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A Father Like Me, a Short Prose


Early in the morn, I got into the shower, the jasmine-scented soap caressed my body, I was, a bit shy, told it, that I can manage.  The bubbles started striking up conversations on pointless matters, mostly relating to the topics of cleaning up the dirtiness of human life.  I was very focused, scrubbed myself down, then, I’d turned on the showerhead, with the sprinkling down of the fresh, clean water, I feel refreshed on the inside.  I’d walked in front of the mirrors, nude, holy!  I had, become, transparent now, “How could this be?”, I couldn’t even see myself, “Did I, wash myself away a little while ago?”, I was so shocked to beyond speech.  Outside of the bathroom, my wife hollered at me to eat breakfast, I’d anxiously replied, “Okay, wait a minute.”, I’d rubbed my eyes, and, glared into the mirror, still, don’t see my own reflections, in the mirror, all I saw, was a ray of light, still no signs of myself though…… “What do I do?  I’m lost!”, what would my wife and child, if they’d found, that her husband and his father gone?  “I can’t stay in the bathrooms, I must, work up the courage, march outside, to tell my family what, exactly happened to me!” I’d slowly, pushed the doors open, inhaled in deeply, walked toward my wife and children who are chit-chatting and eating, I’d worked up the courage, spoken loudly, “I’m eating now!”, they’d looked my way for a bit, then, continued to eat and chit-chat, “Don’t they think it strange, that I’m now, transparent?”  I sat down, looked down at my invisible hands, cutting up the corn and bacon omelet, “Didn’t they discover that I’m missing?”  “Do they not care at all?”  “Am I, not even, the LEAST bit important in this family?”  Throughout the entire morning, endless questions, circled inside of my transparent mind.

So, this father had become invisible, finally, as he’d probably just, focused on working, to PROVIDE for his family, without realizing, that ACCOMPANYING his wife and children would be the MOST important thing in his life, and now that he’d become transparent, he’d lost his purpose, his meaning, and, all those long hours he’d pulled in those late nights at the office were for naught, and, had he paid a bit MORE attention to his kids and wife regularly, maybe, they would be able to see him, who knows, it doesn’t matter, as he’d already, turned, transparent now!!!

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No Matter How Busy We are, We’d Made it Home to Supper with the Kids

On the education of the young, translated…

The parents of current day are too busy, for the sake of work, they’d gone out early in the morn, and return late at night, not only are they dining out for all their meals, they couldn’t even manage to take care of their children’s meals.

I’d worked at the elementary for a very long time now, and, every morning, I’d see a lot of students, carrying the breakfasts they’d bought at the shops.  Some of the kids had sandwiches and soy milk, it’s nutritious enough; but, there are those children who bought fries, hot dogs, and coke, it’s all junk foods.  The parents handed the money to the kids, but didn’t have a clue of what their children are buying.

As a modern day working woman, I can totally understand the hardships of parents, but, there’s only one childhood for your kids, and, for the sake of physical and mental wellbing of children, I’d often reminded the parents to no matter what, spend the meals with the kids, and, it would be best, if they can get the kids involved, in preparing the meals too.

There was a pair of brothers in the fifth and sixth grade level, from a single foreign spouse family, at a very young age, their mother left; the father was busy, making ends meet, worked odds and ends at construction sites, without the set schedules.  The school had applied for the free breakfasts, and the lunches are also provided by the schools for them for frree, but, every evening, the brothers would head to the super convenience shops close to their home, to get their meals, they couldn’t know what warmth in the family was like.  Every morning at six-thirty, they’d come to the school, to wait, and, after school’s out by four, they’d dropped their things off at home, and came right back to the school, to hang out with the teachers and the students.

The officials in the school can all feel the immense loneliness this pair of young brothers feel, and would take their time to help the children with their assignments as well as the issues they face in life, and still, with the coming of age, the boys still started straying.

Seeing the young and naïve faces of the brothers, I’d asked why fate is so unfair.  In the elementary school level, the teachers can still look out for them like mom, other than helping them with homework, the teachers had taken them to see the doctors, to get their haircuts, and, helping them get new sneakers too.  But, children like these, after they get into middle school, they would easily fall to bad influenes, and lose their direction in life, and, it’s painstaking to watch.

I hope, that all the parents can accompany, show more care and concern to their kids while they’re still young, and, no matter how busy your work gets, DO make it home for supper, and, on the supper tables, talk about the goings-on of the children’s days, share the ups and downs of work that you have encourntered at work.  For the parents and children, this, would be the most beautiful time of the day.

But, how many parents can honestly say, that I do make it home for supper with the family?  Not very many, because we’re all, too busy, running around, making ends meet, and we’d allowed the MOST important thing to slide, our kids, and so, there are still so many orphans with parents out in the world, because money is never quite enough, and, there are, bills to pay on the table, and that mortgage, it’s crushing us both, blah, blah, blah, parents, STOP making EXCUSES for yourselves, and just TAKE the time to spend with your offspring, after all, they NEVER asked to be BROUGHT into the world, you DO realize that, don’t you???

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What Would I be Like with You Around

What would I be like with you around, well, I wouldn’t be who I am at all, in fact, I think, had I been raised, with you around, I’d be happier, but, less capable.

What would I be like with you around?  I probably wouldn’t amount to much, with you around, because you’d hovered over me, kept me from touching that fire, so I’d learn the lessons on my own.  What would I be like with you around?  Certainly not as I currently am, because I’d grown up, without you around, and, look at me now!

What would I be like with you around?  I can only wish, for a better childhood, but, that ain’t nowhere NEAR happenin’, as childhood had already, FLASHED right by already, and, those, are the years, I ain’t NEVER gettin’ back again that’s for sure.

What would I be like with you around, I wouldn’t know, because you were NEVER around, and so, I’d rather not waste time, contemplating these pointless, useless, inquiries of my life…

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Forgotten, Like Since the Day He Was Born

We had a child, a son, but he’s been forgotten, by you, like since the day he was born.  The moment you’d found out I was knocked UP, you R-A-N, and I never heard about you again…

Forgotten, like since the day he was born, so this child is destined to live a life of being abandoned by his parents.  His father couldn’t shoulder the responsibilities of being a provider for him (the child???) and his mother, and so, the mother now works two double-shifts, just to keep the two of them (herself and her son???) above water, but the water keeps on rising up, higher and higher, it’s become harder and harder.  The landlord is raising the rent again, the water bills, the electric bills, along with other utilities and what-nots are piling up, sky-high on the counter.

Forgotten, like since the day he was born, a child was told that her daddy will come see her, each and every day, and yet, every single day she’d get ALL dolled up, goes and sits by the door, and waits patiently, and, from morning, to noon, to night, NO sign of the one she was waiting for, so, each and every night, she’d get all sad about it…

Forgotten, like since the day he was born, this, would be how ALL you, FUCKING deadbeats do your “thing”, wouldn’t it?  Make us those beautiful false promises, then, NEVER fulfill them?

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