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His Three Friends Couldn’t Get Him Out of the Waters and the Middle School Student Drowned

Because it’s the summertime, therefore, a LOT of drowning are currently happening, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Four middle school students got together, went to the fishermen’s wharf close to the dock of the fishermen’s association in Hsiao-Gang, Kaohsiung to fish, a teenager, Lai, went swimming in the water, but because he got too tired, his three friends couldn’t manage to pull him back up to shores, he fell back into the oceans hard, and was lost, twenty minutes later, when the fire department discovered him, he was already a dead body, at the bottom of the harbor.

The Hsiao-Gang subprecinct’s officer pointed out, that the thirteen-year-old second year middle school student, yeste3rday afternoon at around two, went with his three younger neighbors, to horseplay by the docks, and Lai had gone alone for a swim for half an hour, the other three hollered that they wanted to head home, he’d made multiple attempts to climb back up to shore using the floating markers, but had failed, the three younger kids saw, wanted to give him a pull, but their hands slipped and he fell back into the oceans.

The three younger kids told, that as they saw Lai fell in, everybody was dumbfounded, and they could only start hollering out his name on the shores, and a member of the group called the family of Lai. As Lai’s father got to the scene, he looked very miserable, the fire department got the call and came, and put on their diving outfits and quickly, went in search of the student, about twenty minutes later, they’d recovered his corpse, at the bottom of the harbor, he was not breathing, and, he died, on the way to the hospitals.

The principal of his middle school stated, that the school had told the students to take precautions when swimming, but, the tragic accident still wasn’t prevented before school started.

And so, this, is an accidental death, but, this could’ve been prevented, had these children NOT gone off to play in the waters, I mean, it’s the OCEAN for crying out loud, and, you can’t swim in the oceans safely, and, without calculating into the “equation” the unforeseen circumstances you might meet up with in the waters, that, was what caused this kid to get killed.


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A Pair of Young Siblings Were Playing in the Pond Next to Their Home, They Both Drowned and Died

What happens to WATCHING your kids CAREFULLY, parents, this should NOT even BE happening!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The brother and sister who shared a same mother, an eight and a seven year old, Fu and Deng, living in Yangmei, Taoyuan, yesterday, while the family wasn’t keeping an eye out on them, they’d gone to the pond just one hundred meters away to swim, the pond is over two meters deep, but the children were just around 110 centimeters tall, when the fire department recovered the pair, they are not breathing, their heads had been submerged in water for some time.

The family arrived at the scene, and they all became limp, fell to the ground, and started crying, the families had warn the children NEVER to play near the pond, and yet, this tragedy still happened.

The police investigated and found, that the mother of these two young children was of Vietnamese descent, last month, she’d just returned home from her visit back in Vietnam, she’d brought her young son over to start elementary school.  She and her husband works at the factory and they are on shifts, and yesterday the parents went out to work, left their children at home for the grandparents to look after.

The children were getting bored at home, told their elders that they wanted to go out to play, the grandfather, at four in the afternoon, told them over again, “It’s hot out, do NOT go and play in the water, it’s dangerous”, within no more than half an hour’s time, the grandfather couldn’t find the kids, and he’d searched frantically all over for them.

The police stated, that the pair of brother and sister went to the sixty-second pool of the Shimen Field and Water Commission to swim, and the pond was over two meters, but, the children were only about 3’6, and so, they went under.

At around five in the evening, the grandfather asked in a panicky fashion the workers around the pond, if they’d seen the children, the workers stated that they seemed to have heard a small boy’s voice, calling for help, the two people started searching close by, and they’d found two bicycles and two pairs of slippers, next to the pond.

After the fire department was called in, they’d sent out eighteen people, and search and rescue boats, and, at around seven in the evening, they first found the little boy, Fu, and, in another ten minutes or so, they’d found the little girl, Deng, both were without pulses already.

And this “accidental” drowning should’ve been prevented, but because the adults (the grandfather) didn’t pay enough attention, he should’ve gone out and monitored the kids, because when kids are left alone on their own, GOD knows what sort of mischief they will get into, and this time, TWO young lives were lost, and it still could’ve been prevented, but it wasn’t.




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