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Victim, NO More

I am a victim, NO more, I’d decided, to take matters into my own hands, I’d put myself OUT of my own misery (NOT by way of committing suicide still…).

Victim, NO more, I will NEVER allow myself to become someone’s P-R-E-Y again (and that’s NOT to say, that I’m on the HUNT either!!!).  Victim, NO more, I will NEVER again BE controlled by your words, your emotional blackmails, along with ANYTHING that you do, OR say, OR even F-E-E-L.

Victim, NO more, and I still don’t need ANYBODY’s S-Y-M-P-A-T-H-I-E-S, or condolences for the LOSSES I’d endured in my life (I’d already gotten over ALL of that, FYI!!!).  Victim, NO more, and I’m still a HELL of a LOT more (and that’s a F-A-C-T!!!) intelligent than a LOT of folks out there, and no, that also still doesn’t mean, that my E-G-O is inflated OR bloated, even, okay???





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I Wear Your Love

I wear your love, like it’s everything to me, even when your love hurt, I still wore it, proudly, as ever, everywhere I’d gone.  I wear your love, there’s NO doubt, and, I’m still trapped, by this SICK cycle of you using me, and me, allowing you to use me.

I wear your love, in the form of bruises and bumps, those darkened spots I’d worked my mascaras into.  I wear your love, is it right?  For me, to worship your love like it was God?

I wear your love, I’m still in need, of the false belief, that what you’d had to offer, was, indeed, love, a love, I can’t live without out.  I wear your love, but, it’d gotten heavy, and, it’d weighed me down, I wanted to take it off, but, I couldn’t, NOT at risking how I might end up, losing your love, altogether.

So, I’d kept, trapping myself (yes, it’s still ALL my fault!!!), by your abuse, which I’d mistaken for L-O-V-E…






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A Child Used as a Rope

On the N-E-W-S…

A one month old baby boy got “used” as a “rope” in the tug-of-war. The parents were fighting on New Year’s Eve, and, the child was in the middle, got pulled too hard, there was internal bleeding inside of his brains, the parents were charged with negligence.

This, is an EXTREME case of a child being in the “middle” of the parents’ argument, and, guess who’s the one to P-A-Y? The child, of course, and, the child is in critical condition, but, what can anybody do? N-O-T-H-I-N-G, because it’s already been D-O-N-E!!!

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Beaten to Death, and the Mother Gets Life in Prison

“When did she finally give up hope?” prosecutor Connie Spence said Monday during the murder trial for Abby’s mother, Maciel Sandoval. “The mercy that Abby finally received was that she died. The mercy that she received was that she lost her life.”

Sandoval, 28, was convicted last week of felony murder and child abuse in Abby’s death. On Monday, prosecutors asked jurors to sentence the woman to life in prison. They pleaded for someone to finally speak up for Abby.

“Twelve strangers are going to have to stand up for this child because her own mother, the one person who should have, didn’t,” prosecutor Tammy Thomas told the jury. “We’re talking about a baby. How can it be anything other than life in prison?”

Sandoval’s attorney argued it was her lover, Elida “Judith” Herrera-Garcia, 36, who beat the child to death.

“I think the one you wanted to punish was Judith,” said attorney James Dyer. “She’s the one who hurt the child. Was Maciel blinded by love? Yes.”

Dyer asked jurors for mercy by sentencing Sandoval to five years in prison, the minimum, for her role in the death.

“Has she been punished already? Yes,” Dyer said. “She lost her child.”

Abby had been a bright-eyed and happy 2-year-old when the woman she would call “Mommy Judith” began dating Sandoval and moved in.

Two years later, a coroner testified, an autopsy showed Abby had a broken arm, healing fractures in her shoulder blades, hands burned by scalding water and scars from stitches on her scalp and chin. The girl was malnourished and fighting a staph infection.

Thomas said the girl had been “beaten to a pulp,” leaving her muscles and tissues liquefied like an orange that has been squeezed repeatedly until it loses any constancy under the peel.

Abby died in the family’s northeast Houston apartment on June 3, 2011.

Mom said ‘she fell’

Sandoval did not appear to react when state District Judge Denise Bradley read the sentence or while being led away in leg irons. She will be eligible for parole in 30 years.

And you call yourselves “fitting parents”?  Are you FUCKING (my bad, and NO, that, was still NOT the last time I used “foul language” here) kidding me?  What did the child DO, to deserve to get BEATEN from live to death?  The child was BEATEN, to the POINT that her muscle became liquids, do you know HOW much FORCE it takes, to beat someone up like that?  And, imagine her little body, putting up with the beatings, how the HECK did those people pass their “parenting examinations”?  Oh wait, there ISN’T one, that you will be FORCED to take, in order to become parents, which makes children LESS than animals, because at least, when you go to the adoption agency for a pet, they would THOROUGHLY screen you, to make sure that you’d be fitting to care for the animals, isn’t that right?

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Injury to a Child: a Father Burns His Child with a Blowdryer

This happened in Houston, TX!!!

