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A Different World

I live in, a different world, than the rest, because I experience the world, like NO one else does, because I’m unique, in my own ways.  A different world, this, wasn’t the one I grew up in, or even, fell asleep in last night, but, this, is the world I’d found myself in at this time.

A different world, why must I, readapt myself, to this brand new world that I’d found myself in, I’d gotten adjusted quite well, to that last world I lived in, and yet, this world changed way too fast, and, I’m finding it hard, to adapt myself, it its ever-changing demands.

A different world, you’ll wake to find yourself in every single day, because, every day is all brand new, and, nothing will remain the same, and that, is just, a FACT, and you had better adjust yourselves quickly to that, or, you will, have a TON of hell to pay!  A different world, why can’t it just stay the same as yesterday, as yesterday worked fine for me, and, this morn, I woke up, on the wrong side of bed, and everything got turned upside down, and I can’t even find that ground coffee anywhere in the house!

A different world, this, is what we’re all dealing with, because as one day runs into the next, time is slipping through our finger tips, and we don’t even realize, but, by the time those grains of sands passed through the hourglass completely, we’re out of time………


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