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The Couple in Their Sixties Went on a Vaccination Spree, Received Four Vaccinations in Only Six Months Each

And, there’s, NO laws, set up, to prevent this, or to, punish this sort of, an AWFUL behaviors, it’s still because of the holes in the system, that this couple is, getting away with this, a top-down problem still!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

There are many in the local communities who’d only received, their, second doses recently, and yet, there is a couple in their sixties in the city of Taipei, who’d used the excuses of losing their vaccination records, tearing off the sticker of the recorded dates of their vaccinations, from May to July, they’d gone to the hospitals in cities including Taipei and Kinmen, to get a total of FOUR vaccinations, not only did they mix the vaccines, they even, tried to get in a fifth, but the Taipei Medical Systems already received the reports, they weren’t able to get their fifths.

“There’s, NO law against this, nor is there, any fines set up to prevent this sort of bad behaviors.”, the committee member of the Taipei Department of Sanitations, Ou told, she’d flipped the pages of the laws front to back and found no rules of punishment written for the bad behaviors of cheating the systems to receive the extra vaccinations, currently, the offices of Sanitations of Taipei can only ask the clinics, the hospitals, to pay more attention to this matter, and, asked those who are getting a vaccinations, to show their national health insurance cards, for verifications, to check with the central inoculation agency’s system management, and, after confirming, then, will the vaccinations be, administered, and if the individual insisted on getting the extra vaccinations, and refused to leave, then, they clinics and hospitals can call the police to escort the individuals off the premises.

Based off of understanding, this couple in their sixties, in May, they’d paid for the AZ vaccinations in Taipei first, then, as the vaccinations became available free of charge, they’d flown to Kinmen to get their second; they’d torn off the sticker verifying that they had their firsts, and lied to the medical staff that they’d not get received a first vaccination yet, but the medical staff found them out, and, checked the records filed with the National Health Insurance Agencies, and, refused to vaccinate them.

take your pick, of choice of, multiple vaccinations…

and, you can have, one shot of, each if you wish to…photo from online

But this couple still didn’t give it up, they’d continued claiming to the medical staff they hadn’t had their firsts yet, and signed the papers stating that they hadn’t received any vaccinations yet, and their next-of-kin in Kinmen vouched for them too, and in the end, the medical staff members can only, give them their vaccinations.

After both the husband and the wife had their second doses, in mid-July, they got inoculated again in Taipei, they were tagged as suspicious, and the medical staff refused to administer them their vaccinations, so they’d, switched to another treatment clinic to try to cheat the systems, and, after many attempts, they finally passed, and got their third, and using the time of the information upload in the system, on the following day after they’d received a third vaccination, they’d immediately gone to another treatment clinic, to get a fourth in.

In the short period of time, they had a total of four vaccines.  Of them, the first and seconds were Astra-Zeneca vaccines, the third, fourth are Moderna or BioNTech, and yet, they’d still, circled around the various hospital, clinics, to attempt to cheat a fifth time, but, because the medical staff members worried there may be serious side effects, that it would be a negligence suit, and so, they’d, reported these cases, and that was when the bad behaviors of this couple came out in the open.

Ou said, that all the residual doses’ availability as the members of the public comes in, if the citizens didn’t register with the health medical provision systems, based off of the data recording systems in the local clinics, the clinics couldn’t confirm the past records of the public’s vaccinations records, and it wouldn’t be until the data is uploaded into the system, will the problem pop up, which was how this couple got away, with getting, four total doses.

The spokesperson of the CDC, Chuang said, this case is rare, but, still reminded that the independent clinics must check the National Health Insurance cards for the records of vaccination, to avoid abuse.  He said, the clinics may have been fooled, that he will see how the other local offices of sanitations’ systems of records worked, to decide if a fine will be enforced on these offices of sanitations.

And so, instead of punishing these CHEATS, the government goes after a SCAPEGOAT, the local offices of sanitations, and this still just reflected on how IMCOMPETENT the government is here, if the system is working properly, why the @#$%, would people try and cheat the systems like this?  This is still, a top-down problem, because the systems of registration for vaccination wasn’t fully set up, that’s why, now the holes appeared, and, people like this couple, squeezed through them.

