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The Government Helped an Adolescent Girl from China to Allow Her to Stay in Taiwan, to Pursue the Charges of Her Father on Her

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A girl from China, “Jie” came to Taiwan to live with his stepfather, but she was sexually molested by him, the mother stood behind the man, claimed that she was lying, and refused to place her into protective custody, and threatened to send her back to China; the city government of Tainan went to the immigrations offices, and the courts, and, Jie had received long-term residence and was put into protective custody, and her case became the first in Tainan, allowing for the placement of someone who’s NOT of the nationality, and it’d put her stepfather on trial too.

Four years ago, Jie (a false name) came to her mother as she remarried in Taiwan, later, her mother had a half-brother and a half-sister with her stepfather.  Because her stepfather didn’t have a stable source of income, the mother had made investments in China, and needed to go back and forth to and from Taiwan to China a lot, and, most of the time, she was looked after by her stepfather.

One night last summer, when Jie was sleeping, the stepfather got into her bed, came close to her body, she clearly felt that his penis was rubbing up against her buttocks, she was scared at the moment, she’d moved her body away from him; because from before, her stepfather would touch her breasts when she was in bed, and this time, he’d rubbed his own penis up against her body, she felt that he did it intentionally, so, the next day she went to school, and told the teachers about it.

The school called up the police, and the police helped her call up the social services, the social workers evaluated that she should be put into protective custody, without knowing, that her mother wouldn’t allow for it, stressed that her husband would do NO such thing, that her daughter is a liar, and tried to deport her back to China.

“I just told the truth, I did NOTHING wrong!”, Jie had insisted upon her stepfather’s sexual molestations of her, and wouldn’t forgive him.

Even though, there were NO precedence of placement of children not of this nationality, but the police, the investigative officers, along with the social workers worried, that she might get extradited back to China, and that the truth will never see the light again, and so, the social service department had helped filed for a longer stay with the immigrations office, for the investigations to be completed, the District Court in Tainan recently arrived at a verdict, found the stepfather guilty of sexual molestations, gave him ten month in prison.

The first trial was a victory, that Jie did NOT libel against her stepfather, she could understand where her mother is coming from, but she could NO longer live with the stepfather anymore, and that she’d become adapted to her life with her foster home and school too, she wanted to be placed permanently, to NOT be sent back to China.

The social service department of the City of Tainan said, that Jie’s custody is temporary with the city government, that the legal guardian is the mayor, Lai, and that during the time, they will see IF her family of origin is fitting for her, if not, the city will keep fighting for her to be placed with foster family, until a verdict is finally reached; if the birth mother wanted her back, the city government will have to make sure that the mother has a safe place to keep her daughter, to allow her to not live in fear anymore.

A judge with seniority pointed out, that there had never been any precedence of cases like Jie, who doesn’t have the nationality who had been placed into protective custody, but the government had lessen the grips on the rules of immigration families and the children of these families, seeking protection, that there may be more cases that demand this sort of handling.

And, in order to keep this girl safe, a precedence was made on her behalf, and, the government was right in worrying that there may be MORE cases like this one, because there will always BE losers who abuse, and women (mothers) who ENABLE, and, the vicious cycle still R-O-L-L-E-D!!!

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A Middle-Aged “Leech” Wouldn’t Find a Job, Choked His Own Mother to Get Money from Her

And, the fault is still with the ENABLER, the parent, from the Newspapers, translated…

A thirty-five year old man, was raised by his mother who’d worked odds and ends, he was spoiled, and didn’t work, awhile ago, he’d choked his mother’s neck, asking her for more money to spend, and screamed: “You are my mother!  How could you call the police on me!”  The District Attorney’s Offices in Hsinbei City took him into custody, and, prosecuted him based off of hurting his next-of-kin.

On the hearing held by the D.A., the mother started crying, sighed that her son didn’t show any gratitude, but also begged, “Can you please not put him into jail?”, hoping that there is an institution that will teach her son, to NOT take anything in life for granted.

The D.A. investigations found, that Chang was spoiled, and would often get spending cash from his mother, last year in February, his older sister couldn’t stand it any longer, scolded him, Chang used a knife, to threaten her to shut up, she was so scared, that she’d moved out.

On the bottom half of January this year, Chang bought cigarettes for her son after work, then, when she’d returned home, he’d hollered to her to give him money, she’d marched angrily back into her own bedroom, but her son took her by the neck, she’d started screaming, ran out of the house, then, went to the police.

Two patrol officers came to Chang’s residence, Chang was emotionally distraught, and started screaming like crazy, and beaten his own mother with his fists; the D.A. thought that Chang showed NO sign of remorse, and prosecuted him based off assault on family member, obstruction of justice, and other charges.

And so, this, is still the RESULT of spoiling, and, this “leech” still SUCKED on his mama, because he knew that he could get his way with her, and the mother still didn’t see, that SHE, is the one, fueling to HIS bad behaviors?  How BLIND can you, STUPID parents BE???







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