A 20-year-old Webster man is accused of burning his 9-month-old daughter with a blow dryer after the baby was found with burns on her body, court records show.

Anthony Bastida is in custody, charged with injury to a child after the baby’s mother discovered circular burn marks on May 8 at the family’s home on 15900 Highway 3, according to court documents from the Harris County District Court.

Anthony Bastida is in custody, charged with injury to a child after the baby’s mother discovered circular burn marks on May 8 at the family’s home on 15900 Highway 3, according to court documents from the Harris County District Court.

On May 8, the child’s mother went to the store, leaving her husband Bastida alone with her daughter. About an hour later, she returned to their house, gathered their things and went on a trip to Louisiana. During the drive, she noticed the burn marks on her daughter’s face, the document states.

She told police that she later noticed that there were more burns on the child’s legs, nose, on the inside and outside of her legs and left side of her ear. She told police that she also noticed her daughter had a bruised eye, the document states.

The mother asked Bastida what happened and he said he left a blow dryer on next to the child while he was using the restroom. Bastida explained the bruised eye by saying the child had rubbed her face on a cell phone while she was sleeping, the document states.

Bastida later told investigators that he was careless when he left the blow dryer next to his daughter. He said when he came out of the rest room, the baby was on her back crying with the nozzle of the dryer pointing directly at her. He told police he did not notice the burn marks immediately.

After the child was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital, doctors discovered three burn marks each completely circular, on of her left cheek, one on her left inner thigh and one on her right upper thigh. A doctor with the hospital told investigators that the child’s injuries are consistent with child abuse and that the suspect’s explanation did not explain her injuries.

Negligence, anyone???  You should NEVER leave anything that might be dangerous in close reachable range of your young, after all, you KNOW how naughty those little hands can get, and, this time it might just be a hot tea pot, but who knows, the next time the kid might have HIMSELF or HERSELF inside the oven, and, you might be baking something and ASSumed that whatever I’m baking’s already inside, and, you’d turned the HEAT up, and, voila, your child comes out “well-done”, and you’d still be charged with WRONGFUL death, whether or NOT you meant it!!!

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You’re Nicer to Your Cat, a Man High on Glue Beaten Up His Mother and Strangled Her Cats

Story from the N-E-W-S, translated…

A man named Ou, who often would beat up his own mother after he’d gotten high on glue got angry at his mother for taking a restraining order out on him, not only did he flash his own genitals in front of her, put glue into her food, and he used the “excuse” of “you’re nicer to your cats than me” to strangle her beloved cats; the Banciao District Courts sentenced him to a seven-month prison term and a fine for obstruction of freedom among other charges.

The D.A. found out that the 28-year-old male who’s on glue had beaten up his own mother several times already, the mother had always NOT pressed charges against him; at the beginning of last year, Ou had beaten his mother up again, and the mother took out a restraining order that was passed, the judge ruled that Ou would NOT have the rights to violate his mother anymore.

But Ou didn’t just back off, last month on the 17th, after he’d gotten high on glue at home, he used a chair to block the door, causing the mother to not able to get out, and had flashed his genitals in front of his mother, and he’d even put glue into the foods that she was cooking, Ou’s mother had put up with his ways, thinking that he’s going to change.

But Ou’s behaviors became more and more bizarre, after getting high last month, he got annoyed by his mother’s cat, and believed that his mother loved her cats more than she had him, he threatened his mother, “I will kill the cats, and then, I will come for you”; the next day, he strangled his mother’s cats, and took them to the wetlands under the bridge to dump.

Ou’s mother found her cats missing, looked frantically through the neighborhood, asked the security guard at the community, realized that her son had been carrying a suspicious bag around, after questioning, she decided NOT to put up with his misbehaviors again, called the cops on her own child, the D.A. prosecuted him based off of the likelihood of his abusive behaviors, and now, the man is in police custody.

Because the son is a L-O-S-E-R, does NOTHING but sit around and do drugs, the mother finally decided that she’d had enough, and so, she’d talked to him, but, we ALL know how well talking would work, and so, to retaliate his mother’s stand UP for HERSELF, the son killed his cat and threatens her life, and, this didn’t end until the mother decided to call the cops, which should’ve been done from the first time that he’d offended her, hello, hello, hello???  If you don’t let those who beaten you know that it is wrong, H-O-W can you possibly survive through your lives?

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When a Woman Tries to Get a Restraining Order from Her Husband

From the newspapers, this, is what a woman “earns” herself when she tries to get away, translated…

After a man name Chiu separated from his wife, he’d beaten her up twice, the wife had filed for a restraining order. On the day of the court appearances, Chiu took advantage of the time that his wife was waiting for the red lights, pushed her mo-ped down, dragged her back to his place, then, raped her, and controlled her whereabouts. The wife waited until the husband drove her close to the nearby courts, she made her escape, and asked for help at the simple courts.