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An Assortment of Emergency Calls, the Police Catches the Cockroaches that Flew into Someone’s Rooms, Asking the Police to Give Someone a Morning Call, the College Students Wanted to Borrow the Restrooms to Take a Shower in

This, is what you get, at the Emergency Operating Centers here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The police departments, in order to up the satisfaction rates of the people in Taiwan, in recent years, they’d gone all out, to serve the people; and because the police department is very motivated, and they’d come to every single call made, a lot of the citizens got it into their heads, that “they can call the police for just about anything”, and, even the small household issues of “a gecko is found on my walls”, or “there’s a cockroach on the floor”, these small items that one can manage to resolve on her/his own, they’d notified the police too, causing the members of the police force, to become the maids of the separate households.

“Mr. Police officer, please come quick, please, come quickly!”, in the early mornings of a day in May, came this panicky call, from a female college student, the police department immediately sent the officers, to rush to the scenes fast, but, as the officers arrived on scene, they’d found that the college student was just freaked out about a cockroach that flew into her bedroom, she couldn’t sleep, so, she’d called up the cops, to help her capture the insect.

Aside from this particular case, two years ago, in the early morning hours of July 3rd, there was a gecko that appeared on the walls of a female high school student, and she’d made the calls, to have the officers come and catch it for her; in ten seconds’ time, the officers quickly captured the critter, and, as they’d walked out of the house, the officers asked the caller, a housewife, “which one is more scary, a cockroach or a gecko?”, she’d replied, “equally scary!”

“If I could, I’d really wanted to refuse assisting!”, the officer, Huang who’d received the call on the need to capture the gecko, and the female officer, Lu claimed, she thought, that it was a prank, and she couldn’t understand WHY, the public is calling, on such small matters.

The main roles of the police officers are to direct the traffic, and help out with the safety in the districts, and in recent years, they’d added “helping the public”, to their agendas, and slowly, the trend of “all calls shall be answered, and we’re here to serve you”; and, there are more and more outrageous cases of calls happening all over the places.

Last year on the morning of July 24th, a woman, Lee worried that her husband and her kids may have overslept, because she’d called her husband’s cell and there was no answer, she’d asked the police to go to her house, to make the morning calls; the patrol officer from her district rushed to her place in a jiffy, found that her husband had taken the kids to school already, that they’d made the trip for nothing.

There were four to five students who called the police in the middle of the nights, because they couldn’t get the shower to run in the bathrooms, “because the police are the nannies of the communities, we’re asking for assistance.”, the police couldn’t track down the landlord, and so, in the middle of the nights, they’d allowed the students to shower in the subprecincts.

And, during the time a few years back when the bird flu went around, the city police of Taipei received a call from the citizens, to ask them to kill the pigeons on the plazas close to the malls, after the officer told the citizen they weren’t doing that, the person reported to the city councils immediately, stating how the “officers had bad attitudes”, later on, the officer was sent to become standing guards at checkpoints in the districts, on the surface, it’s to check for suspicious people, in actuality, it’s to chase the pigeons away.

The patrol officer, from the Department of the Police in the city of Taipei received a call, the citizen who made the call told him, “there’s a bag of trash, I fear that it might obstruct the traffic flow”.  The officer was stunned as he arrived at the scene, he’d mumbled to himself, “Couldn’t you have just picked it up and go?”, but he’d still quietly, picked up that bag of trash, and walked away.

The Department of Police Forces estimated, that there are forty-eight percent of the calls received on traffic matters, the second was to service the people, with thirty-four percent; and the crimes or safety matters only took up six-percent of all the calls received.

Yeah, uh, so, if my faucet is broken, I can call the cops, to come and fix it for me, right???  After all, the purpose of the police department IS to serve the people, isn’t it???  And this still just shows, how many ARE abusing the systems, and, the cops are turning into nannies too, wiping up after the poops of dogs, chasing the “babies” around, changing their ADULT D-I-A-P-E-R-S!!!  THIS, is an ABUSE of the systems, and the misuse of resources that’s happening here…

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