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The Man with Domestic Violence Priors Waved Around the Knuckle Knife, the Mother and Daughter-in-Law Subdued Him Together

And this time, the women had, HAD enough, finally!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lee with domestic violence priors was suspected of breaking the terms of the restraining order his wife took out on him, rammed into the house, and attacked his wife with a weapon that’s listed as illegal to possess, and attacked his wife on the head, causing her to suffer lacerations on two different parts of her body, Lee’s mother went up to stop him, the mother and daughter-in-law were able to subdue Lee, and called the police for assistance.  The district attorneys found, that Lee used the weapon to attack his wife’s neck, with the intent to murder, charged him with attempted murder, and other charges.

The investigations found that the 51-year-old Lee was about ten year senior to his wife, and he’d been in disagreements, conflicts with her relatives, and many times the police came to sort things through, and of these past times, the members of the families forgave him, and not pressed charges; and he’d had multiple verbal altercations with his own wife, and gotten physically violent on her, and awhile ago, they started physically fighting on the matter of disciplining their young, his wife finally had it, asked the courts for a restraining order.

The indictment pointed out, during last December, Lee breached the rule of needing to be away from his wife’s work place in the distance of fifty-meters, and had gotten the illegal knife from an unknown male, carried it on him, as he’d gone to visit his own mother, he’d found his wife there too, and he was suspected to using the illegal weapon to attack his wife’s head.

As Lee learned that his wife was there, his mother locked the doors, and he’d asked a neighbor to ring his mother’s doorbell, and tricked his mother to open the door, and rushed into the house, and was suspected of putting the knuckle knife on his fingers, and smashing down his wife’s head, causing her to sustain two laceration wounds on her scalp.  His mother saw, and got up to prevent him from further attacking her daughter-in-law, and were able to pin Lee to the chair with her, until the police who were called arrived, Lee willingly, turned himself in.

Lee denied the allegations of the intent to murder, but both the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law testified that he’d rammed into the house with the weapon to attack his wife; Lee’s mother also testified, to that the gloves, the knuckle knife left at the scene wasn’t from her home.

The D.A. found traces of Lee’s D.N.A. on the gloves found at the scene, and the blood from the knuckle knife tested positive for Lee’s wife’s D.N.A. too, believed that Lee was there to commit murder, that he’d attacked his wife with an controlled weapon in areas that may cause her to get fatally wounded, indicted him on breaching of the restraining order, possessions of illegal weapons, and attempted murder.

And so, this still just showed?  Oh yeah, those restraining orders AIN’T WORTH SHIT, and for the battered women to protect themselves, they can either, run away with their young (with the probability of their abusive husbands tracking them down too high), get a restraining order (which is useless piece of PAPER like this case proved!), or, we can, defend ourselves, by ATTACKING those mother-fuckers who tried to beat the crap out of us, and then, we get charged with manslaughter, instead of MURDER, because we are all smart enough, to keep records of our physical injuries, voice recordings of the threats those MOTHER FUCKERS threatened us, right???  Yeah!

Do keep those evidence at hand, otherwise, you will be, totally, FUCKED (so???) up there, ladies…

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