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The Children & Families Fund Organization Recognized Twenty-Four Amazing Mothers, the Grandmother Worked Three Jobs, Raised Up Eight Grandchildren on Her Own

Acknowledgements here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Eight grandkids and NOT one less!”, the sixty-six year old, Ji-Mei Liang, her three sons all died one by one, because of cancer, she’d worked three jobs, worked over ten hours a day, managed to raise up eight grandkids all on her own, “I can’t fall down, my grandkids need me!”, as Liang told her tale, tears had stained her wrinkle-filled face.

The Taiwan Fund for Children & Families yesterday awarded the most hard working mothers nationwide, of the twenty-four recipients of the award, there were grandmothers, fathers who acted as mothers, there were those who had gone through deaths in the family, abandonments too, mothers who used their lives, to stabilized a family.

Liang had divorced from her husband for over thirty years, her three sons all passed away, and her daughters-in-law all left too, dealing with over millions of dollars of debts, and the responsibilities for taking care of her eight grandchildren, she didn’t have the time for grief at all.

Every morning at four, Liang got up, headed out, sold the rice balls, in the noon hours, as well as in the evenings, she’d gone to the cafeterias to work, during her spare time, she’d sold chili peppers.  Because of her limited income, she’d gone to the nearby schools, to have the leftovers from the free school lunches provided for the children there, and, at night, she’d taken the leftovers home from the cafeteria she worked in.

Life is really hard, but Liang never complained, “Hearing the laughter of my grandchildren, all my fatigue, my worries are gone, instantaneously.”  Liang never used a high-pressure method to teach her grandchildren, “I’m like my grandchildren’s friend”.  The grandson, Liang said, grandma would always cook fresh foods for us, and ate the left overs, “I hope grandma never eat the leftovers again, she needs to take care of herself.”

The single father, Dong, from Lukai tribe who raised his daughter and son up, was the only male who’d won the award.  Because of polio, he was left immobilized, plus his wife left with their eldest daughter, leaving behind the two and three year old younger children back then, he felt beaten, and had gotten drunk every single day.

One day, he’d found his youngest daughter gone, was too worried, and, he’d learned, that it was the Social Services that took her away.  He got the wake up call, that if he kept numbing himself out with alcohol, he will, lose ALL of his kids, he’d pulled himself up, took just one month, to get sober, learned to feed using bottles, change diapers, and was successful, in getting his youngest daughter back with him.

“Every child is a treasure, how can we just throw one away, and not take care of her/him?”, Jia-Jen Deng has seven children, six had handicapped manuals, her husband, because of failed business ventures, they were once so poor they couldn’t afford rent, in just one year, they were forced to move, four times.  She’d shouldered up the household economics, made deliveries until two in the morning to the marketplaces, during the noon hours and in the evenings, she’d delivered the meals, she’d only rested for just five hours each and every day.  For the sake of her family’s health, she’d learned to make healthy breads, and started a bakery, with the assistance of the Fund for Children & Families Organization.

And so, these, are the inspirational tales, of how the families made their ends meet, and, all of these people rightfully deserved the recognitions they’re receiving, for weathering through the hardships of their lives, and still standing tall.

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