Chiu (age 60), admitted to having an argument with his wife, but denies having used physical violence against her, and said that his wife was willing to become intimate with him on her own. But the D.A. in Taipei, based off of the report of the hospitals, believed that the wife’s tear in her lower bodies, then, they took the man in for forced rape, restricting of her freedoms, and harm charged him.

The man and his wife were separated because they couldn’t get along, and from before, Chiu had a history of violence; last January, the two individuals got into it in the bathroom, Chiu got angry, started hitting his wife, causing her head to swell and redden.

Chiu’s wife feared for her life, asked the courts to give her a restraining order, the judge mandated the court appeals date a week from then. During which time, Chiu’s wife started dodging her husband, unknowingly, he used the time when his wife was tossing the trash away, ran towards her and choked her, confronted her about why she kept avoiding him.

Chiu was worried that his wife might say something that will hurt him in court, so, on the afternoon of the court appearance, he took advantage of how she was riding her mo-ped to get the kids to school, pushed the ride down, forcefully took her to his place, then, after he’d raped her, he forced her not to show up at court.

The wife had agreed, in order to save her own life, Chiu drove to the courthouse, told her to wait close to the courts, the wife ran and asked for help at the court’s domestic violence department, and with the help of the social workers, she called the cops.

This, is among the better-ending cases, I mean, at least the husband is now taken into custody, but, not all cases like this ends like so, because the abuser (mostly the husbands???) will keep on preventing the abused from trying to get help, he will most likely isolate her even more, and, make her completely dependent on him, and, cut her off from her families and friends, and, when the time comes for her to get help, she won’t have anywhere else to turn anymore.

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A Father “Pushed” to Murdering His Own Child, then, Commits Suicide

Story in the FRONT PAGE section, translated…

The father owed some debts, couldn’t pay it, he strangled his daughter, then, dove off of a bridge, because the father, Chang didn’t have a steady source of income from driving his cab, he had a daughter who’s handicapped and mentally retarded, on the 19th, he was suspected of murdering his child, then, dove off of the bridge, the D.A. found, that the child was once a part of a documentary discussing her conditions, and now, her body had turned cold, into a corpse.

The D.A. found, that the father was a cab driver, married to his Chinese wife for more than 10 years, with a son and a daughter, the older girl is mildly retarded and has a genetic eating disorder where she just couldn’t control her own appetite, he also has a five-year-old son, who’s left in the care of his parents in Xindian.

Chang found that his wife had stolen all of his savings, claiming she has an investment in China, but instead, she’d given the money to her boyfriend in China, more than a year ago, they got divorced, he took sole custody of the children, and, he became depressed.

Later, he stopped driving his cab, his daughter had some adjustment difficulties in school, so he sold his cab, and bought a regular car, went to sell oil in Hualien with his daughter, the daughter was transferred to a special eds school locally, recently, because he couldn’t pay the rent; plus he had to take eight days off a month to care for his daughter, “what company would hire someone who has to take eight days off monthly?”, he wanted to start a business, he needed the funds, and in order NOT to get his families involved, he took his child.

The daughter was picked up from school on the 16th, because she was absent for three days, the school called Chang, he claimed that there was a road block on the freeways.  On the 19th, Chang was suspected of murdering his daughter first, then, at 4 o’clock the next morning, he dove off of the Bitan Bridge, and he wasn’t aiming for the water, but the concrete.

This family had refused the assistance of social workers…

The principal at the girl’s school said, “Chang would take his daughter home once every fifteen days, they were very close, I couldn’t believe that they’d died together.” the Xinbei City Social Services points out that if parents are having some difficulties, economically, emotional, they should seek help, instead of taking the children to die with them, sacrificing their offspring.

The Social Services pointed out, that Chang’s household hadn’t been “tagged” as a “high risk” family, on the 20th when he committed suicide, the social services sent social workers to his home, where the father didn’t want them to intervene; even when the social services department offered to give them funds, they’d said no, the social workers tried to communicate with the family, but, to no avail.

The principal at the special ed school stated that the girl was mildly retarded, and a live-in student, she’d transferred to their school last year, and she’s not even there for a year yet, and the school didn’t charge them for tuition.  Normally, the parents would pick their children up on weekends, then, send them back to school on Monday, but Chang said that he lived far away, so, he’d only picked her up once every two weeks.

The principal pointed out that the father and daughter was interacting “normally”, last week when he came to pick her up, the teachers didn’t detect anything; and when they heard about this incidence, they were all shocked.

The principal also said, that the father didn’t tell the school that he was having economic difficulties.

See, what parents ARE doing to their children?  I mean, even IF the child has some handicap, doesn’t s/he also have a right to life?  This is how selfish the father was, thinking that he’s sparing his child pain, and, he is probably right, but, there’s NO way to know that for sure, because the girl is dead.

Can this be prevented?  Sure, but, by the time people realized, it IS too late, because the child is D-E-A-D, and, the parent would probably BE charged with involuntary manslaughter or something else???  Who knows.

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