:06 in the morn, the couple was suspected of getting into an altercation again, Lee was suspected of committing arson at her residence, Yang was conscious, rushed downstairs to call for help, while Lee washed herself off in the bathrooms, by the time the paramedic, the fire department arrived, they’d found burn marking in the kitchens, the bedrooms too, they’d rushed the two to the hospital.

The hospital pointed out, that Yang sustained burns up to seventy-percent of his body of second degree, that he’d had burns on his airway, they’d already intubated him; while Lee sustained second to third degree burns on forty-five percent of her body, mostly on the right side of her body, her face to her hips all had burns, both are in critical danger currently.

Yang told the paramedics, that his wife came home early in the morn yesterday, woke him up, told him to get on his knees to apologize, and as he got down on his knees, she’d poured gas all over him then, started a fire; while Lee admitted to arson, but that it was her husband who’d poured the gas that’s, caused the fire.

The neighbors told, that the couple just moved in not long ago, that they’d heard arguing from their apartment often, that the man claimed that he was going to kill himself, making the building into a ticking time bomb.

And so, had one of them moved away from the residence, then, they wouldn’t have engaged, but they chose to LIVE together, and every day, they’d confronted each other, and, got on one another’s, nerves and bad sides, and this was what happened.  And, had one of them selected to MOVE out of the residence, then, all of this could’ve been, avoided.

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A Middle School Student Pushed His Friend in Front of a Moving Car, Charged for Attempted Murder

Teenagers these days, becoming MURDERERS, because they want what someone else has, but couldn’t get it, from the Newspapers, translated…

A middle school student in Yingge, Hsu, last month on the 22nd, was pushed by a fellow classmate, Chiu, in front of a moving car, and was injured, after Hsu’s mother learned that Chiu had once told her son, “After you’re dead, your iPad and cash would all be mine!”, the mother got angered and SUED the other student for attempted murder.  Both Chiu and his mother denied the allegations, the police claimed, that after the interrogations, Chiu will be booked based off of attempted murder charges.

The police investigated and found that Chiu (age 15), the middle school student, was suspected of feeling jealous of his fellow schoolmate, Hsu, because he has an iPad and a cell phone, which was bigger than his own cell phone, last month on the 22nd, he’d bugged Hsu nonstop, and had pushed him toward the street when Hsu wasn’t paying attention, Hsu was hit by a pickup driver, Fang, in the head, he’d suffered intracranial hematoma, his lower jaw and nose was broken too, he’d lost four of his teeth as well, the lower portions of the right side of his face was completely disfigured, and the doctors were able to, thankfully, save his life.

Hsu’s mother reviewed the surveillance footage, and found, that her son was pushed by a fellow student and was hit by the pickup, Hsu also told his mother later on, that Chiu had once told him, “If you’re dead, your iPad and cash would all be mine”, and Hsu’s mother got angered because of it, sued Chiu for attempted murder.

Hsu’s mother was also displeased with how the patrol officer from the Sanxia’s traffic team, Chang, that he’d used “I have other pressing cases”, to not go through the procedures of taking care of her son’s case, and, afterwards, the mother was so depressed that she couldn’t sleep on days on end, and on the very day, she’d taken her son to the police station to get his statement taken; and, because Hsu’s mother sued, yesterday, Chiu’s mother also showed up at the police precinct with her son, to get their second statements in, and Chiu still denied having attempted murdering his classmate.

The Sanxia Subprecinct told, that after the investigations, they will be booking Chiu based off of attempted murder charges, and, because the officer, Chang was not paying enough attention, he’d received one minor reprimand, and they will keep on checking to see, if there are, more negligence in relation to the case.

And, all of this still happened, because a kid got jealous of how another kid has everything, and, the kid just kept showing off, and, finally, the kid who pushed the other cracked, and that just shows, how emotional they can get during the teenage years, that anything and EVERYTHING can trigger their emotional responses, and, because they’re at their teenage years, they lacked the inhibitions toward their behaviors, and that, is why this had happened.

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Two Men in Their Midlife Years Got Jealous of a Woman in Her Sixties, and Hacked Each Other

All of that, for a woman, are you FUCKING kidding me???  From the newspapers, translated…

The forty-nine year old man, Wang, and a sixty-two year-old woman, He, after they’d broken up, he was displeased at how she’d started dating Tsai, on the evening of the 18th, he went to ambush them at Tsai’s place, and used a kitchen knife and a hammer to attack the other man, but Wang was diagnosed with cancer, and after a few strikes, he’d become weakened, and Tsai took the knife, and hacked him back, both men had bled, and was taken to the police station, where they accused one another for attempted murder, and both were booked.

The enemies in love, and everybody became intrigued at how a woman, He, could manage to get two men so roused up.  Based off of understanding, she is unemployed, slimly built, and because she’d taken good care of her body, she’d looked amazing.  After she’d learned that Tsai was beaten, she’d gone to visit him at the subprecinct.

He said, that she’d parted ways with Wang for two years already, that last year in May, he’d learned that she’d started dating Tsai (age 53), wanted her to come back to him, she’d told him no.  And, Wang got jealous, last September, he’d followed her and Tsai to a motel, and she was so scared she’d called the police.

He stated, that she believed that Wang was a violent man, and had distanced herself from him bit by bit.  Wang once told him, that he knew where Tsai lived, and that he will get even with Tsai.

The police investigated and found that the cab driver, Wang, at a little past ten in the evening on the eighteenth, gone to Tsai’s staircase and wandered.  As Tsai was turning in, he’d bumped into Wang, and Wang attacked him with a hammer and a fruit knife, and Tsai managed to get the knife and fought back, and, they’d fallen down the stairs from the fourth floor to the first.

As Wang was arrested, he’d denied having attempted murder, claimed that he was in Tsai’s building to find his friends for a chef’s position, “Wanted to bring my knife to make him a sample meal.”  Tsai said, he didn’t know Wang, just knew that he was his girlfriend’s ex, that he’d taken the knife in self-defense.

And so, this, is where jealousy and a bad break up leads, and, a woman DOES have the right to END a relationship AS she saw fit, and, so, STOP trying to get a woman back, after she’d dumped you, losers, after all, you must’ve done something wrong to PISS her off, otherwise, why would she dump you and hook up with another man?  Exactly!!!






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