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The Prevalences of Stalking, Harassment Happening EVERY Single Day, in Four Short Months, Hsinbei Received a Total of 186 Calls of Complaints

Call this, the EXPECTED results of the anti-stalking laws being set if you will, more and more cases are coming out, because the stalked are now, protected by the law, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Most Prevalent were of the Text Harassments, Tailing is Second the Police Warned: Don’t Just Put Up with These Means of Harassment, to NOT Enable the Bad Behaviors

The laws of anti-staking are now in motion, the law stated, “overtly pursuing someone constitutes as harassment”, in four short months, in the city of Hsinbei, the police oversaw 186 cases, almost on a daily basis, of these reported incidents, twenty-six of the victims were males, the women were way too enthusiastic in proclaiming their love to someone, scaring the men, causing them to call the police.  The police suggested, that if someone stalks you, to NEVER just let it slide, and if the stalker is someone unknown to you, head to a brighter, more populated location, like into a super convenience shop to seek out assistance from the store clerk, and it’s recommended that we have bottles of pepper spray, and other items to protect ourselves with as well.

The Anti-Stalking Laws were set into motion on June first, and it’d been four whole months since the start, the Hsinbei Police estimated that up until September 30th, they took in a total of 186 cases of reported stalking, 486 incidents of stalking and harassment.  A case of stalking may include multiple behaviors, the stalking means of using communication means to harass someone is at the highest, 117 cases, the tailing of someone ranked second with 108 cases; and, eighty-two percent of the stalkers are males, with more than eighty-six percent of victims, females.

The Women & Children’s Squad of Hsinbei Police estimated, from June first to September 30th, they’d taken 186 calls of harassing and stalking, of them, 154 of the perps were males (at 82.8-percent), and 160 of the victims were females (at 86-percent); analyzing these more closely, there were 109 cases of stalking of someone by people that the victims knew, the domestic violence stalking of 77 cases.

A young male security guard at a residential business building saw a female sales agent with a good looking body, used his work to get her name, her cell phone number, waited until the woman left work, he’d gone to check her FB, sent her the private messages of “you’re so pretty, can you be friends with me”, “I like you oh so very much”, to bluntly, ‘open your mouth, I want to put my penis in”, along with other lewd words, and the female sales agent couldn’t take it, called the cops, and reported the man as stalking and sexually harassing her, the case is currently being investigated on.

And there was a woman who’d told the police, that after she and her boyfriend broke up, he’d used her nude photos, and threatened her to not date again, and asked to get back with her, and followed her to her residence, as well as office, it’d made her feared for her safety, and she had no other way, but turn to the police for help.

A male trainer in a gym is hot, the female who goes to the gym fell hard for him, and ever since, she’d, watched him very closely, texted him, gave him gifts, and invited him to various outings endlessly, but the male trainer already has a girlfriend, worried that if his girlfriend found out, she would get angered, and can only call the police to help end the female client’s harassments.

The women and children’s squad of Hsinbei Police stated, that there may be eight varied means of stalking, including, surveilling, tailing behind the victim, sending the items, identity theft, improper pursuits, damaging the person’s reputations, communication harassment, discrimination, belittling, etc., etc., one mean to multiple means at once.  Currently, there is a perp who’d done six of these to stalk someone.

The squad pointed out, although the majority of the victims were females, but, there were also males, recently, they’d handled a case of how a female subordinate from an office started endlessly pursuing her male superior.  If the people feel they were stalked or harassed, they should NEVER brush it aside, otherwise, the perp would only get worse in her/his behaviors, even if it’s a couple that’s broken up, or a divorced ex husband and wife.

And so, these are the reported cases that’s now, busted wide open, and we didn’t’ know them before, because there weren’t the laws set up to protect the victims of these harassment/stalking cases, and this is the work of the government’s signing that anti-stalking bill into law.  Expect more cases from here on out, because the victims will not be, silenced anymore, as the laws started working here.

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The Man Who’d Stalked the Woman & Threatened to Go Public with the Intimate Photos Gets Four Months after Being Caught

The “magic” of the anti-stalking laws still, “in effect” here, so, this ex got???  NOT long enough if you ask me, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former temp from the city government of Taoyuan, Lee started dating a female coworker last year, became upset that she wanted to break up with him, threatened her for an entire month, and showed her the secretly filmed sex footages that they had together, threatened that he will leak it out, and told her to “finish yourself off”.  The Taoyuan District Court found that he’d impacted the woman’s mental and physical wellbeing, considered how he’d plead guilty to the charges, and had deleted the footage, sentenced him to four months on obstruction of privacy, obstruction of freedom, this can be appealed.

