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But It’s Our, Bodies…

You Say that Roe vs. Wade is MURDER

But it’s Our, Bodies…

That at Conception, there’s, Something that’s Alive Inside

But it’s Our, Bodies

You Tell Us, that it’s Un-Christian, to Take a Life

But it’s Our, Bodies, Carrying Those, “Lives” (are they really noted as living at the moment of, conception???)

It’s just Not Right, that the Government Now Controls Over ALL of Our (Women’s) Reproductive Rights

But WHAT Can We Do?  We are Now, Second-Class Citizens of the Free World Here

And We Can Only, Allow the Government to DICTATE WHAT is to happen, and what isn’t to happen, with our bodies

Now Consider this:

Would this have happened, if it’s the MEN we’re talking about?

Of Course N-O-T!  ‘Cuz YOU LOSERS ain’t got what it takes to carry your babies, unless, you’re all, seahorses, sea dragons, but your not, or, are you all, kangaroos, with them, pouches here?

Of course NOT!

And you TAKE away the RIGHTS of our bodies???

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When Abortions Constitutes as, “Murder”…

Yeah, this is, what’s going on, in the, U.S. right now all right!

Because at the moment of “conception”, it’s already, a life, and, you shouldn’t, kill it (as in Thou Shalt Not Kill???)

And, if abortions constitutes as, “murder”, then, wouldn’t MEN’s RANDOMLY EJACULATIONS (including masturbation too!) be the same as murder too, I mean, after all, you losers ARE, wasting those lively, tadpoles of yours, right, I mean, those @#$%ING tadpoles of yours, came out of the SHAFTS of your PENISES, alive and well, swimming away, wiggling their tails (remember???), and WHAM, you’d, shot them into that toilet (I’m assuming that’s where you losers DO your masturbations in, then again, how the HELL should I know???), and voila, after you’re done, you’d, press that knob on the toilet, and, KILLED all your possible “babies” and if abortions are equivalent to murder, then, shouldn’t your EJACULATING into that condom, that TOILET be that same too?

women protesting the anti-abortion laws right now! Photo from online

Or, is it because of how our bodies are “made up” different than yours, that we’re all now, UNDER that @#$%ING, bus here, huh?

Gender equality MY A-S-S!

And so, loser, how many times had all of y’all committed, “MURDER”, based off of this, new definition of, “abortion”?  yeah, more times than we ever will that’s how many…

It’s, MY LIFE, MY CHOICE, MY BODY and, I’d like to see the FUCKING (so???) government control that!

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