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The Adults Were the Ones Who’d Cheated, and the Children Ended Up, Paying the Price

This, is the MOST serious FOUL PLAY in the Youth Baseball League, and GUESS W-H-O is to blame???  The ADULTS, of course, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Youth Baseball Cup of Guo-Cheng Hsieh had the most SERIOUS violation of rules, three teams out of four that had made it into the quarter finals, were found, to have cheated, the champion team from Mingdao Elementary School got disqualified from entering into the Asian Youth Baseball League, and are banned to enter for two years; the second place and third place winners from Taoyuan and the fourth place from Kaohsiung were banned from competing for a year, and, the enter score board was cancelled too.

Mingdao Elementary School’s team had done wonderfully since the inner city competitions from March, it’d represented the city of Taipei and won first place in the Guo-Cheng Hsieh Cup, and gotten the rights to represent the nation; but last week, the head coach from Li-Shing Elementary School, Chang stated, that Mingdao had put three players who were transfer students on the team, and the rule was that transfer students can’t compete for two years.

The Student Baseball Leagues, after its investigations, confirmed that Mingdao Elementary School had indeed, broken the rules, and they’d punished the players and the coach too, banned them for competitions for two years’ term; Wu, the coach, had been fouling out before, he’d allowed transfer students to play on the fields before too, and he was suspended from his coaching post by the Taipei City Department of Education.

After this, the league started zooming in on ALL eleven teams, and found that the second place school, Zhongping Elementary School, the fourth place winner, Zhongzhen elementary both had ONE transfer student who should sit out for two years’ time.  The committee looked into it, and found that it was both schools’ first offenses, and the school admitted to wrongdoing, and so, they were banned from the competitions for a year each.

And, the kids may just BE playing for the LOVE of the game, and yet, because of the school officials bad behaviors, they were B-A-N-N-E-D?  Is that fair to the kids?  Of course N-O-T, and, what would your bad behaviors teach your students here?  That you should weasel the best you can, and keep your fingers crossed for NOT getting caught?  But if you got caught, then, you will P-A-Y!!!

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