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When a Teacher is Knocked Up by a Student

From NBCNEWS.com…by: S. Omer, for NBC News.

A 35-year-old Texas woman accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy and then claiming to be pregnant from the relationship may have worked as a substitute teacher at least once in the boy’s classroom, a school official said.

Amanda Sotelo, a resident of Von Ormy, was booked into a Bexar County jail on Nov. 1 on a charge of indecency with a child, Louis J. Antu, spokesman with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, told NBC News. Bond was set at $75,000.

School district officials learned of the allegations Oct. 31 after the boy’s mother alerted them of the relationship, Anne Marie Espinoza, spokeswoman for the Southwest Independent School District in San Antonio, told KSAT-TV.

Sotelo stated that the relationship developed over time. She and the victim were both going through problems and confided in each other. It wasn’t until the end of this last school year that they began having a se

admitted that she and the victim had sex about once a week. Sotelo further stated that she found out she is pregnant when she went to the emergency room the first week of September.

Sotelo further stated she loves the victim and he loves her.

“She’s in jail but that’s about the only thing we’ve heard. We’ve got a lot of family problems going on right now,” Johnny Lopez, Sotelo’s son-in-law, told KSAT.com.

Lopez said Sotelo is married, and her husband was out of town. They have other children.

Espinoza confirmed that Sotelo had worked as a substitute in several of the district’s schools, and possibly, substituted at least once in the boy’s classroom, KSAT.com reported.

Esponiza told NBC News district officials refused to further comment.

“The district learned of an allegation of inappropriate behavior of a substitute with a high school student,” said the district in a emailed statement. “The district immediately took appropriate actions to ensure the substitute was not on any campus pending an investigation. The district made contact with appropriate agencies including law enforcement. The substitute is no longer employed by the district.”

Yeah, just BLAME it on your students when OMG, he knocked ME up, I mean, aren’t YOU supposed to be the ADULT?  And, shouldn’t YOU know where that “line” is, or, did you have TOO much to drink that you couldn’t tell?

xual relationship, ‘like grown-ups’ … She further

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An Army General Accused of Sexual Misconducts with His Subordinates

I thought that there would be higher MORALE in the army, apparently not these days, found on NBC.com…

A general based in Ft. Bragg was charged with forced sex, multiple counts of adultery, and inappropriate relationships with his female subordinates while serving in Afghanistan.

And now, the Pentagon is “calling” for steps to prevent assault.

And, guess what this LOSER got?  Court martial, and, if you ask me, the punishment is still TOO light, but hey, that would be how they do IT in the army, where the females become BITCHES and WHORES for the men, after all, we ARE going to a war, where resources are limited, so, we still take ALL we can get, and this LOSER used his RANK to force his subordinates to have sex with him, wouldn’t that be equivalent to how a teacher uses her/his status to FORCE a student into a relationship?  And, here on the MAINLAND, how do WE handle that?  And, shouldn’t the army be even MORE strict, after all, someone WAS raped, but NOT penetrated, so, guess that wouldn’t count, huh???
Until something like this BLOWS wide O-P-E-N, things are still currently being SWEPT under the R-U-G, and because this IS the U.S. Army, we have a reputation to keep, and so, chances will be, that we’d PAY off the victims to make sure that these bad but TRUE “rumors” don’t get spread any further, right?


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The Misbehaviors of a Teacher

Summed up &Translated…

The male teacher who once earned the honors of being the city’s best was found to have molested his student, Feng (a false name), he used the excuse of helping her with homework, to get her to come over to his place, causing the child to feel the strains on her body and her heart. At the end of last year, the girl had gotten into middle school, often showed up late for school, skipped classes, after the social workers intervened, they’d found out that the instructor had been molesting her.

Based off of understanding, the instructor is not yet 40-years-old, had earned a high honor for his teaching, had been teaching for over 15 years. After the school had learned, they’d gone to the equality of sex board meeting and the assessment conference, but they didn’t suspend the instructor from teaching, causing the society to get rattled.

After the events were known, the school, once again, opened a second conference for evaluating instructors, decided to fire this instructor, that he’s waiting at home for further investigations. The school stated, that after the events were known, the instructor had taken a leave of absence, that he’s no longer teaching.

The female student was from a single-parent household, lived with her mother, after middle school, she not only often showed up at school late, and disliked interacting with her classmates, the homeroom teacher saw, and asked the social workers to step in to find out what was happening with her, after a in-depth conversation, the girl revealed this assault.

After the events got blown open, the family took the girl to the hospitals to check up, if this really happened, then, the instructor would have broken a law, and the cops are already placed into looking into the matter.

The outside world questioned why didn’t the school terminate the services of the instructor, the school explained that when the conference was occurring, its members believed that the charges must be confirmed before they are to take action against the instructor, and that the instructor is no longer working with students, that he’s now, harmless toward the rest of the student body.

And, we still can’t RELY on those instructors, because of cases like these, and, are you SURE that your kids are in good hands, I mean, really?  And, how can you be positively certain, that NONE of this sort of SHIT had happened to them, or even, their close friends from school?

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