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Days I Can’t Keep Track of…

There are, more, and more, of these now, and I really don’t know why!

Days I can’t keep track of, they’d slip, right on by, without me, noticing, and, it’s been days, since I can recall now.  Days I can’t keep track of, will I ever, get them back again?  Because, what IF, something MAJOR happened, during those days I can’t keep track of, and, they’re totally lost to me?

Days I can’t keep track of, they seemed to become so many now, whereas, there were just one, or two occasions, that I couldn’t recall what’d happened, and now, it’s like, I’m living, in a daze here.  I feel so very lost.

Days I can’t keep track of, they’re gone, too quickly, before I even realized, like water, slipping through my fingers, as I desperately tried, to grab a hold onto them all, I just couldn’t, because, they’d all, slipped, through my fingertips.

Days I can’t keep track of, how many had there been?  Since I’d started to, slowly, forget?  How long’s it been now?  Am I one year older?  Is my husband still around?  Where is he?  How come, I don’t see him around this house of mine anymore?

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