The investigations found, that the forty-four year-old Lee and his ex were both once temps for hire at the city government of Taoyuan, Lee became upset of how the woman told him she wanted to break up, and blocked all his calls, at 8:24 in the morn on April 27th, he’d started flash calling her at work, threatened her to quit, claimed, “if you don’t listen, then, I will have someone go to your home, and guard your place from morning until late”, demanded the woman “move away from Bade at the end of April”, otherwise, he will post the articles, disclosing their intimate relationship to the world, even posted the photos of them having sex together online.

As Lee hung up, the threats in texts came repeatedly, and seeing how the victim didn’t respond, he’d sent the GIF files of the two of them at the motel, threatened, “do you want it in high-def”, and that was when the woman was shocked, in realizing, that she’d been, filmed, without her consent.

Lee continued with his threats until the end of May, other than threats to spread the photos and footages, he’d also mentioned of killing her and committing suicide afterwards, told the victim to kill herself, and other words, the victim finally couldn’t stand it any longer, and called the cops.

After Lee was arrested, he’d admitted to harassing the woman, deleted the footage that he’d shot without her consent, and as the preparations for trial started, he’d written his confessions of what he did; the courts criticized that he should respect the woman as they were exes, but instead, he’d used verbal threats, and made the woman live in fear.  Lee was sentenced to two months for secretly taping of the private matters, and of the privates of the body, the threats on the woman, he was given three months, and he will be serving a total of FOUR months at least in prison.

This is, if not, just that slap on the wrist of this, loser who got upset that the woman broke up with him, and guess what’s gonna happen, after he is, released, he will surely, find a wat to “get back in touch” with his victim, and start, threatening her, harassing her, because losers like this one, they just, can’t learn well enough at all, and, besides, four SHORT months, is too lenient, as he has a chances of, becoming a repeated offender, to every single woman he will be dating, and selected to break up with him.

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There’d Been More than Ten Cases of Anti-Stalking Violations Since the First Month of It Being Implemented

Look at how quickly the cases start hiking up here, as the laws had been signed, meaning, that the victims are no longer, silenced, or scared, because now, the law can, protect them from being stalked!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the start of implementation of the anti-stalking law back in June, based off of statistics, the first month since the law had been in effect, there were a reported 394 cases, more than ten per day on average, of these, the communication harassments make up the most of the numbers.  The Modern Women’s Foundation told, that there’s a high prevalence of using the internet, digital tools to harass, and this is the hardest to stop and to prevent, based off of the cases the foundation had helped, ninety-percent of the perps are the victims’ current or previous lovers, a quarter of the victims had been stalked and/or harassed for over a year.

The Modern Women’s Foundation C.E.O. Wang stated, that the foundation had helped 101 individuals who’d been harassed, ninety of whom were females, with the times of harassment ranging from anywhere between a month to six months longest, and there were a quarter of the victims who’d been harassed for over a year; and ninety-five percent of the perps were males, of these, ninety-percent were the victims’ current or former lovers.

She said, the cases the foundation oversaw, the tools of stalking are “using digital tools to stalk and to harass”, at seventy-percent, of these, twenty-nine-percent were on sending the threats to the victims, stating that they will harm them or their loved ones.  Fourteen-percent using email, instant messaging, text, social media, to broadcast things that embarrassed the victims, and twelve-percent in using GPS to track the victims.

The researcher from the Modern Women’s Foundation, Wang analyzed, there were the commonalities of digital stalking, first, the continual stalking causing the victims to have a hard time stopping the stalking, even if the victims shut off accounts of contact, the perps would get more accounts to continue stalking; second, by virtual conversations that were made up, spreading the false events, the lies; third by online, the realities of the victims are tracked, surveilling the victim or the families, friends of; fourth, damaging the social network of the victims, or social circles of the victims, causing the victims to be isolated from the social interactions.

And so, this is very bad, how the online world can, help these stalkers to hurt the victims, and, there’s nothing that the victims can do, and, getting that physical restraining order still does SHIT, and, the ten plus cases per day since the start of the anti-stalking numbers are what’s been reported, and, there are, surely to be, more cases that are, still buried, unknown, unreported, because the victims are too scared I’m sure.

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