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Somewhere in the Long, Dark Night

Somewhere in the long, dark night, you’d heard, a loud screech, you were awakened by the sound…

Somewhere in the long, dark night, there’s someone, who’s kept awake by something troubling his mind, just like me, and, I’m looking forward, to the day, that I finally meet up, with this man, who’s JUST like me, and then, maybe, maybe we’ll start something, who knows???

Somewhere in the long, dark night, I’d closed by eyes tight, held on, tightly, to Teddy, for he was, had been, my long-term, constant companion, a willing listener to my troubles, and lately, I’m just too afraid, because mama and daddy’d been fightin’ a whole lot…

Somewhere in the long, dark night, you’d started dreaming, up of a fantasy world, where you were actually, loved by your parents, and, when the day breaks, you tried to block out the light, because you know, that the moment you’d opened up those sleepy eyes, those fantasies, they faded out, to gray, and, you are still, living in the MINDSET of a child who was once, abused and neglected by his own parents, someone whom nobody EVER loved!

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