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When Words aren’t “Accompanied” by Pictures

This, is when all of you, start, FREAKING out, as you’d grown, RELIANT on those pictures…

When words aren’t “accompanied” by pictures, drawings, or photographs, what, are we supposed to do?  Words are, so much more difficult, to “digest”, you must, take them apart, understand the meanings of each and every word, and, that, just takes WAY too much energy, from your BRAINS, so, you’d rather, CHUCK whatever it is that you’d thumbed across.

When words aren’t “accompanied” by pictures, drawings, or photographs, how, will you PROCESS the information provided, especially, when you’d lost, the ABILITY to R-E-A-D?  And here I thought, LITERACY is unimportant!!!

When words aren’t “accompanied” by pictures, you felt that LACK of visual stimuli, because you’d grown up, in this visual world, wherever everything is inputted and outputted, through simple pictures, and, as “discussed” previously, it takes, a LOT longer, to decipher those words, than to interpret the photographs, pictures, or whatever OTHER things that are used, as “visual aids”.

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Out of Print

Out-of-print, because paper and ink had become totally E-X-T-I-N-C-T!!!  Out of print, because there’s NO more needs for books, with the pages and the binding, as everybody is getting used to just sliding on their tablets now. Out-of-print, this, is the untimely demise of ALL books in the future, and, you will have a next generation of children who’d never seen a book, with the binding, but they can surely get entertained by those e-books on their daddies and mommies’ tablets.

Out-of-print, and, there’s NO way of preventing this extinction from coming on, as technologies are advancing, way too fast, and, one thing IS replaced with the next big thing.  Out-of-print, this, is what we’re looking at in the future here, and, in twenty, or thirty years from now, nobody will know WHAT a book is anymore!!!

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A World Without Words

Welcome, to the land of the M-U-T-E, and this, is where the world is “going” next.  Think about it, with the “sprouting up” of ALL those emoticons, and what-nots, soon, there won’t be a NEED for ANY verbal messages, because we can give each other “kudos” and smiley faces, and devil faces and angel faces online.

A world without words, we won’t be able to communicate verbally, but, because more than 70% of communication is “done” nonverbally, we don’t actually lose anything here.

A world without words, a world of I LLITERACY, and, so, in the next twenty to thirty years, guess what the schools will be teaching the children, NOT their ABCs or ALPHABETS, I’m afraid, but how to make that smiley face or angry face or frown with their personalized computer screens, and, we would eventually become regressed, back into the caveman days, where we communicate, record down OUR own histories by making those PRI MITI VE drawings on the W-A-L-L-S here, are you freakin’ kidding me?

And, the internet exacerbates (look THAT word UP!!!) this “ condition” of the 21st Century I LLITERACY too, because we use a LOT of acronyms like C/O, (care of???), LOL (laugh out loud), etc., etc., etc., and, language should HIT extinction by oh say???  50 to 100 years, give or take!!!

So, here’s ONE more for the R-O-A-D: : ) is how I’m feelin’ on a daily basis, but 😦 is how I am SOMETI MES allow MYSELF to F-E-E-L, but, most of the times, I’m still quite : ) here, okay???

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Pictures, Instead of Words

This, is more than just that ONE step back, it’s, god KNOWS how many steps backwards that we’re taking here…

Pictures, instead of words, because pictures are easier to “process”, after all, pictures only needed to be “registered” through the visual cortex, then, we can make sense of it, while words?  Words take a longer passageway, after all, you don’t JUST read those words, you must also “reroute” those words into your Wernicke’s Area (somewhere in the temporal lobe???), and then, you’d have to have the word in your medial temporal lobes, to get the meanings, IF you’d thumbedacross it, etc., etc., etc., and it’s just WAY too much trouble, compared to seeing those pictures.

Pictures, instead of words, this, is what this world’s been reduced, because NOBODY wants to sort through the letter-by-letter, to read the words that formed from the letters combined together, and then, you’d have to “file” those words into the brains to get the meanings of it, and, it will take you, say???  ‘bout five seconds to read a word (don’t really know), but, it only takes you say???  One second, to process the pictures, and, this, is still aiding, to the modern day illiteracy problems out there.

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