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For Thirty-Five Years, a Mother Never Gave a DAMN About Her Own Son, and Now, She’d Fallen Ill, She’d Filed for Her Poor Son to Care for Her

And so what RIGHT have you, to ask that kid you’d ABANDONED, to take care of you?  Exactly, and yet, this is still happening, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Wang, thirty-five years ago, left her husband and abandoned her children, married someone else, and now, she’s found to have multiple debilitating conditions, and living in poverty, she’d asked her younger son, to pay $15,000N.T. as alimony to her, to make her life better, the woman’s son stated, that his father is elderly now, his wife has cancer, and his older brother is diagnosed with schizophrenia too, and he has three kids of his own that he needed to care for, and, everybody in the house relied on his $30,000N.T. monthly wages to live, and, the mother who’d abandoned him back then, came out of the blue, and asked him to pay for her livelihood, he just couldn’t accept this.

The Shihlin District Courts believed, that when Wang divorced, she’d neglected to even bother to ask about how her children were, and so, the judge said that the son didn’t need to pay for the mother’s care.

Wang originally married her husband, Jiang, twenty-five years ago, she divorced, and then, remarried.  She stated, that she had surgery on her left hand, couldn’t work, had been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, along with other illnesses, and now, she lives with a friend, and is having a hard time getting by.  Last May, Wang had filed for alimony payments from her children.

She said, based off of the statistical department, the monthly expenses of a person in the city of Taipei is a little over $25,000N.T., and she’d only asked her second son for $15,000N.T., that’s not being unreasonable.

The mother who’d gone missing thirty-five years ago, and showed up and asked him for alimony, the second son felt awful, and, Jiang said, that his father is already seventy-nine years old, his older brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and his wife with laryngeal cancer, and his three kids are still young and in school; he’s making $30,000N.T. per month as a chef, and, he shouldered all the living expenses, “I could barely make ends meet, and I’m supposed to pay her alimony?”

Hearing her son’s words, Wang changed her words, “I don’t expect you to take care of me”, but hoped that the social services department would offer her some assistance.  The judge believed, that Wang didn’t have a justified reason, and she’d abandoned her children, not even showed an inkling of care or concern, that she had lost the case.

And so, in this case, because the mother never gave a FUCK (oopsy!!!) about her children, and now she’d fallen ill, she wanted him to take care of her?  The son was already barely surviving, with HIS chef’s wages, and, he not only has to take care of his own nuclear family, he still had to look AFTER his older brother, and his aging father, and his three young kids are still ALL in school, and, all of that compiled on top, how the HECK can he possibly also keep the mother who’d never even gave a FUCK about him in his younger years?  No wonder the judge ruled that the woman lost.

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